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    • UNtheater 

      Badyoczek, Anna (Virginia Tech, 2010-11-29)
      This thesis was to me, more than anything else, a pursuit of fascinations. I began with an obsession with stairs: exploring different types, the symbology associated with them, and why I was so adamant about making every ...
    • An Untraditional Life: Male Spouses of Female Military Personnel 

      Jebo, Jennifer Lee (Virginia Tech, 2005-04-29)
      Military wives continue to represent the majority of military spouses and as a result, most research on military spouses has focused exclusively on them. Utilizing data from the 1999 Survey of Active Duty Spouses, one goal ...
    • Unusual Subatomic Particle Discovered 

      Trulove, Susan (Virginia Tech. University Relations, 2003-11-21)
      Sookyung Choi of Gyeongsang University, Korea, and Stephen Olsen, professor of physics at the University of Hawaii, members of an international team of researchers at the High Energy Accelerator Organization (KEK) in ...
    • Unusual water flux in the extracellular polysaccharide of the cyanobacterium Nostoc commune 

      Shaw, E; Hill, DR; Brittain, N; Wright, DJ; Tauber, U; Marand, H; Helm, RF; Potts, M (Amer Soc Microbiology, 2003-09-01)
    • Unwanted fertility and the underinvestment hypothesis : a Philippine study 

      Tan, Clarita Estillore (Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, 1981)
    • Up and down these roads: a rural county in transition 

      Fine, Elizabeth C. (Reynolds Homestead Continuing Education Center, 1982)
      Documents the continuity and change in Patrick County, an isolated rural county in southwestern Virginia. Includes interviews with local residents Ruth Jean Bolt, Dorn Spangler, Jim Shelor, Judge John D. Hooker, and the Foddrells.
    • Up the Rapids! 

      Palmer, Earl (Virginia Tech. Digital Library and Archives; Virginia Tech. University Libraries. Special Collections Department, 2005-05-17)
    • Up-Standing Norms, Technology, and Disability 

      Heflin, AS (2016-05-13)
      Presentation as part of a panel on Discrimination and Technology at IEEE Ethics 2016
    • Upcoming student-organized career fair attracts 150 employers 

      Ho, Sookhan (Virginia Tech. University Relations, 2006-09-12)
      A total of 150 employers are scheduled to attend the 24th annual Business Horizons career fair of Virginia Tech's Pamplin College of Business on Thursday, Sept. 21, from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. in the Squires Student Center ...
    • Upconverting nanocomposites dispersed in urea-containing acrylics 

      Inglefield, David Lott, Jr.; Merritt, Travis Robert; Magill, Brenden Archie; Long, Timothy E.; Khodaparast, Giti A. (The Royal Society of Chemistry, 2015-05-08)
      Lanthanide-doped upconverting nanoparticles (UCNPs) have the ability to convert low energy photons into high energy photons, making this material appealing for a variety of scientific pursuits, from solar energy conversion ...
    • Update : drugs of abuse 

      McAlister, J. Douglas (James Douglas), 1944- (Virginia Cooperative Extension Service, 1989)
      A discussion guide on a program about drug abuse in America.
    • An update expert and response generator for a transportable natural language interface to database management systems 

      Bessasparis, Michael J (Virginia Tech, 1990-12-05)
      Fully transportable natural language interfaces to database management systems (DBMS) have been under study for some years I but until now I all have suffered from a lack of response ability and lack of natural language ...
    • Update of the Anopheles gambiaePEST genome assembly 

      Sharakhova, Maria V.; Hammond, Martin P.; Lobo, Neil F.; Krzywinski, Jaroslaw; Unger, Maria F.; Hillenmeyer, Maureen E.; Bruggner, Robert V.; Birney, Ewan; Collins, Frank H. (2007-01-08)
      Background The genome of Anopheles gambiae, the major vector of malaria, was sequenced and assembled in 2002. This initial genome assembly and analysis made available to the scientific community was complicated by the ...
    • An update of the chronology of business education 

      Jennings, Carol L. (Virginia Tech, 1990-04-05)
      The purpose of this study was to determine the technological, organizational, legislative, and research events that should be included in a 1989 revision of A Chronology of Business Education in the United States last ...
    • An update on HFST for Horizontal Curves 

      Merritt, David; Moravec, Mike (2014-09-17)
    • Update on Multirate Timestepping Methods for Hyperbolic Conservation Laws 

      Constantinescu, Emil M.; Sandu, Adrian (Department of Computer Science, Virginia Polytechnic Institute & State University, 2007-03-01), TR-07-12
    • Update on recent threatening communications 

      Deisinger, Gene (Virginia Tech. University Relations, 2010-03-19)
      Over the past two weeks, our community has been subjected to an ongoing series of threatening and harassing messages. These messages have been posted on websites and been e-mailed to a few individuals across campus. The ...
    • Update on steam line: repairs complete 

      Owczarski, Mark (Virginia Tech. University Relations, 2010-01-13)
      The cracked steam line discovered Friday has been repaired.
    • Update on students in vehicular accident Sept. 16 

      Owczarski, Mark (Virginia Tech. University Relations, 2004-09-23)
      By now you have heard about the unfortunate accident last week on Washington Street involving two of our first year students. Many of you have called or expressed your concerns about the situation. With the permission of ...