Polarization of D(d,n)He³ reaction neutrons

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Virginia Tech

The state of polarization of neutrons emitted at an angle of 45° (Lab) from the D(d,n)He³ reaction has been determined by observing the asymmetry in scattering from carbon. Neutrons scattered at equal angles to the right and left were detected simultaneously by two cylindrical stilbene crystals, The neutrons were produced by bombarding a heavy ice target with an unanalyzed beam of deuterons from a Cockroft-Walton accelerator.

The phase shifts of Meier, Scherrer, and Trumpy* were used to compute the induced polarization of carbon at an average neutron energy of 2.7 Mev. The observed asymmetries in scattering yielded neutron polarizations of 11.1 * 1.5%, 7.8 * 1.4%, and 6.0 * 1.8% at average deuteron energies of 99 Kev, 81.5 Kev, and 67.5 Kev respectively.

Polarized neutrons (2.73 Mev) scattered from calcium indicated that the right-left asymmetry, PnPCa changes sign in the interval 87.5° to 120° (CM). PCa ≤ 61.7% in the interval 0° to 180° (CM).

  • Meier, R. W., Scherrer, P., and Trumpy, G., "Elastische Streuung und Polarisationseffekte von D-D Neutronen an Kohlenstoff", Helv. Phys. Acta 27, 577 (1954).