Recent Submissions

  • Impact of Fume Hood Retrofits on the Energy Performance of Laboratory Spaces 

    Reichard, Georg; Priya, Shashank (Virginia Tech. Myers Lawson School of Construction, 2014-09)
    There are probably more than a million fume hoods operated in laboratories throughout the United States. Most of these fume hoods still run under more or less continuous conditions and thus consume an enormous amount of ...
  • Energy Efficiency Opportunities for Tobacco Curing Barns 

    Reichard, Georg; Pearce, Annie R. (Virginia Tech. Myers Lawson School of Construction, 2013)
    This project report discusses a theoretical assessment model for investigating the savings potential of retrofit scenarios for curing barns. The authors evaluated the most practical and also typical retrofit scenarios, ...
  • Improved Decision Making in Construction Using Virtual Site Visits 

    Mills, Thomas H.; Beliveau, Yvan J.; Jung, Kyu; Ilich, Mark; Graziani, Chris; Joshi, Ketan (Virginia Center for Transportation Innovation and Research, 2003-02)
    This study explored the dynamics of information exchange involving field issues relating to construction and the assistance that a virtual site visit can provide to the field decision-making process. Such a process can be ...