Synthesis and characterization of in situ whisker-reinforced glass-ceramics

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Virginia Tech

The effects of in situ Ti0₂ whisker reinforcement on mechanical and thermal properties of glass-ceramics in the Li₂O-Al₂0₃-P₂0₆-Si0₂ system were investigated.

When Ti0₂ whiskers, having an average aspect ratio of 28, are precipitated from the glass-ceramic matrix, (Li0.4,Ca0.05)AI(Si0.75,P0.5)04.5, flexural strength is improved from 72 to 134 MPa. Fracture toughness, KIc, is increased from the 1.1 to 1.6 MPa·m1/2 due to crack deflection by the Ti0₂ whiskers. In situ Ti0₂ whisker-reinforced glass-ceramic exhibits rising fracture resistance, KR, with increasing crack extension. The fracture resistance, KR, is increased from 1.89 to 2.5 MPa·m1/2 over the crack extension range range of 40 to 200 μm. The composite shows a narrow failure strength distribution compared to the glass-ceramic without Ti0₂ whisker precipitation. The coefficient of thermal expansion (CTE) changes from -2.8x10⁻⁷/"C to -1.7xl0⁻⁷/°C due to the precipitation of Ti0₂ phase which has a positive CTE (7.3xl0⁻⁶/°C).

With the matrix composition, (Li0.41,Mg0.035)AI(Si00.48,PO.52)O₄, a three-fold increase in flexural strength was observed with a Ti0₂ content of 12 wt%. CTE value of the composite increases linearly from a negative to a positive value with increasing Ti0₂ content up to 12 wt%. The in situ composite containing 8-10 wt% Ti0₂ exhibits near zero CTE values up to l000°C.