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    • A Simulation Optimization Approach to Epidemic Forecasting 

      Nsoesie, Elaine O.; Beckman, Richard J.; Shashaani, Sara; Nagaraj, Kalyani S.; Marathe, Madhav V. (PLOS, 2013-06-27)
      Reliable forecasts of influenza can aid in the control of both seasonal and pandemic outbreaks. We introduce a simulation optimization (SIMOP) approach for forecasting the influenza epidemic curve. This study represents ...
    • A systematic review of studies on forecasting the dynamics of influenza outbreaks 

      Nsoesie, Elaine O.; Brownstein, John S.; Ramakrishnan, Naren; Marathe, Madhav V. (Wiley, 2013-12-23)
      Forecasting the dynamics of influenza outbreaks could be useful for decision-making regarding the allocation of public health resources. Reliable forecasts could also aid in the selection and implementation of interventions ...
    • EpiViewer: an epidemiological application for exploring time series data 

      Thorve, Swapna; Wilson, Mandy L.; Lewis, Bryan L.; Swarup, Samarth; Vullikanti, Anil Kumar S.; Marathe, Madhav V. (2018-11-22)
      Background Visualization plays an important role in epidemic time series analysis and forecasting. Viewing time series data plotted on a graph can help researchers identify anomalies and unexpected trends that could be ...