Hilton, Mars Petcare Enter Agreement to Promote Pet Friendly Policies

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Asian Hospitality


Hilton is taking a large step to welcome the furry friends of their guests staying at the brand’s extended-stay locations. Specifically, Home2 and Homewood locations are transitioning to be 100 percent pet-friendly by January of 2022. They are taking on this important change to be more welcoming to the estimated 23 million U.S. homes that took in a new pet during the Covid-19 pandemic. With 58 percent of those pet-owners saying that they look for pet accommodations when traveling. Mars Petcare has come alongside Hilton to make this vision happen and provide knowledge on how to create a fantastic stay for the pets accompanying the human guests.



Mars Petcare, Hilton, Home2, Homewood, Covid-19 Pandemic, Pets in Hotels, Ikdeep Singh