VTGemini: Universal iOS Application for Guided Emergency Response and Notification for the Virginia Tech Community

dc.contributor.authorSchutt, Kyle Lynnen
dc.contributor.committeechairBalci, Osmanen
dc.contributor.committeememberTilevich, Elien
dc.contributor.committeememberArthur, James D.en
dc.contributor.departmentComputer Scienceen
dc.description.abstractThe ubiquitous use of mobile devices and smartphones in the United States presents an interesting opportunity for application developers with respect to emergency management. Software engineers from the federal government to individuals have recognized the unique prospect of utilizing always-connected devices to assist in emergency notification, preparedness, and response. The federal government has instituted and ratified multiple acts and mandates with respect to mobile communications during a crisis such as the Commercial Mobile Alert System. Likewise, individual organizations and developers have created mobile applications that access weather alerts from the National Weather Service. Many of these applications utilize push notification architectures to notify users and stakeholders about impeding emergency situations. While most of these applications are geared towards a national audience, there are a few that are highly granular with a focus on the local community. This thesis presents a universal iOS application running on all iOS mobile devices: iPhone, iPad, iPad Mini, and iPod Touch for the Virginia Tech community. The application is highly granular with respect to emergency response guidance and notification by providing clear, concise, and supportive information to citizens during a crisis. Additionally, the application provides another medium of delivery for the Office of Emergency Management at Virginia Tech to potentially mitigate the extent of collateral damage and secondary incidents while saving lives.en
dc.description.degreeMaster of Scienceen
dc.publisherVirginia Techen
dc.rightsIn Copyrighten
dc.subjectEmergency managementen
dc.subjectiOS mobile software engineeringen
dc.subjectemergency notificationen
dc.subjectemergency guidanceen
dc.titleVTGemini: Universal iOS Application for Guided Emergency Response and Notification for the Virginia Tech Communityen
thesis.degree.disciplineComputer Science and Applicationsen
thesis.degree.grantorVirginia Polytechnic Institute and State Universityen
thesis.degree.nameMaster of Scienceen


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