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    • Mid- to far-infrared properties of star-forming galaxies and active galactic nuclei 

      Magdis, G. E.; Rigopoulou, D.; Helou, G.; Farrah, D.; Hurley, P.; Alonso-Herrero, A.; Bock, J.; Burgarella, D.; Chapman, S.; Charmandaris, V.; Cooray, A.; Dai, Y. S.; Dale, D.; Elbaz, D.; Feltre, A.; Hatziminaoglou, E.; Huang, J. S.; Morrison, G.; Oliver, S.; Page, M.; Scott, D.; Shi, Y. (EDP SCIENCES, 2013-10)
      We study the mid- to far-IR properties of a 24 mu m-selected flux-limited sample (S-24 > 5mJy) of 154 intermediate redshift (< z > similar to 0.15), infrared luminous galaxies, drawn from the 5 Milli-Jansky Unbiased Spitzer ...