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  • Innovative Self-Centering Connection for CCFT Composite Columns 

    Gao, Yu (Virginia Tech, 2016-01-27)
    Concrete filled steel tubes are regarded as ideal frame members in seismic resisting systems, as they combine large axial and flexural capacity with ductility. The combination of the two materials increases the strength ...
  • The conjured drawings of Carlo Scarpa: a magic-real inquiry into architectural representation 

    Dayer, Carolina (Virginia Tech, 2016-01-27)
    This dissertation proposes a theory of architectural representation based on a close examination of Carlo Scarpa's drawing practices at the Brion cemetery located in San Vito d'Altivole, Italy. Informed by the literary ...
  • A High Temperature Wideband Low Noise Amplifier 

    Cunningham, Michael Lawrence (Virginia Tech, 2016-01-27)
    As the oil industry continues to drill deeper to reach new wells, electronics are being required to operate at extreme pressures and temperatures. Coupled with substantial real-time data targets, the need for robust high ...
  • A High Temperature Wideband Power Amplifier for a Downhole Communication System 

    Hiemstra, Stephen Reza (Virginia Tech, 2016-01-27)
    As the oil industry continues to drill deeper to reach previously untapped wells, the operating environments for electronic systems become harsher, especially due to high temperatures. It is essential to design electronic ...
  • Enterobacter cloacae inhibits human norovirus infectivity in gnotobiotic pigs 

    Lei, Shaohua; Samuel, Helen; Twitchell, Erica; Bui, Tammy; Ramesh, Ashwin; Wen, Ke; Weiss, Mariah; Li, Guohua; Yang, Xingdong; Jiang, Xi; Yuan, Lijuan (Nature, 2016-04-26)
    Human noroviruses (HuNoVs) are the leading cause of epidemic gastroenteritis worldwide. Study of HuNoV biology has been hampered by the lack of an efficient cell culture system. Recently, enteric commensal bacteria ...

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