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    • On the energy harvesting potential of piezoaeroelastic systems 

      Erturk, Alper; Vieira, W. G. R.; De Marqui, C.; Inman, D. J. (AIP Publishing, 2010-05-01)
      This paper investigates the concept of piezoaeroelasticity for energy harvesting. The focus is placed on mathematical modeling and experimental validations of the problem of generating electricity at the flutter boundary ...
    • A piezoelectric bistable plate for nonlinear broadband energy harvesting 

      Arrieta, A. F.; Hagedorn, P.; Erturk, Alper; Inman, D. J. (AIP Publishing, 2010-09-01)
      Recently, the idea of using nonlinearity to enhance the performance of vibration-based energy harvesters has been investigated. Nonlinear energy harvesting devices have been shown to be capable of operating over wider ...