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    • Virginia Tech Science Festival, 2019 

      Unknown author (Virginia Tech. Institute for Creativity, Arts, and Technology, 2019)
      A program for the festival held on the Virginia Tech campus on November 16, 2019.
    • The power, potential, and pitfalls of open access biodiversity data in range size assessments: Lessons from the fishes 

      Smith, Jennifer A.; Benson, Abigail L.; Chen, Ye; Yamada, Steffany A.; Mims, Meryl C. (Elsevier, 2019-11-14)
      Geographic rarity is a driver of a species’ intrinsic risk of extinction. It encompasses multiple key components including range size, which is one of the most commonly measured estimates of geographic rarity. Range size ...
    • Three Essays on Adoption and Impact of Agricultural Technologies 

      Vaiknoras, Kate Alyse (Virginia Tech, 2019-11-14)
      This dissertation is composed of three essays examining adoption and impact of agricultural technologies. The first two papers estimate adoption and impact of iron-biofortified bean varieties in Rwanda. These varieties are ...
    • Practice and Efficacy of Peer Writing Feedback in a Large First-Year Engineering Course 

      Ekoniak III, Michael Roman (Virginia Tech, 2018-05-23)
      Engineering educators and industry professionals recognize the need for graduates to be effective communicators, yet the effective teaching of communication remains a persistent contemporary issue, with studies continuing ...
    • Porosity production in weathered rock: Where volumetric strain dominates over chemical mass loss 

      Hayes, Jorden L.; Riebe, Clifford S.; Holbrook, W. Steven; Flinchum, Brady A.; Hartsough, Peter C. (AAAS, 2019-09)
      Weathering in the critical zone causes volumetric strain and mass loss, thereby creating subsurface porosity that is vital to overlying ecosystems. We used geochemical and geophysical measurements to quantify the relative ...
    • Experimental and theoretical evidence for molecular forces driving surface segregation in photonic colloidal assemblies 

      Xiao, Ming; Hu, Ziying; Gartner, Thomas E., III; Yang, Xiaozhou; Li, Weiyao; Jayaraman, Arthi; Gianneschi, Nathan C.; Shawkey, Matthew D.; Dhinojwala, Ali (AAAS, 2019-09)
      Surface segregation in binary colloidal mixtures offers a simple way to control both surface and bulk properties without affecting their bulk composition. Here, we combine experiments and coarse-grained molecular dynamics ...
    • A global synthesis reveals biodiversity-mediated benefits for crop production 

      Dainese, Matteo; Martin, Emily A.; Aizen, Marcelo A.; Albrecht, Matthias; Bartomeus, Ignasi; Bommarco, Riccardo; Carvalheiro, Luisa G.; Chaplin-Kramer, Rebecca; Gagic, Vesna; Garibaldi, Lucas A.; Ghazoul, Jaboury; Grab, Heather; Jonsson, Mattias; Karp, Daniel S.; Kennedy, Christina M.; Kleijn, David; Kremen, Claire; Landis, Douglas A.; Letourneau, Deborah K.; Marini, Lorenzo; Poveda, Katja; Rader, Romina; Smith, Henrik G.; Tscharntke, Teja; Andersson, Georg K. S.; Badenhausser, Isabelle; Baensch, Svenja; Bezerra, Antonio Diego M.; Bianchi, Felix J. J. A.; Boreux, Virginie; Bretagnolle, Vincent; Caballero-Lopez, Berta; Cavigliasso, Pablo; Cetkovic, Aleksandar; Chacoff, Natacha P.; Classen, Alice; Cusser, Sarah; da Silva e Silva, Felipe D.; de Groot, G. Arjen; Dudenhoeffer, Jan H.; Ekroos, Johan; Fijen, Thijs; Franck, Pierre; Freitas, Breno M.; Garratt, Michael P. D.; Gratton, Claudio; Hipolito, Juliana; Holzschuh, Andrea; Hunt, Lauren; Iverson, Aaron L.; Jha, Shalene; Keasar, Tamar; Kim, Tania N.; Kishinevsky, Miriam; Klatt, Bjorn K.; Klein, Alexandra-Maria; Krewenka, Kristin M.; Krishnan, Smitha; Larsen, Ashley E.; Lavigne, Claire; Liere, Heidi; Maas, Bea; Mallinger, Rachel E.; Martinez Pachon, Eliana; Martinez-Salinas, Alejandra; Meehan, Timothy D.; Mitchell, Matthew G. E.; Molina, Gonzalo A. R.; Nesper, Maike; Nilsson, Lovisa; O'Rourke, Megan E.; Peters, Marcell K.; Plecas, Milan; Potts, Simon G.; Ramos, Davi de L.; Rosenheim, Jay A.; Rundlof, Maj; Rusch, Adrien; Saez, Agustin; Scheper, Jeroen; Schleuning, Matthias; Schmack, Julia M.; Sciligo, Amber R.; Seymour, Colleen; Stanley, Dara A.; Stewart, Rebecca; Stout, Jane C.; Sutter, Louis; Takada, Mayura B.; Taki, Hisatomo; Tamburini, Giovanni; Tschumi, Matthias; Viana, Blandina F.; Westphal, Catrin; Willcox, Bryony K.; Wratten, Stephen D.; Yoshioka, Akira; Zaragoza-Trello, Carlos; Zhang, Wei; Zou, Yi; Steffan-Dewenter, Ingolf (AAAS, 2019-10)
      Human land use threatens global biodiversity and compromises multiple ecosystem functions critical to food production. Whether crop yield-related ecosystem services can be maintained by a few dominant species or rely on ...
    • Precise control of iron activating persulfate by current generation in an electrochemical membrane reactor 

      Wu, Simiao; Liang, Guannan; Guan, Xiaohong; Qian, Guangren; He, Zhen (Elsevier, 2019-07-26)
      Activated persulfate (PS) oxidation is promising for contaminant removal but a lack of controllable activation can lead to a loss of reagents and thus low contamination degradation. Herein, we have proposed and investigated ...
    • Respirometric activities of unacclimatized Enterobacter aerogenes and mixed culture bacteria in sequencing batch reactor systems in response to acrylamide and its biodegradation products 

      Madmanang, Romsan; He, Zhen; Sriwiriyarat, Tongchai (The Royal Society of Chemistry, 2018-10-07)
      The acute effects of acrylamide and its biodegradation products on the respiration activities of microbes during wastewater treatment are not well understood. Herein, unacclimatized mixed culture bacteria and Enterobacter ...
    • Nitrogen-doped activated carbon as a metal free catalyst for hydrogen production in microbial electrolysis cells 

      Zhang, Bo; Wen, Zhenhai; Ci, Suqin; Chen, Junhong; He, Zhen (The Royal Society of Chemistry, 2014-09-26)
      Nitrogen-doped activated carbon was investigated as an alternative cathode catalyst for hydrogen production in microbial electrolysis cells (MECs). Both electrochemical and MEC tests confirmed that nitrogen doping was an ...
    • Current-driven nitrate migration out of groundwater by using a bioelectrochemical system 

      Tong, Yiran; Zhen, He (The Royal Society of Chemistry, 2014-02-03)
      A bioelectrochemical system (BES) was designed to remove nitrate from groundwater with multiple barriers to prevent intrusion of undesired ions from its anolyte. Electric current was demonstrated to be a key force to ...
    • Cathode-enhanced wastewater treatment in bioelectrochemical systems 

      Jain, Akshay; He, Zhen (Nature Research, 2018-12-05)
      Bioelectrochemical systems (BES) have been intensively studied as a new technology for wastewater treatment. However, the treatment efficiency of BES anodes is limited and the anode effluent usually cannot be directly ...
    • Appalachian Language in the Two-Year College Composition Classroom 

      Hanks, Janet (Virginia Tech, 2019-11-13)
      This dissertation discusses the intersection of first-year composition instructors and Appalachian language and culture at the two-year college level. Very little of the existing literature discusses pedagogy as it pertains ...
    • Plasticene 

      Eggleston, Carter Christian (Virginia Tech, 2019-11-13)
      Plasticene is an alternative term for Anthropocene, the proposed epoch that follows the Holocene and designates the beginning of significant human impact on Earth. While this moniker carries numerous implications across a ...
    • In the Middle East, Separatists Are the New Spoilers 

      Ahram, Ariel I. (2019-11-13)
    • Library Letters, October 2019 

      Unknown author (Virginia Tech. Veterinary Medicine Library, 2019-10)
      This newsletter highlights the services and support to the College of Veterinary Medicine offered through the University Libraries. In this issue: Access Errors due to “Cookies”.
    • Further Analysis of PRNG-Based Key Derivation Functions 

      McGinthy, Jason M.; Michaels, Alan J. (IEEE, 2019)
      The Internet of Things (IoT) is growing at a rapid pace. With everyday applications and services becoming wirelessly networked, security still is a major concern. Many of these sensors and devices have limitations, such ...
    • On Data Center Demand Response: A Cloud Federation Approach 

      Moghaddam, Monireh Mohebbi; Manshaei, Mohammad Hossein; Saad, Walid; Goudarzi, Maziar (IEEE, 2019)
      The significantly high energy consumption of data centers constitutes a major load on the smart power grid. Data center demand response is a promising solution to incentivize the cloud providers to adapt their consumption ...
    • Coupled Mode Analysis for 3D Stress-Free Elastic Acoustic Waveguide 

      He, Jiaji; Homa, Daniel; Pickrell, Gary; Wang, Anbo (IEEE, 2019)
      Acoustic sensors and acoustic measurements receive much attention in various applications. Because waveguides are commonly used in sensor design, theoretical means to study acoustic propagation and interaction in waveguides ...