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    • A uniqueness result for p-Monotone viscosity solutions of Hamilton-Jacobi equations in bounded domains 

      Day, Martin V. (Siam Publications, 2009)
      We consider a class of Hamilton-Jacobi equations H(x, Du(x)) - 0 with no u-dependence and with continuity properties consistent with recent applications in queueing theory. Continuous viscosity solutions are considered in ...
    • Robust optimal switching control for nonlinear systems 

      Ball, Joseph A.; Chudoung, Jerawan A.; Day, Martin V. (Siam Publications, 2002-09)
      We formulate a robust optimal control problem for a general nonlinear system with finitely many admissible control settings and with costs assigned to switching of controls. e formulate the problem both in an L-2-gain/dissipative ...
    • Structured noncommutative multidimensional linear systems 

      Ball, Joseph A.; Groenewald, Gilbert; Malakorn, Tanit (Siam Publications, 2005)
      We introduce a class of multidimensional linear systems with evolution along a free semigroup. The transfer function for such a system is a formal power series in noncommuting indeterminates. Standard system-theoretic ...