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  • Munda, Land, and Gender: Understanding Indigeneity in the Neoliberal State of Jharkhand, India 

    Raonka, Pallavi (Virginia Tech. University Libraries, 2019-11-14)
    The Women and Gender in International Development Discussion Series is organized by the Center for International Research, Education, and Development (CIRED) and is an InclusiveVT initiative of Outreach and International ...
  • Spiculogenesis and biomineralization in early sponge animals 

    Tang, Qing; Wan, Bin; Yuan, Xunlai; Muscente, A. D.; Xiao, Shuhai (Springer Nature, 2019-07-26)
    Most sponges have biomineralized spicules. Molecular clocks indicate sponge classes diverged in the Cryogenian, but the oldest spicules are Cambrian in age. Therefore, sponges either evolved spiculogenesis long after their ...
  • Global ecological predictors of the soil priming effect 

    Bastida, Felipe; Bastidal, Felipe; Garcia, Carlos; Fierer, Noah; Eldridge, David J.; Bowker, Matthew A.; Abades, Sebastian; Alfaro, Fernando D.; Berhe, Asmeret Asefaw; Cutler, Nick A.; Gallardo, Antonio; Garcia-Velazquez, Laura; Hart, Stephen C.; Hayese, Patrick E.; Hernandez, Teresa; Hseu, Zeng-Yei; Jehmlich, Nico; Kirchmair, Martin; Lambers, Hans; Neuhauser, Sigrid; Pena-Ramirez, Victor M.; Perez, Cecilia A.; Reed, Sasha C.; Santos, Fernanda; Siebe, Christina; Sullivan, Benjamin W.; Trivedi, Pankaj; Vera, Alfonso; Williams, Mark A.; Moreno, Jose Luis; Delgado-Baquerizo, Manuel (Springer Nature, 2019-08-02)
    Identifying the global drivers of soil priming is essential to understanding C cycling in terrestrial ecosystems. We conducted a survey of soils across 86 globally-distributed locations, spanning a wide range of climates, ...
  • Neural JNK3 regulates blood flow recovery after hindlimb ischemia in mice via an Egr1/Creb1 axis 

    Kant, Shashi; Craige, Siobhan M.; Chen, Kai; Reif, Michaella M.; Learnard, Heather; Kelly, Mark; Caliz, Amada D.; Tran, Khanh-Van; Ramo, Kasmir; Peters, Owen M.; Freeman, Marc; Davis, Roger J.; Keaney, John F., Jr. (Springer Nature, 2019-09-17)
    Diseases related to impaired blood flow such as peripheral artery disease (PAD) impact nearly 10 million people in the United States alone, yet patients with clinical manifestations of PAD (e.g., claudication and limb ...
  • Inferring and validating mechanistic models of neural microcircuits based on spike-train data 

    Ladenbauer, Josef; McKenzie, Sam; English, Daniel Fine; Hagens, Olivier; Ostojic, Srdjan (Springer Nature, 2019-10-30)
    The interpretation of neuronal spike train recordings often relies on abstract statistical models that allow for principled parameter estimation and model selection but provide only limited insights into underlying ...

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