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    • Cognitive Alignment with Performance Targeted Training Intervention Model: CAPTIM 

      Kennedy, Q; Nesbitt, JK; Alt, JK; Fricker, Ronald D. Jr. (Naval Postgraduate School, 2015-02)
      In this technical report, we propose that the use of two simple behavioral measures, in conjunction with neurophysiological measures, can be used to create a training intervention that has the potential to provide: (1) ...
    • Understanding Optimal Decision-making in Wargaming 

      Nesbitt, P; Kennedy, Q; Alt, JK; Fricker, Ronald D. Jr.; Whitaker, L; Yang, J; Appleget, JA; Huston, J; Patton, S (Naval Postgraduate School, 2013-10)
      This research aims to gain insight into optimal wargaming decision-making mechanisms using neurophysiological measures by investigating whether brain activation and visual scan patterns predict attention, perception, and/or ...