A Study of Student Teacher Experiences in a Multicultural School or Learning to Teach Teachers Who Will Teach 'Other People's Children'

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Virginia Tech


Multicultural teacher education promotes "culturally responsive practice" as a means of meeting the needs of diverse children. This qualitative study investigates four student teachers' field experiences so as to better understand future teachers' translation of "culturally responsive practice" during field work. Data sources include individual and group interview-conversations across a semester and the researcher's own stories from her experiences as a participant-observer in the school. Results are reported as four case studies with cross-case analysis. The researcher makes recommendations for teacher education based on findings from the four cases and group similarities. Results suggest that teacher education should place an emphasis on the complexity of culture, gaining knowledge about specific cultural factors, knowledge of history and present-day conditions, individual talk, and "culturally responsive relationships."



case study, multicultural, autoethnography, teacher education