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  • Gender in food security programs: Take-away for moving towards more inclusive systems 

    Jacobs, Krista (Virginia Tech, 2019-03-01)
    Development researchers and practitioners have an opportunity and responsibility to create processes where the experiences of the different populations where we work inform the design and implementation of programs and ...
  • Panel Three: Access: Markets & the Gendering of Environmental Systems 

    Jimenez, Elizabeth; Juran, Luke (Virginia Tech, 2019-03-01)
    Access: Markets, & the Gendering of Environmental Systems - an interactive panel Moderator: Dr. Ralph Hall, Associate Professor, Urban Affairs and Planning (UAP) program and Director of the Undergraduate Program, School ...
  • Gender, equity, and empowerment: Harnessing agricultural research for better nutrition outcomes 

    Quisumbing, Agnes (Virginia Tech, 2019-03-01)
    Large disparities in nutrition and health outcomes exist between different social groups, and resources and processes related to these outcomes are often distributed inequitably. These differences between groups intersect ...
  • The SDG gender equality agenda and the distribution of land: Research challenges 

    Deere, Carmen Diana (Virginia Tech, 2019-02-28)
    Among the advances in the 2030 Sustainable Development agenda is that the goal to achieve gender equality and empower women now has nine specific targets. These cover many of the root causes of gender inequality, including ...
  • Panel One: Power, Positionality, & Intersectionality 

    Faria, Caroline; Kato-Wallace, Jane; Van Houweling, Emily (Virginia Tech, 2019-02-28)
    Power, Positionality & Intersectionality - an interactive panel Moderator: Dr. Maria Elisa Christie, Director, Women and Gender in International Development, CIRED, Virginia Tech *Critical feminist reflexivity & the ...
  • Panel Two: Gender & Nutrition-Responsive Agriculture 

    Rubin, Deborah; Miller, Beth; Flora, Cornelia (Virginia Tech, 2019-02-28)
    Gender & Nutrition-Responsive Agriculture - an interactive panel Moderator: Dr. George Norton, Professor, Agricultural and Applied Economics, Virginia Tech Strengthening women’s economic empowerment through agricultural ...
  • Mobile phones, social relations, and the gatekeepers to women’s empowerment in Maasai households 

    Summers, Kelly (Virginia Tech. University Libraries, 2019-04-18)
    The women and gender in international development discussion series is organized by the center for international research, education, and development (CIRED) and is an inclusive VT initiative of outreach and international ...
  • IAWA Symposium 2019: Session 3 

    Bala, Alexander; Robinson, Claire; Roff, Shelley E.; Marti Maties, Miquel; Laboy, Michelle (Virginia Tech. University Libraries, 2019-03-22)
    Session 3 of the 2019 IAWA Symposium includes the following presentations: The Loom of Early Modernism in “Nowe Tychy” (Alexander Bala); Edith Ouzts Humphreys’ influence on American college union architecture (Claire ...
  • Bringing the Web Back: The Digital Literacies We Need Right Now 

    Stewart, Bonnie (Virginia Tech. University Libraries, 2019-04-04)
    Keynote at the 2019 Digital Literacy Symposium. Who are we when we're online? And how can we engage in digital spaces in ways that don't undermine the mandates, practices, and ethos of higher education? The keynote explores ...
  • IAWA Symposium 2019: Session 2 

    Winn, Samantha R.; Willkens, Danielle S.; Doyle, Shelby (Virginia Tech. University Libraries, 2019-03-21)
    Session 2 of the 2019 IAWA Symposium includes the following presentations: Archivists at work: Archival labor in the IAWA (Samantha Winn) Maria Hadfield Cosway’s Transatlantic Design Network, 1768-1838: Jefferson, ...
  • IAWA Symposium 2019 Keynote: The Practical Nature of Utopian Visions 

    Chestnutt, Rebecca E. (Virginia Tech. University Libraries, 2019-03-20)
    Considering that architecture and the urban fabric are the built expression of a society, they reflect its character and structure. When a utopian vision is formulated it is in search of a “better place”. Literally: no-where? ...
  • IAWA Symposium 2019: Session 1 

    Frey, Katia; Perotti, Eliana; Sokolina, Anna P.; Hunting, Mary Anne; Murphy, Kevin D. (Virginia Tech. University Libraries, 2019-03-21)
    Session 1 of the 2019 IAWA Symposium includes the following presentations: The Architect Flora Ruchat-Roncati, First Female Professor at ETH Zurich. Breaking New Ground in Practice and Teaching (Katia Frey and Eliana ...
  • Global Change Lecture Series: How Culture Shapes the Climate Change Debate 

    Hoffman, Andrew (Virginia Tech. University Libraries, 2019-03-22)
    Andrew Hoffman, the Holcim Professor of Sustainable Enterprise for University of Michigan and author, visited Virginia Tech on Friday, March 22, as part of The Global Change Center at Virginia Tech’s Distinguished Lecture ...
  • Open Education Symposium 2019 Keynote: Improving Access, Affordability, and Achievement with OER 

    Bishop, M. J. (Virginia Tech. University Libraries, 2019-03-04)
    Despite the transformative power that technology has had in a whole range of businesses, the history of technology use in education over the last 100 years paints a rather bleak picture of the extent to which digital tools, ...
  • Open Education Symposium Panel: Facilitating Openness at the University: Connecting the Opens + Making Change Happen 

    Bishop, M. J.; Corl, Benjamin A.; DePauw, Karen P.; Plummer, Ellen; Franco Duran, Diana; Potter, Peter; Porter, Nathaniel; Walz, Anita R. (Virginia Tech. University Libraries, 2019-03-04)
    This panel discussion begins with brief presentations of several “core open practices”: Open Access, Open Education/Open Educational Resources, and Open Data by experts from the University Libraries at Virginia Tech. ...
  • Fire in the Library 

    Bala, Alex; Dorninger, Christina (Virginia Tech. University Libraries, 2018-11-30)
    A conversation with the recipient of the 2018 Milka Bliznakov Research Prize + A Guest Researcher. Alexander Bala – 2018 MBRP recipient in a Fullbright residency in Poland, studying the role of the Polish architect ...
  • 2018 Schnabel Engineering Lecture: Where Engineering Meets The Law (Or How Engineers Help Put My Kids Through College) 

    Vella, Brian (Virginia Tech. University Libraries, 2018-11-06)
    Engineers face a daily concern: “What if something goes wrong?” This is an inevitable fact about our engineering and construction profession. Things will go wrong and when they do, Attorneys become our allies and our ...
  • Recognizing Women’s Needs: A Key in Agriculture Production and Food Security 

    Abaye, Azenegashe Ozzie (Virginia Tech Libraries, 2018-11-08)
    The Women and Gender in International Development discussion series offers an opportunity for scholars and practitioners to share their research and knowledge surrounding gender and international development. Dr. Ozzie ...
  • Intersections: Resilience 

    Franze, Simone; Hester, Rebecca; Meitner, Erika; Lawrence, Jennifer (Virginia Tech. University Libraries, 2018-11-07)
    This discussion panel unpacks the political, economic, and social impacts of resilience. Panelists speak to resilience in the trade industry, climate change, the human body, and the commonalities between the three.
  • Intersections: Privilege 

    Iorio, Josh; Faulkner, Brandy S.; Paige, Freddy; Copper, Cathryn (Virginia Tech. University Libraries, 2018-10-10)
    How does gender, race, and class privilege inform the design and construction of the built environment? Panelists will discuss how gender-related language norms, race-related structures of power in the workplace, and ...

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