The Virginia Tech-Wake Forest University School of Biomedical Engineering & Sciences (SBES) is a joint graduate program formed in 2003 to bring together three prestigious academic institutions: the College of Engineering at Virginia Tech, the Wake Forest University School of Medicine, and the Regional Virginia-Maryland College of Veterinary Medicine. On August 11, 2014, Virginia Tech announced a new collaboration between SBES and the Engineering Science and Mechanics department to form the new Department of Biomedical Engineering and Mechanics. This department provides a strong foundation and a sturdy framework for the discovery, development, transfer, and implementation of new knowledge in the areas of mechanics of materials and material systems, fluid mechanics, dynamics and vibration, biomechanics, and computational methods. The department is fully committed to providing an environment for strong undergraduate and graduate education that emphasizes fundamental understanding rather than specialization, high-quality teaching, innovation, frontier-level research, and service to the professional mechanics community.

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  • Flag Football Headgear STAR Protocol 

    Begonia, Mark; Rowson, Steven (2019-06-30)
    This document details the protocol used to rate flag football headgear based on concussion risk according to the Virginia Tech Helmet Ratings.
  • Seasonal changes in morphology govern wettability of Katsura leaves 

    Kang, Hosung; Graybill, Philip M.; Fleetwood, Sara; Boreyko, Jonathan B.; Jung, Sunghwan (PLOS, 2018-09-27)
    Deciduous broad-leaf trees survive and prepare for winter by shedding their leaves in fall. During the fall season, a change in a leaf's wettability and its impact on the leaf-fall are not well understood. In this study, ...
  • Role of Glia in Memory Deficits Following Traumatic Brain Injury: Biomarkers of Glia Dysfunction 

    Sajja, Venkata Siva Sai Sujith; Hlavac, Nora; VandeVord, Pamela J. (Frontiers Media S.A., 2016-02-29)
    Historically, glial cells have been recognized as a structural component of the brain. However, it has become clear that glial cells are intimately involved in the complexities of neural networks and memory formations. ...
  • Intercomparison of Small Unmanned Aircraft System (sUAS) Measurements for Atmospheric Science during the LAPSE-RATE Campaign 

    Barbieri, Lindsay; Kral, Stephan T.; Bailey, Sean C. C.; Frazier, Amy E.; Jacob, Jamey D.; Reuder, Joachim; Brus, David; Chilson, Phillip B.; Crick, Christopher; Detweiler, Carrick; Doddi, Abhiram; Elston, Jack; Foroutan, Hosein; González-Rocha, Javier; Greene, Brian R.; Guzman, Marcelo I.; Houston, Adam L.; Islam, Ashraful; Kemppinen, Osku; Lawrence, Dale; Pillar-Little, Elizabeth A.; Ross, Shane D.; Sama, Michael P.; Schmale, David G.; Schuyler, Travis J.; Shankar, Ajay; Smith, Suzanne W.; Waugh, Sean; Dixon, Cory; Borenstein, Steve; de Boer, Gijs (MDPI, 2019-05-10)
    Small unmanned aircraft systems (sUAS) are rapidly transforming atmospheric research. With the advancement of the development and application of these systems, improving knowledge of best practices for accurate measurement ...
  • Compressive Mechanical Properties of Porcine Brain: Experimentation and Modeling of the Tissue Hydration Effects 

    Prabhu, Raj K.; Begonia, Mark T.; Whittington, Wilburn R.; Murphy, Michael A.; Mao, Yuxiong; Liao, Jun; Williams, Lakiesha N.; Horstemeyer, Mark F.; Sheng, Jianping (MDPI, 2019-05-07)
    Designing protective systems for the human head—and, hence, the brain—requires understanding the brain’s microstructural response to mechanical insults. We present the behavior of wet and dry porcine brain ...
  • Fast Projection Algorithm for LIM-Based Simultaneous Algebraic Reconstruction Technique and Its Parallel Implementation on GPU 

    Zhang, Shunli; Geng, Guohua; Cao, Guohua; Zhang, Yuhe; Liu, Baodong; Dong, Xu (IEEE, 2018)
    Simultaneous algebraic reconstruction technique (SART) is a well-known iterative method in X-ray computed tomography, which provides better image quality than analytical methods when dealing with incomplete or noisy data. ...
  • A Method for Detecting Atmospheric Lagrangian Coherent Structures Using a Single Fixed-Wing Unmanned Aircraft System 

    Nolan, Peter J.; McClelland, Hunter G.; Woolsey, Craig A.; Ross, Shane D. (MDPI, 2019-04-03)
    The transport of material through the atmosphere is an issue with wide ranging implications for fields as diverse as agriculture, aviation, and human health. Due to the unsteady nature of the atmosphere, predicting how ...
  • Functional compartmentalization in the hemocoel of insects 

    Pendar, Hodjat; Aviles, Jessica; Adjerid, Khaled; Schoenewald, Caroline; Socha, John J. (Springer Nature, 2019-04-15)
    The insect circulatory system contains an open hemocoel, in which the mechanism of hemolymph flow control is ambiguous. As a continuous fluidic structure, this cavity should exhibit pressure changes that propagate quickly. ...
  • Age-related strength loss affects non-stepping balance recovery 

    Koushyar, H.; Bieryla, K.A.; Nussbaum, M.A.; Madigan, M.L. (Public Library of Science, 2019-01-18)
    Aging is associated with a higher risk of falls, and an impaired ability to recover balance after a postural perturbation is an important contributing factor. In turn, this impaired recovery ability likely stems from ...
  • Microvascular bioengineering: a focus on pericytes 

    Zhao, Huaning; Chappell, John C. (2019-03-29)
    Capillaries within the microcirculation are essential for oxygen delivery and nutrient/waste exchange, among other critical functions. Microvascular bioengineering approaches have sought to recapitulate many key features ...
  • Youth Football Helmet STAR Methodology 

    Campolettano, Eamon T.; Sproule, David W.; Begonia, Mark T.; Rowson, Steven (2019-03-19)
    This document details the protocol used by the Virginia Tech Helmet Ratings to rate youth football helmets based on concussion risk.
  • Virial Approximation for Load and Loss in High-Speed Journal Bearings Using Pressurized Gases 

    Chien, Ssu-Ying; Cramer, Mark S. (MDPI, 2019-02-17)
    We consider steady, laminar, compressible lubrication flows in a high-speed two-dimensional journal bearing governed by the appropriate Reynolds equation. The thermodynamic states correspond to pressurized gases and are ...
  • Vortex-induced dispersal of a plant pathogen by raindrop impact 

    Kim, Seungho; Park, Hyunggon; Gruszewski, Hope A.; Schmale, David G. III; Jung, Sunghwan (NAS, 2019)
    Raindrop impact on infected plants can disperse micron-sized propagules of plant pathogens (e.g., spores of fungi). Little is known about the mechanism of how plant pathogens are liberated and transported due to raindrop ...
  • System and method for estimating tissue heating of a target ablation zone for electrical-energy based therapies 

    Virginia Tech Intellectual Properties, Inc.; Davalos, Rafael V.; Sano, Michael B.; Garcia, Paulo A.; Arena, Christopher B. (United States Patent and Trademark Office, 2018-11-06)
    Systems and methods are provided for modeling and for providing a graphical representation of tissue heating and electric field distributions for medical treatment devices that apply electrical treatment energy through one ...
  • Irreversible electroporation using tissue vasculature to treat aberrant cell masses or create tissue scaffolds 

    Virginia Tech Intellectual Properties, Inc.; Davalos, Rafael V.; Sano, Michael B.; Garcia, Paulo A.; Robertson, John L.; Neal, II, Robert E. (United States Patent and Trademark Office, 2018-01-16)
    The present invention relates to the field of medical treatment of diseases and disorders, as well as the field of biomedical engineering. Embodiments of the invention relate to the delivery of Irreversible Electroporation ...
  • Irreversible electroporation to create tissue scaffolds 

    Virginia Tech Intellectual Properties, Inc.; Davalos, Rafael V. (United States Patent and Trademark Office, 2017-03-21)
    The present invention provides engineered tissue scaffolds, engineered tissues, and methods of using them. The scaffolds and tissues are derived from natural tissues and are created using non-thermal irreversible electroporation ...
  • Low-input and multiplexed microfluidic assay reveals epigenomic variation across cerebellum and prefrontal cortex 

    Ma, Sai; Hsieh, Yuan-Pang; Ma, Jian; Lu, Chang (AAAS, 2018-04-18)
    Extensive effort is under way to survey the epigenomic landscape of primary ex vivo tissues to establish normal reference data and to discern variation associated with disease. The low abundance of some tissue types and ...
  • Exploring Host-Microbiome Interactions using an in Silico Model of Biomimetic Robots and Engineered Living Cells 

    Heyde, Keith C.; Ruder, Warren C. (Springer Nature, 2015-07-16)
    The microbiome's underlying dynamics play an important role in regulating the behavior and health of its host. In order to explore the details of these interactions, we created an in silico model of a living microbiome, ...
  • Somersault of Paramecium in extremely confined environments 

    Jana, Saikat; Eddins, Aja; Spoon, Corrie; Jung, Sunghwan (Springer Nature, 2015-08-19)
    We investigate various swimming modes of Paramecium in geometric confinements and a non-swimming self-bending behavior like a somersault, which is quite different from the previously reported behaviors. We observe that ...
  • Activation of bacterial channel MscL in mechanically stimulated droplet interface bilayers 

    Najem, Joseph S.; Dunlap, Myles D.; Rowe, Ian D.; Freeman, Eric C.; Grant, John W.; Sukharev, Sergei; Leo, Donald J. (Springer Nature, 2015-09-08)
    MscL, a stretch-activated channel, saves bacteria experiencing hypo-osmotic shocks from lysis. Its high conductance and controllable activation makes it a strong candidate to serve as a transducer in stimuli-responsive ...

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