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  • re[visualizing] sound 

    Dee, MA (2016-08-27)
    In the words of Robert Bringhurst: “writing is the solid form of language.” In addition to capturing the human language, designers and typographers also face the challenge of documenting other sounds, such as music and the ...
  • Protective Body Panels for the ESCHER Humanoid Emergency Response Robot 

    Dee, MA; Blanchard, S (2016-09-23)
    ICAT (Institute for Creativity, Arts & Technology) Playdate, Blacksburg, VA. Co-presented the research on the “Protective Body Panels for the ESCHER Humanoid Emergency Response Robot,” in the Center for the Arts at Virginia ...
  • Fostering Creativity in an Educational Environment 

    Dee, MA (2016-05-31)
    Many believe creativity is something you’re born with, rather than a skill you can learn. But, being a professor of graphic design, I believe teachers can and should foster creative thinking, regardless of the subject ...
  • Critical Inclusion: Valuing Student Perspectives, Queering Practice, and Hybridizing Pedagogy for 4D Media Critique 

    Weaver, R (Www.Macaart.Org, 2016-10-28)
    Over the past decade, time-based visual media has attained the same ubiquity that the still image has enjoyed for the past 150 years. In this deliriously-mediated present, guiding students to use 4D media’s evolving languages ...