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  • Economic Development Through Art : Women, Gender & Environment 

    Zehner, Amanda
    Small-scale artisans are an important source of economic growth and sustainable livelihood development of great social and cultural significance around the world. Amanda Zehner, founder and owner of Living Threads Company, ...
  • Intersections: Interdisciplinary conversations about social justice and the built environment – “The Local” 

    Bohannon, C.L.; Borowski, Michael; Meitner, Erika
    The inaugural panel discussion of a new CAUS Diversity Committee initiative: Intersections: interdisciplinary conversations about social justice and the built environment. Our first panel topic is “The Local,” and the three ...
  • For the Public Good: Research Impact and the Promise of Open Access 

    DePauw, Karen; Seyam, Mohammed; Roy, Siddhartha; Abbas, Montasir; Hole, Brian; Potter, Peter
    As a land-grant institution, Virginia Tech is committed to research that meaningfully engages with the vital concerns of our day such as feeding, building, and empowering a healthy world. How does Virginia Tech’s commitment ...
  • Governance, Livelihoods and Gender Issues in Run-of-the-River Hydropower Project Areas in Uttarakhand, India 

    Buechler, Stephanie
    As part of the Women and Gender in International Development discussion series, Dr. Stephanie Buechler, Assistant Research Professor in the School of Geography and Development at the University of Arizona, will present on ...
  • Veliswa's South African Perspectives 

    Tshetsha, Veliswa
    Ms. Veliswa Tshetsha, Research and Scholarly Communication Librarian from the Cape Peninsula University of Technology (CPUT), South Africa, presents on various aspects of South Africa. Her presentation includes discussion ...
  • Fire in the Library: A Conversation with the 2016 IAWA Group 

    Kavousi, Shabnam; Mego, Steffany; Nautiyal, Divya; Stiles, Clarissa; Stone, Lisette; Veillard, Marilou
    Launched this Fall, the IAWA Group is a Special Study led by Prof. Paola Zellner with students interested in actively collaborating in the mission and goals of the IAWA. Supporting the research projects of the recipients ...
  • Technology Advances in the GeoFoundation World: Or, Better Late than Never! 

    Rasband, Alan
    The civil construction world has been slow to evolve over the past century, in large part due to slow equipment and materials development particularly in the foundation construction world. More recently, we have moved away ...
  • The Dolly Experiment: The First 20 Years 

    Wilmut, Ian
    Public lecture by Sir Ian Willmut who, in 1996, lead the team that cloned Dolly the sheep. Sir Ian traced the influence of early cloning innovators such as Hans Spemann, and showed how thinking about cell plasticity and ...
  • Native Voices: Native Peoples' Concepts of Health and Illness - Opening Ceremony 

    Cook, Samuel R.; de Hernandez, Anthony Wright; Pannabecker, Virginia; Winn, Samantha R.; Walters, Tyler O.; McVoy, Elizabeth (Virginia Tech. University Libraries, 2016-09-16)
    This is the opening ceremony for the Native Voices exhibit. The exhibit examines concepts of health and medicine among contemporary American Indian, Alaska native, and Native Hawai'ian people. The traveling exhibition, ...
  • Native voices: Native peoples' concepts of health and illness - Panel discussion 

    Bowers, Mike; Copeland, Nick; Ferguson, Victoria; Hester, Rebecca; Hey, Mae; Cook, Sam; Pannabecker, Virginia; Trinkle, David (Virginia Tech. University Libraries, 2016-09-20)
    This panel discussion was a joint effort between University Libraries, Virginia Tech Carilion School of Medicine, and American Indian Studies. Virginia Pannabecker, Health, Life Science, and Scholarly Communications ...
  • Transforming the role of women in development projects: from sideline to spotlight 

    Neilan, Angela (2016-09-08)
    Angela Neilan, Associate Director of Innovation of Agricultural Training and Education (InnovATE) and Program Manager for Armenia Virginia Tech, will discuss the inclusion of women in VT international development projects ...
  • Open Access: Faculty and graduate student panel discussion 

    Haas, Carola; King, Scott; Burke, Alison K.; Engel, Sascha; Obilade, Titilola; Ernst, Jeremy V. (Virginia Tech. University Libraries, 2015-10-19)
    The Open Access Week panel discussion includes Virginia Tech graduate students, faculty, and alumni who have been involved in open access publishing from the author and editor perspectives. Each will relate their experience ...
  • 2015 Open Access Week Keynote Address: Victoria Stodden 

    Stodden, Victoria (Virginia Tech. University Libraries, 2015-11-03)
    Victoria Stodden gave the keynote address for Open Access Week 2015. "Scholarly communication in the era of big data and big computation" was sponsored by the University Libraries, Computational Modeling and Data Analytics, ...
  • Virginia Tech Authors Recognition 

    Virginia Tech. University Libraries (Virginia Tech. University Libraries, 2016-02-29)
    Sponsored by the University Libraries, in partnership with the Office of the Executive Vice President and Provost, the Office of the Vice President for Research and Innovation, and Virginia Tech's Chapter of Phi Beta Kappa, ...
  • Open Education Week 2016 Keynote: Dr. Robert Biswas-Diener 

    Biswas-Diener, Robert
    In this presentation, Dr. Robert Biswas-Diener outlines the key points of the open education philosophy. He addresses common criticisms of open education and presents case studies to support his assertions. In particular, ...
  • Digital Empowerment: African Women and Creative Media 

    Neff, Ali Colleen
    Drawing from seven years' research with women singers, dancers, emcees, and ritual practitioners in Senegal and beyond, Dr. Neff examines the ways in which ethnic traditions intersect with the possibility of digital futures. ...
  • Living in the Anthropocene: Science, Sustainability and Society 

    Tewksbury, Joshua
    Dr. Joshua Tewksbury is an ecologist, conservation biologist, and planetary health scientist with experience both in academia and in civil society. In addition to his appointment at Future Earth, Tewksbury is also a research ...
  • Data Management Bootcamp 2016: Neal Vines 

    Vines, Neal
    Neal Vines, Director for Information Technology and Distance Education for the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, provides a summary of data needs and issues from the perspective of an academic college IT director.
  • Data Management Bootcamp 2016: Andi Ogier 

    Ogier, Andrea
    In this brief talk, Andi Ogier, Virginia Tech Libraries' Associate Director of Data Services, discusses services offered by the VT Libraries to help researchers manage, publish, and curate their data.

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