National Association of Black Accountants student chapter formed at Virginia Tech

BLACKSBURG, Va., Aug. 29, 2007 – Pamplin College of Business students and faculty member Lynette Wood have established the Virginia Tech student chapter of the National Association of Black Accountants (NABA).

The group, which has 20 members, is open to students majoring in accounting or finance or who have expressed an intention to enter the accounting profession. Wood, an assistant professor of accounting and information systems, said the chapter aims to promote group identity, promote the study of accounting, advance academic development, foster moral and ethical standards, cultivate a sense of professional and civic responsibility and service, and provide opportunities for association with other student organizations.

“I think that NABA will be a critical factor in providing a vision of professional success for African-American students,” she said. “Having an active chapter on campus will help more students develop successful accounting careers.”

Accounting firms KPMG and PricewaterhouseCoopers, she said, have been “extremely supportive in the establishment of our new chapter.” While several alumni strongly supported the initiative to form the chapter, Wood was its faculty champion. She managed the process of generating student interest in the organization and prepared the chapter application package, with the assistance of students who later accepted leadership roles in the organization.

The chapter expects to organize professional development workshops, networking opportunities, and social and community service activities. For information, contact NABA president Veronica Gentry.

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