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  • Experimentally engineering the edge termination of graphene nanoribbons. 

    Zhang, X; Yazyev, OV; Feng, J; Xie, L; Tao, C; Chen, YC; Jiao, L; Pedramrazi, Z; Zettl, A; Louie, SG; Dai, H; Crommie, MF (2013-01-22)
    The edges of graphene nanoribbons (GNRs) have attracted much interest due to their potentially strong influence on GNR electronic and magnetic properties. Here we report the ability to engineer the microscopic edge termination ...
  • Dynamic interfaces in an organic thin film. 

    Tao, C; Liu, Q; Riddick, BC; Cullen, WG; Reutt-Robey, J; Weeks, JD; Williams, ED (2008-10-28)
    Low-dimensional boundaries between phases and domains in organic thin films are important in charge transport and recombination. Here, fluctuations of interfacial boundaries in an organic thin film, acridine-9-carboxylic ...
  • Sampling-time effects for persistence and survival in step structural fluctuations 

    Dougherty, DB; Tao, C; Bondarchuk, O; Cullen, WG; Williams, ED; Constantin, M; Dasgupta, C; Das Sarma, S (AMERICAN PHYSICAL SOC, 2005-02-01)
  • Sacred Space 

    Kaufman, Bradley Richard (Virginia Tech, 2017-02-25)
    This thesis is an exploration of the historical, societal, and individual as well as material factors that contribute to the constructing of space, and in particular, sacred space. With the idea that the making of sacred ...
  • Three Essays on Systems Thinking and Dynamic Modeling in Obesity Prevention Interventions 

    Jalali, Seyed Mohammad Javad (Virginia Tech, 2015-09-04)
    Essay #1 - Parental Social Influence in Childhood Obesity Interventions: a Systematic Review The objective of this study is to understand the pathways through which social influence at the family level moderates childhood ...

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