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    • The Effect of Thermal Expansion on Nonlinear First And Second Sound in the Whole Temperature Region of He Ii 

      Braun, S.; Kluwick, A.; Cramer, Mark S. (AIP Publishing, 1996-09-01)
      We consider one-dimensional, weakly nonlinear first and second sound waves in He II. The first correction to the shock speed is computed for each sound mode. The expressions obtained are exact with respect to the coefficient ...
    • Nonlinear second sound in solids 

      Tarkenton, G. M.; Cramer, Mark S. (American Physical Society, 1994-05-01)
      We study the nonlinear propagation of thermal waves in rigid heat conductors using a model introduced by Ruggeri et al. We derive the lowest-order nonlinear corrections to the wave speed and show that the quadratic ...