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    • Beyond Finding Change: multitemporal Landsat for forest monitoring and management 

      Wynne, Randolph H.; Thomas, Valerie A.; Brooks, Evan B.; Coulston, J. O.; Derwin, J. M.; Liknes, G. C.; Yang, Z.; Fox, Thomas R.; Ghannam, S.; Abbott, A. Lynn; House, M. N.; Saxena, R.; Watson, Layne T.; Gopalakrishnan, R. (2017-07)
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      • Tobler’s Law still in effect with time series – spatial autocorrelation in temporal coherence can help in both preprocessing and estimation
      • Continual process improvement in extant algorithms ...
    • Recent Remote Sensing Innovations and Future Direction 

      Thomas, Valerie A.; Wynne, Randolph H.; Liknes, G. C.; Derwin, J. M.; Coulston, J. W.; Brooks, Evan B.; Finco, M. V.; Saxena, R.; Watson, Layne T.; Moisen, G. G.; Ruefenacht, B.; Megown, K. (2017-10-25)