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    • Modeling-Enabled Characterization of Novel NLRX1 Ligands 

      Lu, Pinyi; Hontecillas, Raquel; Abedi, Vida; Kale, Shiv; Leber, Andrew; Heltzel, Chase; Langowski, Mark; Godfrey, Victoria; Philipson, Casandra; Tubau-Juni, Nuria; Carbo, Adria; Girardin, Stephen; Uren, Aykut; Bassaganya-Riera, Josep (PLOS, 2015-12-29)
      Nucleotide-binding domain and leucine-rich repeat containing (NLR) family are intracellular sentinels of cytosolic homeostasis that orchestrate immune and inflammatory responses in infectious and immune-mediated diseases. ...