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  • Best Management Practice Use and Efficacy for the Virginia Nursery and Greenhouse Industry 

    Mack, Rachel E (Virginia Tech, 2017-01-24)
    Best Management Practice Use and Efficacy for the Virginia Nursery and Greenhouse Industry Rachel Mack ABSTRACT (Public) Best management practices (BMPs) are used in the nursery and greenhouse industry to increase ...
  • Street Trees as a Source of Timber•in Washington, DC 

    Grieve, Alexander Joseph (Virginia Tech, 2017-01-24)
    Recycling felled urban trees that are hazardous or unhealthy is increasingly viewed as a viable practice to control disposal costs, promote environmental practices, and support local commerce. Wide spread waste wood ...
  • Dairy Pipeline, January/February 2018 

    Winston, David R.; Martel, Cynthia (Virginia Cooperative Extension, 2017-12-21)
    This issue has two articles: the first focuses on collection of data about the dairy herd, for better farm management, and the second one discusses training of farm owners and employees in better ways to handle their dairy cattle.
  • Poison Ivy: Leaves of Three? Let it be! 

    Goerlich, Daniel L.; Latimer, Joyce G. (Virginia Cooperative Extension, 2017-12-21)
    Describes three species of Toxicodendron, commonly known as poison ivy, poison oak and poison sumac. All three species can cause skin rashes.
  • Springtails 

    Dellinger, Theresa A.; Day Eric R. (Virginia Cooperative Extension, 2017-12-21)
    Provides information about springtails (Collembola), their life cycle, habitat, and their occasional damage to indoor plants, particularly those grown in greenhouses.

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