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    • Calibrated Filtered Reduced Order Modeling 

      Xie, X; Mohebujjaman, M; Rebholz, LG; Iliescu, T
      We propose a calibrated filtered reduced order model (CF-ROM) framework for the numerical simulation of general nonlinear PDEs that are amenable to reduced order modeling. The novel CF-ROM framework consists of two steps: ...
    • Canonical dual approach to solving 0-1 quadratic programming problems 

      Fang, S. C.; Gao, D. Y.; Sheu, R. L.; Wu, S. Y. (American Institute of Mathematical Sciences, 2008-02)
      This paper presents a canonical duality theory for solving nonconvex polynomial programming problems subjected to box constraints. It is proved that under certain conditions, the constrained nonconvex problems can be ...
    • capillary-gravity wave drag 

      Sun, S. M.; Keller, J. B. (AIP Publishing, 2001-08)
      Drag due to the production of capillary-gravity waves is calculated for an object moving along the surface of a liquid. Both two and three dimensional objects, moving at large Froude and Weber numbers, are treated. (C) ...
    • Case eigenfunction expansion for a conservative medium 

      Greenberg, W.; Zweifel, P. F. (AIP Publishing, 1976-02)
      By using the resolvent integration technique introduced by Larsen and Habetler, the one‐speed, isotropic scattering,neutron transport equation is treated in the infinite and semi‐infinite media. It is seen that the results ...
    • Cauchy-problem for the linearized version of the Generalized Polynomial KdV equation 

      Yordanov, R. G. (AIP Publishing, 1992-06)
      In the present paper results about the "Generalized Polynomial Korteweg-de Vries equation" (GPKdV) are obtained, extending the ones by Sachs [SIAM J. Math. Anal. 14, 674 (1983)] for the Korteweg-de Vries (KdV) equation. ...
    • Chern-Schwartz-MacPherson classes for Schubert cells in flag manifolds 

      Aluffi, P; Mihalcea, LC
      We obtain an algorithm computing the Chern-Schwartz-MacPherson (CSM) classes of Schubert cells in a generalized flag manifold G/B. In analogy to how the ordinary divided difference operators act on Schubert classes, each ...
    • Cohomology of Finite Groups 

      Linnell, Peter A. (University of Essen, 1992)
      This is a short lecture course on the cohomology of finite groups. Topics include Künneth formula, cup products and cohomology ring, differential graded algebras, Evens norm map and the Steenrod operations.
    • Commutative rings with homomorphic power functions 

      Dobbs, David E.; Kiltinen, John O.; Orndorff, Bobby J. (Hindawi, 1992-01-01)
      A (commutative) ring R (with identity) is called m-linear (for an integer m≥2) if (a+b)m=am+bm for all a and b in R. The m-linear reduced rings are characterized, with special attention to the finite case. A structure ...
    • Complete function spaces 

      McCoy, R. A. (Hindawi, 1983-01-01)
      A study is made of certain completeness properties of the space of allcontinuous real-valued functions on a space, where this function space has the compact-open topology.
    • Computational simulation of type-II superconductivity including pinning phenomena 

      Du, Q.; Gunzburger, M. D.; Peterson, J. S. (American Physical Society, 1995-06-15)
      A flexible tool, based on the finite-element method, for the computational simulation of vortex phenomena in type-II superconductors has been developed. These simulations use refined or newly developed phenomenological ...

      O'Connell, M; Kilmer, ME; de Sturler, E; Gugercin, S (Siam Publications, 2017-01-01)
    • conditional entropy in microcanonical ensemble 

      Dietz, D.; Greenberg, W. (AIP Publishing, 1975-08)
      The existence of the configurational microcanonical conditional entropy in classical statistical mechanics is proved in the thermodynamic limit for a class of long_range multiparticle observables. This result generalizes ...
    • continuity of the S-matrix for the perturbed Hill's equation 

      Clemence, D. P.; Klaus, M. (AIP Publishing, 1994-07)
      The behavior of the scattering matrix associated with the perturbed Hill's equation as the spectral parameter approaches an endpoint of a spectral band is studied. In particular, the continuity of the scattering matrix at ...
    • Convergence theorems for intermediate problems. II 

      Beattie, C. A.; Greenlee, W. M. (Cambridge University Press, 2002)
      Convergence theorems for the practical eigenvector free methods of Gay and Goerisch are obtained under a variety of hypotheses, so that our theorems apply to both traditional boundary-value problems and atomic problems. ...
    • Couette flow of a binary gas mixture 

      Valougeorgis, D. (AIP Publishing, 1988-03)
      The linearized binary model described by Hamel [Phys. Fluids 8, 418 (1964)] is used to obtain a set of kinetic equations and boundary conditions for the Couette flow problem. The derived set of two coupled integrodifferential ...
    • Coupling constant behavior of eigenvalues of Zakharov-Shabat systems 

      Klaus, Martin; Mityagin, Boris (AIP Publishing, 2007-12)
      We consider the eigenvalues of the non-self-adjoint Zakharov-Shabat systems as the coupling constant of the potential is varied. In particular, we are interested in eigenvalue collisions and eigenvalue trajectories in the ...
    • coupling constant thresholds of perturbed periodic Hamiltonians 

      Fassari, S.; Klaus, M. (AIP Publishing, 1998-09)
      We consider Schrodinger operators of the form H-lambda= -Delta + V + lambda W on L-2(R-v) (v=1, 2, or 3) with V periodic, W short range, and lambda a real non-negative parameter. Then the continuous spectrum of H-lambda ...
    • Damping optimization of parameter dependent mechanical systems by rational interpolation 

      Tomljanović, Z; Beattie, C; Gugercin, S
      We consider an optimization problem related to semi-active damping of vibrating systems. The main problem is to determine the best damping matrix able to minimize influence of the input on the output of the system. We use ...