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    • Decalogue for a Planet in Imminent Peril 

      Cairns, John (Virginia Tech, 2007)
      A Decalogue is defined as a fundamental set of rules having authoritative weight. Cairns offers his own Decalogue for the ethical and moral relationships he aspires to have with the biosphere and all of its components.
    • Decision-making in pigeon flocks: a democratic view of leadership 

      Jorge, P. E.; Marques, Paulo A. M. (Company of Biologists Ltd., 2012-07)
      When travelling in groups, animals frequently have to make decisions on the direction of travel. These decisions can be based on consensus, when all individuals take part in the decision (i.e. democratic decision; social ...
    • Deficiency in Toll-interacting protein (Tollip) skews inflamed yet incompetent innate leukocytes in vivo during DSS-induced septic Colitis 

      Diao, Na; Zhang, Yao; Chen, Keqiang; Yuan, Ruoxi; Lee, Christina; Geng, Shuo; Kowalski, Elizabeth; Li, Liwu; et al. (Nature, 2016-10-05)
      Functionally compromised neutrophils contribute to adverse clinical outcomes in patients with severe inflammation and injury such as colitis and sepsis. However, the ontogeny of dysfunctional neutrophil during septic colitis ...
    • Deliberately Choosing Uncertainty by Rejecting Science 

      Cairns, John (The Social Contract, 2012)
      In the United States today, scientific evidence and discovery are being overshadowed by the anti-science rhetoric of current legislation sponsored by big business. Scientific evidence can reduce risks and uncertainty, but ...
    • Dept. of Biology Newsletter, Fall 2003 

      Unknown author (Virginia Tech, 2003)
      This is the alumni newsletter for the Dept. of Biological Sciences at Virginia Tech.
    • Dept. of Biology Newsletter, Spring 2003 

      Unknown author (Virginia Tech, 2003)
      This is the alumni newsletter for the Dept. of Biological Sciences at Virginia Tech.
    • Dept. of Biology Newsletter, Spring 2004 

      Unknown author (Virginia Tech, 2004)
      This is the alumni newsletter for the Dept. of Biological Sciences at Virginia Tech.
    • Dept. of Biology Newsletter, Spring 2005 

      Unknown author (Virginia Tech, 2005)
      This is the alumni newsletter for the Dept. of Biological Sciences at Virginia Tech.
    • Designing for Nature and Sustainability 

      Cairns, John (International Journal of Sustainable Development and World Ecology, 2006)
      Humankind is now using natural resources more rapidly than natural systems can replace them and has been doing so for approximately two and one half decades. Moreover, both natural capital and the ecosystem services it ...
    • Destroying Paradise 

      Cairns, John (Asian Journal of Experimental Sciences, 2008)
      The day will probably come when descendants of the human race will look back at the planet their ancestors lived on and view it as a paradise compared to the hostile, alien planet they will inhabit then. The genus Homo has ...
    • Developing a field of landscape ecotoxicology 

      Angermeier (Ecological Society of America, 1996-08)
      Since toxicants are spread over ecological landscapes, it seems likely that they have effects at that level of ecological organization. Landscape ecotoxicology examines the effects of toxic chemicals on larger scales than ...
    • Development, validation and application of the Microbiology Concept Inventory 

      Paustian, TD; Briggs, AG; Brennan, RE; Boury, N; Buchner, J; Harris, S; Horak, REA; Hughes, LE; Katz-Amburn, DS; Massimelli, MJ; McDonald, AH; Primm, TP; Smith, AC; Stevens, Ann M.; Yung, SB (American Society For Microbiology, 2017-10)
    • Did You Get a Good Education? 

      Cairns, John (Virginia Tech, 2007)
      Cairns says that education provided him with the credentials necessary to be admitted to his chosen path, a wide selection of opportunities from which one could select a focus for a career path that would last a life time, ...
    • Diel cycling and long-term persistence of viruses in the ocean’s euphotic zone 

      Aylward, Frank O.; Boeuf, Dominique; Mende, Daniel R.; Wood-Charlson, Elisha M.; Vislova, Alice; Eppley, John M.; Romano, Anna E.; DeLong, Edward F. (National Academy of Sciences, 2017-09-17)
      Viruses are fundamental components of marine microbial communities that significantly influence oceanic productivity, biogeochemistry, and ecosystem processes. Despite their importance, the temporal activities and dynamics ...
    • Dietary resource overlap among three species of frugivorous bat in Costa Rica 

      Maynard, Lauren D.; Ananda, Ariana; Sides, Maria F.; Burk, Hannah; Whitehead, Susan R. (Cambridge University Press, 2019-03-21)
      The maintenance of biodiversity in tropical forests is thought to be dependent on fine-scale mechanisms of niche partitioning that allow species to coexist. This study examined whether three species of short-tailed fruit ...
    • Differential Annual Movement Patterns in a Migratory Species: Effects of Experience and Sexual Maturation 

      Jorge, Paulo E.; Sowter, David; Marques, Paulo A. M. (PLOS, 2011-07-20)
      Some animals migrate long distances to exploit important seasonal food resources in the northern regions of the northern hemisphere, whilst avoiding winter starvation. Changes in the individual's age and navigational skills ...
    • Differential expression patterns of housekeeping genes increase diagnostic and prognostic value in lung cancer 

      Chang, Yu-Chun; Ding, Yan; Dong, Lingsheng; Zhu, Lang-Jing; Jensen, Roderick, V; Hsiao, Li-Li (PeerJ, 2018-05-09)
      Background. Using DNA microarrays, we previously identified 451 genes expressed in 19 different human tissues. Although ubiquitously expressed, the variable expression patterns of these "housekeeping genes" (HKGs) could ...
    • Differentially expressed alternatively spliced genes in Malignant Pleural Mesothelioma identified using massively parallel transcriptome sequencing 

      Dong, Lingsheng; Jensen, Roderick V; De Rienzo, Assunta; Gordon, Gavin J; Xu, Yanlong; Sugarbaker, David J; Bueno, Raphael (2009-12-31)
      Background Analyses of Expressed Sequence Tags (ESTs) databases suggest that most human genes have multiple alternative splice variants. The alternative splicing of pre-mRNA is tightly regulated during development and in ...
    • Differing house Finch cytokine expression responses to Original and evolved isolates of Mycoplasma gallisepticum 

      Vinkler, Michal; Leon, Ariel E.; Kirkpatrick, Laila; Dalloul, Rami; Hawley, Dana M. (Frontiers Media, 2018-01-22)
      The recent emergence of the poultry bacterial pathogen Mycoplasma gallisepticum (MG) in free-living house finches (Haemorhous mexicanus), which causes mycoplasmal conjunctivitis in this passerine bird species, resulted in ...
    • The Diseconomies of Environmental Catastrophes 

      Cairns, John (Asian Journal of Experimental Sciences, 2006)
      Four factors are almost certain to lead to one or more catastrophes unless major remedial measures are taken. (1) China has replaced the United States as the world s leading consumer of resources, except for oil (Brown, ...