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  • A Numerical Based Determination of Stress Intensity Factors for Partially Cracked Flexural I-shaped Cross-sections 

    Someshwara Korachar, Eshwari (Virginia Tech, 2019-04-19)
    The AASHTO LRFD design specifications and the AASHTO manual for bridge evaluation are consistently revised using knowledge of previous bridge failures. Although modern steel structures are designed to resist fatigue cracking ...
  • Advancement of the Hydrophobic-Hydrophilic Separation Process 

    Jones III, Alan Wayne (Virginia Tech, 2019-04-19)
    Froth flotation has long been regarded as the best available technology for ultrafine particles separation. However, froth flotation has extreme deficiencies for recovering ultrafine particles that are less than 30-50 μm ...

    Kidd Jr, Michael Scott (Virginia Tech, 2019-04-19)
    Marine structures must withstand the corrosive effects of salt water in a way that is low cost, reliable, and environmentally friendly. Aluminum satisfies these conditions, and would be a good choice for a sacrificial ...
  • A versatile computational pipeline for bacterial genome annotation improvement and comparative analysis, with Brucella as a use case 

    Yu, G. X.; Snyder, E. E.; Boyle, S. M.; Crasta, O. R.; Czar, M.; Mane, S. P.; Purkayastha, A.; Sobral, B.; Setubal, J. C. (2007-06)
    We present a bacterial genome computational analysis pipeline, called GenVar. The pipeline, based on the program GeneWise, is designed to analyze an annotated genome and automatically identify missed gene calls and sequence ...
  • PATRIC: The VBI PathoSystems Resource Integration Center 

    Snyder, E. E.; Kampanya, N.; Lu, J.; Nordberg, E. K.; Karur, H. R.; Shukla, M.; Soneja, J.; Tian, Y.; Xue, T.; Yoo, H.; Zhang, F.; Dharmanolla, C.; Dongre, N. V.; Gillespie, J. J.; Hamelius, J.; Hance, M.; Huntington, K. I.; Jukneliene, D.; Koziski, J.; Mackasmiel, L.; Mane, S. P.; Nguyen, V.; Purkayastha, A.; Shallom, J.; Yu, G.; Guo, Y.; Gabbard, J.; Hix, D.; Azad, A. F.; Baker, S. C.; Boyle, S. M.; Khudyakov, Y.; Meng, X. J.; Rupprecht, C.; Vinje, J.; Crasta, O. R.; Czar, M. J.; Dickerman, A.; Eckart, J. D.; Kenyon, R.; Will, R.; Setubal, J. C.; Sobral, B. W. S. (2007-01)
    The PathoSystems Resource Integration Center (PATRIC) is one of eight Bioinformatics Resource Centers (BRCs) funded by the National Institute of Allergy and Infection Diseases (NIAID) to create a data and analysis resource ...

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