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    • ETDs and the Landscape of Open Access Publishing 

      McMillan, Gail (2016-04-01)
      Countering anecdotal evidence and calming fears about publicly accessible ETDs—electronic theses and dissertations, McMillan will present a variety of perspectives based on current data. She has led international surveys ...
    • ETDs and the Publishing Landscape 

      McMillan, Gail (2014-05-12)
      As an increasing number of electronic theses and dissertations (ETDs) are available on the Internet, there seems to be an increase in concern about how publishers and editors of books and journals view these works, with ...
    • ETDs in the 21st Century 

      McMillan, Gail (Educause, 2018-05)
    • ETDs@VT: Copyright--Your Rights and Responsibilities 

      McMillan, Gail (Virginia Tech. Graduate School, 2011-10-11)
      Gail McMillan discusses copyright, permissions and representing other authors' works in your ETD. Recorded 18 October 2011 at the Graduate Life Center, Virginia Tech.
    • Ethics of Access in Displaced Archives 

      Winn, Samantha R. (Provenance, Journal of the Society of Georgia Archivists, 2015)
      This paper presents an exploratory review of archival literature on access to displaced archives. In order to understand the ethical imperatives that govern access to displaced archives, archivists must navigate a complex ...
    • Extension Programs, Altmetrics and the Scholarship of Engagement 

      Haugen, Inga; Troia, Lily (2018-09-26)
      A project to create personas to help engage different audiences/stakeholders with altmetrics. Translational Scholarship: understanding pathways to broader impact Land Grant universities, extension agents, and knowledge ...
    • Faculty Research Practices in Civil and Environmental Engineering: Insights from a Qualitative Study Designed to Inform Research Support Services 

      Hayes, Whitney; Pannabecker, Virginia; Shen, Yi; Smith, Erin M.; Thompson, Larry (Virginia Tech, 2018-12-14)
      This qualitative study analyzes and reports on in-depth interviews with eight faculty from the Charles E. Via, Jr. Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering at Virginia Tech. This project is part of a larger series ...
    • FERPA and Student Work: Considerations for Electronic Theses and Dissertations 

      Ramirez, Marisa L.; McMillan, Gail (D-Lib Magazine, 2010-02)
      Information privacy is an important consideration when transitioning university collections from paper to electronic access. Yet the protection of — and limits to — student privacy regulations have rarely been addressed ...
    • FLIP THE MODEL: Strategies for Creating and Delivering Value 

      Mathews, Brian (2013-10-28)
      Academic libraries are encountering a critical inflection point. In our case it isn’t a single technology that is disrupting our established system, but a barrage of advancements in publishing, pedagogy, and user preferences. ...
    • The Flipped Classroom: Student-Driven Library Research Sessions for Nutrition Education 

      Pannabecker, Virginia; Barroso, Cristina S.; Lehmann, Jessica (Taylor & Francis, 2014-12)
      This article reports on the use of a flipped classroom technique to teach library research skills to upper-level undergraduate nutrition students. A public university Health Sciences librarian and two Nutrition faculty ...
    • Flipping for Health: Hands-On Library Research Sessions 

      Pannabecker, Virginia; Barroso, Cristina S.; Lehmann, Jessica (2014-10-30)
      In Spring 2014, a health sciences librarian planned five library research sessions for undergraduate and graduate courses, using the flipped classroom method. This lightning talk will summarize sessions and present example ...
    • Foundations of Digital Curation 

      Walters, Tyler (Northeast Document Conservation Center. Digital Directions conference., 2012-06-13)
      This track-opening presentation looks at the evolution of digital curation as an approach and perspective on cultural institutions’ value-added services in information management. In particular, the presenter comments on ...
    • A Framework for Analyzing any U.S. Copyright Problem 

      Walz, Anita R. (2015-08)
      This framework lists five-steps which in order may assist anyone in navigating where to begin regarding a "can I use it?" U.S. Copyright problem. It is adapted (links added) from a guide with the same name © 2014 Kevin ...
    • A Framework Tasting: Trying Out a New Vintage in Info Lit 

      Pannabecker, Virginia (Virginia Tech, 2015-05-12)
      Join your colleagues for a Conversation Starter and explore ways to apply the proposed ACRL Framework for Information Literacy for Higher Education in course support. The proposed framework moves away from prescriptive, ...
    • From Bodleian to Idea Stores: The Evolution of English Library Design 

      Miller, Rebecca K. (Library Student Journal, 2008-01)
      Library architecture, along with planning and design, is a significant consideration for librarians, architects, and city and institutional planners. Meaningful library architecture and planning has a history as old and ...
    • "Full of Jersey Lightning:" Spirituous Histories, Cocktail Tastings, and Creative Outreach 

      Dietz, Kira A. (2017-04)
      Beginning in 2012, Virginia Tech Special Collections started acquiring materials related to cocktail culture in America. The “History of the American Cocktail Collection” includes cocktail manuals and bartenders guides, ...
    • The Future of Knowledge Creation and Production in University Research Programs and Their Effect on University Libraries 

      Walters, Tyler (2014-04-11)
      The dissertation presents possible future directions for research programs at U.S. universities and their effects on the organization of universities and their libraries. The investigator posits four original scenarios ...
    • The Future of MARC: R.I.P. or Let her Rip? 

      Finn, Mary (Virginia Libraries, 2004-01)
      The 39th Annual Potomac Technical Processing Librarians Meeting—"The Future of MARC: R.I.P. or Let Her Rip?"—took place in Washington D.C. on October 31, 2003, with speakers Roy Tennant and Rebecca Guenther. Tennant ...
    • The Future Role of Publishing Services in University Libraries 

      Walters, Tyler (The Johns Hopkins University Press, 2012)
      This study explores possible futures for university-based library publishing services (LPS) and uses scenario planning as its research method. The study posits that the major force in developing LPS is the level of funding ...