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  • Request for Proposals: South Atlantic Humanities Center [rev.] 

    Unknown author (Virginia Tech, 2006-02-24)
    The South Atlantic Humanities Center (SAHC) is supported by endowments at the Virginia Foundation for the Humanities, the University of Virginia College of Arts and Sciences, and the Virginia Tech College of Liberal Arts ...
  • Request for Proposals: South Atlantic Humanities Center 

    Unknown author (Virginia Tech, 2006)
    SAHC seeks proposals from Virginia Tech faculty of all ranks that will advance the mission of the Center.
  • Satterwhite and Shifflett Win First SAHC VT Awards 

    Unknown author (Virginia Tech, 2006-05-05)
    After competitive review, the South Atlantic Humanities Center at Virginia Tech awarded $10,000 on May 5, 2006, for two outstanding proposals: Jamestown in an Atlantic World: A Digital Book Proposal by Dr. Crandall ...
  • History of Religious Studies at Virginia Tech - Website Archive 

    Miller, Harlan B.; Long, Edward L.; Smyth, Ellison A.; Grover, Norman L.; Kennedy, Charles A.; Malbon, Elizabeth Struthers (Virginia Tech, 2014-06-09)
    This document contains 8 archived webpages from the Virginia Tech Department of Religion and Culture's website, which was available online from June 2014 to March 2016. The archived webpages include the following: (1) ...
  • Review: Don't Go Up Kettle Creek: Verbal Legacy of the Upper Cumberland 

    Speer, Jean H. (Journal of American Folklore, 1984)
    In Don't Go Up Kettle Creek, Montell reconstructs the history of the Upper Cumberland River region "as it is perceived from the vernacular point of view, relying on personal reminiscences, oral traditions, balladry and ...
  • Imagining Home, Nation, World: Appalachia on the Mall 

    Satterwhite, Emily M. (Journal of American Folklore, 2008)
    This article reads the Smithsonian's annual folklife festival as a cultural product buffeted by changing material conditions and funding constraints as the United States transitioned from a Fordist industrial economy to a ...
  • Review: Traditional American Indian Literatures: Texts and Interpretations 

    Fine, Emily C. (Journal of American Folklore, 1983)
    This book is a welcome addition to studies of American Indian folklore and ethnopoetics. Karl Kroeber has compiled five essays by himself, Jarold Ramsey, Dennis Tedlock, Barre Toelken and Tacheeni Scott, and Dell Hymes to ...
  • In Defense of Literary Dialect: A Response to Dennis R. Preston 

    Fine, Emily C. (Journal of American Folklore, 1983)
    If folklorists were to accept Dennis R. Preston's (1982) charges against their attempts to record dialect in print, they might feel embarrassed that their textmaking of the 1970s was so bad. Few folklorists would like to ...
  • Snapshots of Tradition: Apparitions of the Virgin Mary in Georgia 

    Britt, Brian (University of California Press, 1998-10)
    On the thirteenth of each month, from October 1990 until May 1994, Nancy Fowler appeared on the porch of a farmhouse in Conyers, Georgia, to deliver the message she had received from an apparition of the Virgin Mary. On ...
  • Psalm Recitation and Post-Secular Time: Augustine, the iPod, and Psalm 90 

    Britt, Brian (The Whitestone Foundation, 2012)
    Psalm 90 accommodates multiple understandings and experiences of time, but its compositional coherence balances this diversity with unity. Practices of recitation, reading, and reflection on the Psalms accommodate this ...
  • The Schmittian Messiah in Agamben's The Time That Remains 

    Britt, Brian (The University of Chicago Press, 2010)
    For Giorgio Agamben, Alain Badiou, and Slavoj Zitek the New Testament writings attributed to Paul have much to say on contemporary debates over politics and religious tradition. Taking the measure of this new intellectual ...
  • Secularism and the Question of the ‘Judeo-Christian' 

    Britt, Brian (Relegere, 2012)
    This essay comments on the papers in this special issue, paying special attention to "Judaism," "Christianity," and "Judeo-Christian" in relation to discussions of secularism and civil religion. It attempts an explanation ...
  • Death, Social Conflict, and the Barley Harvest in the Hebrew Bible 

    Britt, Brian (Journal of Hebrew Scriptures , 2005)
    Some recent scholarship characterizes violent biblical narratives, such as the killing of Saul’s descendents in 2 Sam. 21, as evidence of ancient ritual sacrifice. Yet 2 Sam. 21 has more in common with Ruth 1 and Judith ...
  • Syllabus - REL/JUD/HUM 3704 (Spring 2013) 

    Gabriele, Matthew; Sax, Benjamin (2012-12-14)
    Syllabus for REL/JUD/HUM 3704: Christians, Jews, & the Idea of Judeo-Christianity (Spring 2013).
  • Syllabus - REL 5984 (Spring 2013) 

    Gabriele, Matthew (2012-12-06)
  • Syllabus - REL/HUM/HIST 3504 (Spring 2012) 

    Gabriele, Matthew (2012)
    Syllabus for REL/HUM/HIST 3504: Age of the Crusades. Taught by Prof. Matthew Gabrielel (Dept. of Religion and Culture).
  • Syllabus - HUM 1214 (Fall 2012) 

    Gabriele, Matthew (2012)
    A syllabus for HUM 1214: Medieval World, taught in Fall 2012 by Prof. Matthew Gabriele (Dept. of Religion and Culture).