Fishwick To Edit New Series Of Haworth Press Books On Popular Culture

BLACKSBURG, Va., May 16, 2003 – Haworth Press in New York and London has chosen Marshall Fishwick, professor of humanities, popular culture, and American studies at Virginia Tech, to edit a new series of books and monographs on popular culture.

"Popular culture is like electricity," Fishwick said, "unseen, powerful, pervasive. Like it or not, it affects many aspects of our lives. The Haworth Press wants to wire its readers to that kind of electricity."

"In today's world, we don't have to approach popular culture," Fishwick said. "It reaches out and grabs us in words, jingles, sound bites, print, radio, television, film, discs; at home, at work, on vacation, online, off line. It's the monkey of the mind, and, like sin, it is always with us. Even when we speed along the highway trying to ignore the billboards and bumper stickers, it pops up in cryptic traffic mandates: 'To go left, turn right.'"

Fishwick said that, even though popular culture is a dye that penetrates the ver pores of our environments, "the hidden crevices of our minds," many people, including intellectuals and academics, refuse to take it seriously or try to understand how it has changed the world in which we live. But popular culture is a fast-growing field made even more pertinent by the Iraq War and spectacular new technologies, Fishwick said. In his new post, Fishwick will be responsible for soliciting, evaluating, and overseeing publications in this fast-growing field. Articles on American studies as well as popular culture will be considered.

This is a new venture for the Haworth Press, whose numerous imprints include the Haworth Information Press, the Hispanic/Latino Press, the International Business Press, the Haworth Medical Press, the Haworth Pastoral Press, and the Harrington Park Press. Fishwick will be the first series editor chosen from Virginia Tech.

Fishwick has taught popular-culture courses at Virginia Tech and many other universities at home and abroad throughout his academic career. He received the Lifetime Achievement in Popular Culture from the Popular Culture Association and is the author of numerous books on popular culture. The latest is Popular Culture in a New Age.