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    • Expansion-free electromagnetic solutions of Kerr-Schild class 

      Debney, G. (AIP Publishing, 1974-07)
      Starting with the general Kerr_Schild form of the metric tensor,d s2=_+l_l (where l is null and _ is flat space_time), a study is made for those solutions of the Einstein_Maxwell equations in which l is geodesic, shear_free, ...
    • Power statistics for wave propagation in one-dimension and comparison with radiative transport theory. II 

      Kohler, Werner E.; Papanico.G.C. (AIP Publishing, 1974-12)
      We consider the one_dimensional problem of a slab having a random index of refraction and illuminated from within by a point source. We compute the expected value and the fluctuations of both the total power and power flux. ...
    • The conditional entropy in the microcanonical ensemble 

      Dietz, D.; Greenberg, William (AIP Publishing, 1975-08)
      The existence of the configurational microcanonical conditional entropy in classical statistical mechanics is proved in the thermodynamic limit for a class of long_range multiparticle observables. This result generalizes ...
    • Case eigenfunction expansion for a conservative medium 

      Greenberg, William; Zweifel, Paul F. (AIP Publishing, 1976-02)
      By using the resolvent integration technique introduced by Larsen and Habetler, the one‐speed, isotropic scattering,neutron transport equation is treated in the infinite and semi‐infinite media. It is seen that the results ...
    • Functional calculus for symmetric multigroup transport operator 

      Greenberg, William (AIP Publishing, 1976-02)
      A rigorous treatment of the symmetric multigroup transport equation is given by developing the functional calculus for the transport operator. Von Neumann spectral theory is applied to nonorthogonal cyclic subspaces, and ...
    • Solution of multigroup transport equation in Lp spaces 

      Greenberg, William; Sancaktar, Selim (AIP Publishing, 1976-11)
      The isotropic multigroup transport equation is solved in L p , p_1, for both half range and full range problems, using resolvent integration techniques. The connection between these techniques and a spectral decomposition ...
    • Vlasov theory of plasma oscillations: linear-approximation 

      Arthur, Michael D.; Greenberg, William; Zweifel, Paul F. (AIP Publishing, 1977)
      A functional analytic approach to the linearized collisionless Vlasov equation is presented utilizing a resolvent integration technique on the resolvent of the transport operator evaluated at a particular point. Formulae ...
    • A multiple-scales space-time analysis of a randomly perturbed one-dimensional wave equation 

      Kohler, Werner E. (AIP Publishing, 1977-10)
      An initial value problem for one_dimensional wave propagation is considered; the medium is assumed to be randomly perturbed as a function of both space and time. The stochastic perturbation theory of Papanicolaou and Keller ...
    • The interaction function and lattice duals 

      Greenberg, William (AIP Publishing, 1977-10)
      An interaction function is defined for lattice models in statistical mechanics. A correlation function expansion is derived, giving a direct proof of the duality relations for correlation functions.
    • Uniqueness of solutions to the linearized Boltzmann equation 

      Garbanati, Linda F.; Greenberg, William; Zweifel, Paul F. (AIP Publishing, 1978-01)
      Uniqueness theorems are proved for the linearized Boltzmann equation for both the ’’exterior’’ and ’’interior’’ problems under generalized Maxwellboundary conditions. The solution space is a weighted L p space, and agrees ...
    • Transverse plasma oscillations 

      Arthur, Michael D.; Greenberg, William; Zweifel, Paul F. (AIP Publishing, 1979)
      An operator theoretic approach is used to solve the linearized Vlasov–Maxwell equations for transverse plasma oscillations. In particular, the special cases of simple and second‐order real zeros of the plasma dispersion ...
    • Resolvent integration techniques for generalized transport equations 

      Bowden, Robert L.; Greenberg, William; Zweifel, Paul F. (AIP Publishing, 1979-06)
      A generalized class of ’’transport type’’ equations is studied, including most of the known exactly solvable models; in particular, the transport operator K is a scalar type spectral operator. A spectral resolution for K ...
    • Peano compactifications and property metric spaces 

      Dickman, R. F. (Hindawi, 1980-01-01)
      Let (X,d) denote a locally connected, connected separable metric space. We say the X is S-metrizable provided there is a topologically equivalent metric ρ on X such that (X,ρ) has Property S, i.e. for any ϵ>0, X is the ...
    • k-space function spaces 

      McCoy, Robert A. (Hindawi, 1980-01-01)
      A study is made of the properties on X which characterize when Cπ(X) is a k-space, where Cπ(X) is the space of real-valued continuous functions on X having the topology of pointwise convergence. Other properties related ...
    • Pulse propagation in a randomly perturbed ocean: Single pulse statistics 

      Kohler, Werner E. (Acoustical Society of America, 1980-10)
      A statistical theory of broadband single pulse propagation in a random ocean is presented. The mutual coherence function of the received signal is derived using an analysis based upon coupled mode theory. As propagation ...
    • Note on a role for entire functions of the classes and 

      Prather, Carl L. (Hindawi, 1981-01-01)
      We use the B and B* operators of Levin on the Classes P and P* and a comparison principle to prove a Gauss-Lucas Theorem for differential operators. The connection with the determination of final sets for differential ...
    • Complete function spaces 

      McCoy, Robert A. (Hindawi, 1983-01-01)
      A study is made of certain completeness properties of the space of allcontinuous real-valued functions on a space, where this function space has the compact-open topology.
    • Analytical solutions of model equations for two phase gas mixtures: Transverse velocity perturbations 

      Cavalier, J. F.; Greenberg, William (AIP Publishing, 1984)
      Model equations for a dilute binary gas system are derived, using a linear BGK scheme. Complete analytical solutions for the stationary half_space problem are obtained for transverse velocity perturbations. The method of ...
    • Fine topology on function spaces 

      McCoy, Robert A. (Hindawi, 1986-01-01)
      This paper studies the topological properties of two kinds of fine topologies on the space C(X,Y) of all continuous functions from X into Y.
    • The effect of surface tension on the shape of a Hele-Shaw cell bubble 

      Tanveer, S. (AIP Publishing, 1986-11)
      Numerical and asymptotic solutions are found for the steady motion of a symmetrical bubble through a parallel‐sided channel in a Hele–Shaw cell containing a viscous liquid. The degeneracy of the Taylor–Saffman zero ...