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    • Assessing global patterns in mammalian carnivore occupancy and richness by integrating local camera trap surveys 

      Rich, Lindsey N.; Davis, Courtney L.; Farris, Zach J.; Miller, David A. W.; Tucker, Jody M.; Hamel, Sandra; Farhadinia, Mohammad S.; Steenweg, Robin; Di Bitetti, Mario S.; Thapa, Kanchan; Kane, Mamadou D.; Sunarto, S.; Robinson, Nathaniel P.; Paviolo, Agustin; Cruz, Paula; Martins, Quinton; Gholikhani, Navid; Taktehrani, Ateih; Whittington, Jesse; Widodo, Febri A.; Yoccoz, Nigel G.; Wultsch, Claudia; Harmsen, Bart J.; Kelly, Marcella J. (2017-08)
      Aim: Biodiversity loss is a major driver of ecosystem change, yet the ecological data required to detect and mitigate losses are often lacking. Recently, camera trap surveys have been suggested as a method for sampling ...
    • Ecological correlates of the spatial co-occurrence of sympatric mammalian carnivores worldwide 

      Davis, Courtney L.; Rich, Lindsey N.; Farris, Zach J.; Kelly, Marcella J.; Di Bitetti, Mario S.; Di Blanco, Yamil; Albanesi, Sebastian; Farhadinia, Mohammad S.; Gholikhani, Navid; Hamel, Sandra; Harmsen, Bart J.; Wultsch, Claudia; Kane, Mamadou D.; Martins, Quinton; Murphy, Asia J.; Steenweg, Robin; Sunarto, Sunarto; Taktehrani, Atieh; Thapa, Kanchan; Tucker, Jody M.; Whittington, Jesse; Widodo, Febri A.; Yoccoz, Nigel G.; Miller, David A. W. (2018-09)
      The composition of local mammalian carnivore communities has far-reaching effects on terrestrial ecosystems worldwide. To better understand how carnivore communities are structured, we analysed camera trap data for 108087 ...