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    • Deformation of a hydrophobic ferrofluid droplet suspended in a viscous medium under uniform magnetic fields 

      Afkhami, S.; Tyler, A. J.; Renardy, Y.; Renardy, M.; St Pierre, T. G.; Woodward, R. C.; Riffle, Judy S. (Cambridge University Press, 2010-11)
      The effect of applied magnetic fields on the deformation of a biocompatible hydrophobic ferrofluid drop suspended in a viscous medium is investigated numerically and compared with experimental data. A numerical formulation ...
    • Field-induced motion of ferrofluid droplets through immiscible viscous media 

      Afkhami, S.; Renardy, Y.; Renardy, M.; Riffle, Judy S.; St Pierre, T. (Cambridge University Press, 2008-09)
      The motion of a hydrophobic ferrofluid droplet placed in a viscous medium and driven by an externally applied magnetic field is investigated numerically in an axisymmetric geometry. Initially, the drop is spherical and ...
    • Pyramidal and toroidal water drops after impact on a solid surface 

      Renardy, Y.; Popinet, S.; Duchemin, L.; Renardy, M.; Zaleski, S.; Josserand, C.; Drumright-Clarke, M. A.; Richard, D.; Clanet, C.; Quere, D. (Cambridge University Press, 2003-06)
      Superhydrophobic surfaces generate very high contact angles as a result of their microstructure. The impact of a water drop on such a surface shows unusual features, such as total rebound at low impact speed. We report ...