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  • Ethical Risk Assessment for Social Robots: Case Studies in Smart Robot Toys 

    Winfield, Alan F. T.; van Maris, Anouk; Winkle, Katie; Jirotka, Marina; Salvini, Pericle; Webb, Helena; Schuler Scott, Arianna; Freeman, Jaimie Lee; Kunze, Lars; Slovak, Petr; Theofanopoulou, Nikki (Springer, 2022)
    Risk Assessment is a well known and powerful method for discovering and mitigating risks, and hence improving safety. Ethical Risk Assessment uses the same approach, but extends the scope of risk to cover ethical risks in ...
  • Wider research applications of dynamic consent 

    Schuler Scott, Arianna; Goldsmith, Michael; Teare, Harriet (Springer, 2019-01-01)
    As research processes change due to technological developments in how data is collected, stored and used, so must consent methods. Dynamic consent is an online mechanism allowing research participants to revisit consent ...
  • Emerging Cybersecurity Capability Gaps in the Industrial Internet of Things: Overview and Research Agenda IIoT Capability Gaps 

    Axon, Louise; Fletcher, Katherine; Schuler Scott, Arianna; Stolz, Marcel; Hannigan, Robert; Kaafarani, Ali El; Goldsmith, Michael; Creese, Sadie (ACM, 2022-03)
    Internet of Things (IoT)-enabled devices are becoming integrated into a significant and increasing proportion of critical infrastructures, changing the cybersecurity-risk landscape. Risk is being introduced to industry ...
  • Why we trust dynamic consent to deliver on privacy 

    Schuler Scott, Arianna; Goldsmith, Michael; Teare, Harriet; Webb, Helena; Creese, Sadie (Springer, 2019-01-01)
    Dynamic consent has been discussed in theory as a way to show user preferences being taken into account when data is accessed and shared for research purposes. The mechanism is grounded in principles of revocation and ...
  • A Multiple-Motive Heuristic-Systematic Model for Examining How Users Process Android Data and Service Access Notifications 

    James, Tabitha L.; Ziegelmayer, Jennifer L.; Schuler Scott, Arianna; Fox, Grace (ACM, 2021)
    Android access notifications are presented to users to obtain permission to access data and services on smartphones. The number of 'unsafe' apps in the Android marketplaces underscores the importance of understanding what ...