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    • 25th Annual Geosciences Student Research Symposium 

      GSRS Coordinating Committee (Virginia Tech. Department of Geosciences, 2020-02-14)
      An abstract book for the 25th GSRS held Thursday, February 13 and Friday February 14, 2020 in Kelly Hall Room 310.
    • Test editing metadata in CS5604: Information Retrieval collection - edited title - more edits after rejection - final edit before approval - edit after approval 

      Author, Test (Test Publisher, 2020-02-03)
      Test Abstract to be edited in the submission phase. - edited abstract - edit abstract after rejection - final edit before approval - edit after approval
    • Classification and extraction of information from ETD documents 

      Aromando, John; Banerjee, Bipasha; Ingram, William A.; Jude, Palakh; Kahu, Sampanna (Virginia Tech, 2020-01-30)
      In recent years, advances in natural language processing, machine learning, and neural networks have led to powerful tools for digital libraries, allowing library collections to be discovered, used, and reused in exciting ...
    • Otrouha: Automatic Classification of Arabic ETDs 

      Alotaibi, Fatimah; Abdelrahman, Eman (Virginia Tech, 2020-01-23)
      ETDs are becoming a new genre of documents that is highly precious and worth preserving. This has resulted in a sustainable need to build an effective tool to facilitate retrieving ETD collections. While Arabic ETDs have ...
    • Deer movement and resource selection during Hurricane Irma: implications for extreme climatic events and wildlife 

      Abernathy, Heather N.; Crawford, Daniel A.; Garrison, E. P.; Chandler, R. B.; Conner, M. L.; Miller, K. B.; Cherry, Michael J. (Royal Society, 2019-11-19)
      Extreme climatic events (ECEs) are increasing in frequency and intensity and this necessitates understanding their influence on organisms. Animal behaviour may mitigate the effects of ECEs, but field studies are rare because ...
    • Integration and Implementation (INT) CS5604 Fall 2019 

      Agarwal, Rahul; Albahar, Hadeel; Roth, Eric; Sen, Malabika; Yu, Lixing (Virginia Tech, 2019-12-11)
      The first major goal of this project is to build a state-of-the-art information storage, retrieval, and analysis system that utilizes the latest technology and industry methods. This system is leveraged to accomplish the ...
    • Collection Management of Electronic Theses and Dissertations (CME) CS5604 Fall 2019 

      Kaushal, Kulendra Kumar; Kulkarni, Rutwik; Sumant, Aarohi; Wang, Chaoran; Yuan, Chenhan; Yuan, Liling (Virginia Tech, 2019-12-23)
      The class ``CS 5604: Information Storage and Retrieval'' in the fall of 2019 is divided into six teams to enhance the usability of the corpus of electronic theses and dissertations maintained by Virginia Tech University ...
    • Toward an Intelligent Crawling Scheduler for Archiving News Websites Using Reinforcement Learning 

      Wang, Xinyue; Ahuja, Naman; Llorens, Nathaniel; Bansal, Ritesh; Dhar, Siddharth (Virginia Tech, 2019-12-03)
      Web crawling is one of the fundamental activities for many kinds of web technology organizations and companies such as Internet Archive and Google. While companies like Google often focus on content delivery for users, ...
    • Collection Management Tobacco Settlement Documents (CMT) CS5604 Fall 2019 

      Muhundan, Sushmethaa; Bendelac, Alon; Zhao, Yan; Svetovidov, Andrei; Biswas, Debasmita; Marin Thomas, Ashin (Virginia Tech, 2019-12-11)
      Consumption of tobacco causes health issues, both mental and physical. Despite this widely known fact, tobacco companies had sustained their huge presence in the market over the past century owing to a variety of successful ...
    • Front-End Kibana (FEK) CS5604 Fall 2019 

      Powell, Edward; Liu, Han; Huang, Rong; Sun, Yanshen; Xu, Chao (Virginia Tech, 2020-01-13)
      During the last two decades, web search engines have been driven to new quality levels due to the continuous efforts made to optimize the effectiveness of information retrieval. More and more people are becoming satisfied ...
    • Nearest Neighbor Classifier – From Theory to Practice 

      Torfi, Amirsina (Machine Learning Mindset, 2020-01-11)
      The K-nearest neighbors (KNNs) classifier or simply Nearest Neighbor Classifier is a kind of supervised machine learning algorithm that operates based on spatial distance measurements. In this article, we investigate the ...
    • Tweet Analysis and Classification: Diabetes and Heartbleed Internet Virus as Use Cases 

      Karajeh, Ola; Arachie, Chidubem; Powell, Edward; Hussein, Eslam (Virginia Tech, 2019-12-24)
      The proliferation of data on social media has driven the need for researchers to develop algorithms to filter and process this data into meaningful information. In this project, we consider the task of classifying tweets ...
    • Inequalities in Poverty and Income between Single Mothers and Fathers 

      Lu, Yuan-Chiao; Walker, Regine; Richard, Patrick; Younis, Mustafa (MDPI, 2019-12-24)
      Background: The American family structure has changed in the past few decades due to a rise in the divorce rate and unmarried women with children. Research suggests a salary disparity between men and women, especially for ...
    • Elasticsearch (ELS) CS5604 Fall 2019 

      Li, Yuan; Chekuri, Satvik; Hu, Tianrui; Kumar, Soumya Arvind; Gill, Nicholas (Virginia Tech, 2019-12-12)
      We are building an Information and Retrieval System that will work as a search engine to support searching, ranking, browsing, and recommendations for two large collections of data. The first collection is part of Virginia ...
    • Engineers' Forum 

      Unknown author (Virginia Tech, 2019-10)
      We’ve made it to the second issue of Engineers’ Forum for the 2019-2020 academic year! Here, we’ll highlight valuable opportunities open to the engineering students of Virginia Tech. We hope that these topics will resonate ...
    • Cross-Platform Data Collection and Analysis for Online Hate Groups 

      Chandaluri, Rohit Kumar; Phadke, Shruti (Virginia Tech, 2019-12-26)
      Hate groups are using online social media increasingly over the last decade. An online audience of hate groups is exposed to the material with hateful agenda and underlying propaganda. The presence of hate across multiple ...
    • Politics, Power, & Playboy: The American Mindset of the 1960s 

      Mollin, Marian B. (Virginia Tech Department of History in association with Virginia Tech Publishing, 2019-09-23)
      The 1960s was a time of reform and revolution in America, brought on by individuals willing to challenge political, social, and cultural norms. Politics, Power, & Playboy explores the American mindset during this turbulent ...
    • Standpoints: Black Feminist Knowledges 

      Baldwin, Andrea N.; Reichelmann, Ashley V.; Harrison, Anthony Kwame (Virginia Tech Department of Sociology in association with Virginia Tech Publishing, 2019-12-19)
      Standpoints: Black Feminist Knowledges contains essays that explore Black feminist thought through a diverse set of lenses. The essays are divided among sections on localized framing and stereotypes, global perspectives, ...
    • Text Analytics and Machine Learning (TML) CS5604 Fall 2019 

      Mansur, Rifat Sabbir; Mandke, Prathamesh; Gong, Jiaying; Bharadwaj, Sandhya M; Juvekar, Adheesh Sunil; Chougule, Sharvari (Virginia Tech, 2019-12-29)
      In order to use the burgeoning amount of data for knowledge discovery, it is becoming increasingly important to build efficient and intelligent information retrieval systems.The challenge in informational retrieval lies ...
    • ACM Venue Recommendation System 

      Kumar, Harinni Kodur; Tyagi, Tanya (Virginia Tech, 2019-12-23)
      A frequent goal of a researcher is to publish his/her work in appropriate conferences and journals. With a large number of options for venues in the microdomains of every research discipline, the issue of selecting suitable ...