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    • Course Planner 

      Joshi, Shreyas; Vattikonda, Sivakrishna; Valotia, Dishang; Mane, Suraj; Mali, Namrata (2022-05-04)
      Aim is to develop a course planner for the Computer Science Master of Engineering (MEng-CSA) program which will help students to search and choose from a variety of courses offered to include in their Plan of Study (POS). ...
    • Covid19 Data Webpage Design for Montgomery County, VA School System 

      Hicks, Megan (2021-12-08)
      The product was inspired by the current state of the pandemic. This school year, children and families immerged from lock-down to return to the classroom. With in-person instruction resuming, it was important to follow ...
    • Crime Data Mining for D.C. area 

      Le, Na; Ikeda, Atsushi; Sturgis, Brandon; Goyal, Uditi (2020-05-04)
      With millions of crime offenses are recorded each year in the United States, regardless of our position or background in the community, safety and security are our top concern when we are in an area. To help increase the ...
    • Follow My Steps 

      Siddiqui, Haris; Lee, Wen-Yu; Wang, Yifu; Yu, Qi (2022-05-04)
      Follow My Steps is a unique Android mobile application that allows users to track celebrities’ footsteps and stories. Although many travel apps already exist on the market, our product addresses problems that others don’t. ...
    • Globoler - Travel Web Application 

      Li, Tianyu; Behpour, Arash; Chung, Hannah; Li, Jinyang (2022-05)
      Globoler is a responsive web application that helps the users to obtain useful information they might want to know before traveling to a destination.
    • InteriorVR 

      Babbitt, Judd; Towle, Ryan; Akalwadi, Siddharth; Pearl, Brandon; Linares, Daniel (2022-05-01)
      InteriorVR is an application that gives potential home buyers the freedom to customize their new home however they want. While the software is meant to be used in virtual reality so users can get the most immersive experience ...
    • MEng Plan of Study Assistance System 

      Malhotra, Shorya; Natnael, Shedon P.; Chang, Ian Y.; Xu, Hao (Virginia Tech, 2022-05-04)
      The MEng Plan of Study Assistance System is a tool that simplifies the research and planning required for a MEng student at Virginia Tech to plan and complete their plan of study. The web application aids students that are ...
    • Plan of Study Management System 

      Zhang, Chi; Wang, Haosu; Zhang, Lihui; Fan, Jiahui; Cai, Zihao (2022-05-04)
      New students in the CSA-Meng program often get overwhelmed by the different concentrations and courses. They also lack a good mechanism to get course information. Thus they could easily make wrong decisions when designing ...
    • TicX 

      Litscher, Rachel; Lam, Austin; Knudsen, Grace; Lorn, Brendan; Martens, Elizabeth (2022-05-02)
      Ticx is a web application built for music lovers to discover new live music events near them, explore events by their favorite artists, and keep a history of all the events they have attended. With the use of multiple ...
    • TrashAway 

      Gundimeda, Tejaswi; Jariwala, Dhruvi; Robertson, Matthew; Vatsavayi, Maanasa; Venigalla, Maneesha (2022-05-02)
      This project was developed as for the Virginia Tech MEng CS5934 capstone project. Trashaway is a progressive web application that is user-friendly and is created for almost any user who would like to have their surroundings ...
    • Urban Advisor 

      Luersen, Chris; Paes, Mark; Gurijala, Srija; Barnett, Steven; Wang, Xu (2021-12-08)
      Our capstone project, entitled “Urban Advisor”, is a data-driven web-based decision support system targeted towards individuals who are weighing options to relocate to a new area. The application features an intake process ...
    • Urban Mobility Analysis 

      Leavitt, Brian; Luo, Oliver; McCormick, Luke; Park, James; Tran, Richard (2022-05-04)
      Our product allows for mobility analysis in the DMV area using demographic information as well as the change in ridership numbers for the DMV metro due to the Covid-19 lockdown in March 2020. Users can view demographic ...
    • Who is Speaking 

      Vityk, Martin; Mysore Shesharaj, Vishal; Nguyen, Alex (2021-10-12)
      Who’s Speaking is a web application where the user can upload or stream audio to process it into a visual timeline of when people speak. Knowing who is speaking, whether for a recording or a live stream, is useful information ...