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    • Tone classifier 

      Gad, Samah (2014-02-24)
      The goal of tone analysis is to identify tone from text. We focused on the following tones: alarmist, warning, reassuring, and explanatory. To detect tones from text automatically, we used a supervised machine learning ...
    • An Epidemiology of Information: Data Mining the 1918 Influenza Epidemic Project Report 

      Hausman, Bernice L.; Pencek, Bruce; Ramakrishnan, Narendran; Eysenbach, Gunther; Ewing, E. Thomas; Kerr, Kathleen; Gad, Samah (2014-04-07)
      This project research report describes the results of four case studies undertaken as part of Virginia Tech’s “An Epidemiology of Information: Data Mining the 1918 Flu Pandemic,” which was funded through the Digging into ...
    • Segmentation Algorithm 

      Gad, Samah (2014-04-09)
      We developed a dynamic temporal segmentation algorithm that wraps around topic modeling algorithms for the purpose of identifying change points where significant shifts in topics occur. The main task of the segmentation ...
    • 1918 Spanish Flu 

      Ewing, E. Thomas; Hausman, Bernice L.; Ramakrishnan, Naren