A proposed record keeping system for supervised farming programs in Montgomery County, Virginia

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Virginia Polytechnic Institute


The problem involved in this study was that of selecting and developing a record keeping system for students of vocational agriculture to use in their supervised farming programs. The study was made in Montgomery County, Virginia. It involved the close cooperation of the Montgomery County Agriculture Teachers Association, which is composed of teachers from the Riner, Shawsville, Christiansburg, and Blacksburg Agriculture Departments.

Through this study it was hoped that a more effective system of record keeping could be provided for supervised farming programs of students enrolled in vocational agriculture.

After two years of work with different types of records and record books, the record book developed was adopted by the Montgomery County Agriculture Teachers Association. This book was first used for keeping supervised farming records during the calendar year 1955. The Montgomery County Teachers felt that the record book satisfactorily met all the criteria they bad previously set up for keeping farm records and recommended it for continued use in their classes of vocational agriculture. In March, 1958, after three years use by vocational agriculture students in Montgomery County, teachers of the four agriculture departments were asked to evaluate die record book. The record book scored high on all evaluations. Teachers found the book helpful tn their teaching for tbe following reasons:

  1. The record book aided them in effectively teaching farm record keeping.
  2. Students showed more interest in record keeping.
  3. Supervised farming programs were strengthened.