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    • The 2010 Interim Report of the Long-Baseline Neutrino Experiment Collaboration Physics Working Groups 

      Collaboration, TLBNE; Akiri, T; Allspach, D; Andrews, M; Arisaka, K; Arrieta-Diaz, E; Artuso, M; Bai, X; Balantekin, B; Baller, B; Barletta, W; Barr, G; Bass, M; Beck, A; Becker, B; Bellini, V; Benhar, O; Berger, B; Bergevin, M; Berman, E; Berns, H; Bernstein, A; Beroz, F; Bhatnagar, V; Bhuyan, B; Bionta, R; Bishai, M; Blake, A; Blaufuss, E; Bleakley, B; Blucher, E; Blusk, S; Boehnlein, D; Bolton, T; Brack, J; Bradford, R; Breedon, R; Bromberg, C; Brown, R; Buchanan, N; Camilleri, L; Campbell, M; Carr, R; Carminati, G; Chen, A; Chen, H; Cherdack, D; Chi, C; Childress, S; Choudhary, B; Church, E; Cline, D; Coleman, S; Corey, R; D'Agostino, M; Davies, G; Dazeley, S; Jong, JD; DeMaat, B; Demuth, D; Dighe, A; Djurcic, Z; Dolph, J; Drake, G; Drozhdin, A; Duan, H; Duyang, H; Dye, S; Dykhuis, T; Edmunds, D; Elliott, S; Enomoto, S; Escobar, C; Felde, J; Feyzi, F; Fleming, B; Fowler, J; Fox, W; Friedland, A; Fujikawa, B; Gallagher, H; Garilli, G; Garvey, G; Gehman, V; Geronimo, G; Gill, R; Goodman, M; Goon, J; Gorbunov, D; Gran, R; Guarino, V; Guarnaccia, E; Guenette, R; Gupta, P; Habig, A; Hackenberg, R; Hahn, A; Hahn, R; Haines, T; Hans, S; Harton, J; Hays, S; Hazen, E; He, Q; Heavey, A; Heeger, K; Hellauer, R; Himmel, A; Horton-Smith, G; Howell, J; Huber, P; Hurh, P; Huston, J; Hylen, J; Insler, J; Jaffe, D; James, C; Johnson, C; Johnson, M; Johnson, R; Johnson, W; Johnston, W; Johnstone, J; Jones, B; Jostlein, H; Junk, T; Junnarkar, S; Kadel, R; Kafka, T; Kaminski, D; Karagiorgi, G; Karle, A; Kaspar, J; Katori, T; Kayser, B; Kearns, E; Kettell, S; Khanam, F; Klein, J; Kneller, J; Koizumi, G; Kopp, J; Kopp, S; Kropp, W; Kudryavtsev, V; Kumar, A; Kumar, J; Kutter, T; Lackowski, T; Lande, K; Lane, C; Lang, K; Lanni, F; Lanza, R; Latorre, T; Learned, J; Lee, D; Lee, K; Li, Y; Linden, S; Ling, J; Link, J; Littenberg, L; Loiacono, L; Liu, T; Losecco, J; Louis, W; Lucas, P; Lunardini, C; Lundberg, B; Lundin, T; Makowiecki, D; Malys, S; Mandal, S; Mann, A; Mann, A; Mantsch, P; Marciano, W; Mariani, C; Maricic, J; Marino, A; Marshak, M; Maruyama, R; Mathews, J; Matsuno, S; Mauger, C; McCluskey, E; McDonald, K; McFarland, K; McKeown, R; McTaggart, R; Mehdiyev, R; Melnitchouk, W; Meng, Y; Mercurio, B; Messier, M; Metcalf, W; Milincic, R; Miller, W; Mills, G; Mishra, S; MoedSher, S; Mohapatra, D; Mokhov, N; Moore, C; Morfin, J; Morse, W; Moss, A; Mufson, S; Musser, J; Naples, D; Napolitano, J; Newcomer, M; Norris, B; Ouedraogo, S; Page, B; Pakvasa, S; Paley, J; Paolone, V; Papadimitriou, V; Parsa, Z; Partyka, K; Pavlovic, Z; Pearson, C; Perasso, S; Petti, R; Plunkett, R; Polly, C; Pordes, S; Potenza, R; Prakash, A; Prokofiev, O; Qian, X; Raaf, J; Radeka, V; Raghavan, R; Rameika, R; Rebel, B; Rescia, S; Reitzner, D; Richardson, M; Riesselman, K; Robinson, M; Rosen, M; Rosenfeld, C; Rucinski, R; Russo, T; Sahijpal, S; Salon, S; Samios, N; Sanchez, M; Schmitt, R; Schmitz, D; Schneps, J; Scholberg, K; Seibert, S; Sergiampietri, F; Shaevitz, M; Shanahan, P; Shaposhnikov, M; Sharma, R; Simos, N; Singh, V; Sinnis, G; Sippach, W; Skwarnicki, T; Smy, M; Sobel, H; Soderberg, M; Sondericker, J; Sondheim, W; Spitz, J; Spooner, N; Stancari, M; Stancu, I; Stewart, J; Stoler, P; Stone, J; Stone, S; Strait, J; Straszheim, T; Striganov, S; Sullivan, G; Svoboda, R; Szczerbinska, B; Szelc, A; Talaga, R; Tanaka, H; Tayloe, R; Taylor, D; Thomas, J; Thompson, L; Thomson, M; Thorn, C; Tian, X; Toki, W; Tolich, N; Tripathi, M; Trovato, M; Tseung, H; Tzanov, M; Urheim, J; Usman, S; Vagins, M; Berg, RV; Water, RVD; Varner, G; Vaziri, K; Velev, G; Viren, B; Wachala, T; Walter, C; Wang, H; Wang, Z; Warner, D; Webber, D; Weber, A; Wendell, R; Wendt, C; Wetstein, M; White, H; White, S; Whitehead, L; Willis, W; Wilson, RJ; Winslow, L; Ye, J; Yeh, M; Yu, B; Zeller, G; Zhang, C; Zimmerman, E; Zwaska, R
      In early 2010, the Long-Baseline Neutrino Experiment (LBNE) science collaboration initiated a study to investigate the physics potential of the experiment with a broad set of different beam, near- and far-detector ...
    • 2013 NDLTD Survey of ETD Practices 

      McMillan, Gail; Stark, Shannon; Halbert, Martin (2013)
      Our intention with this survey was to overcome the lack of baseline data about ETDs. Surprisingly, while ETDs have been available for over 15 years, no one has systematically collected general data about ETDs or the graduate ...
    • 2015 Virginia OnFarm Soybean Test Plots 

      Balderson, K; Broaddus, M; Clarke, T; Deitch, U; Flanagan, R; Hopkins, S; Jones, B; Jones, T; Lawrence, W; Long, T; Moore, D; Norton, N; O’Keefe, C; Reiter, JS; Romelczyk, S; Siegle, L; Slade, G; Tucker, L; Holshouser, D (2016-01-25)
      These demonstration and research plot results are a collaborative effort of Virginia Cooperative Extension (VCE) Agents and Specialists, area producers, and agribusiness. The purpose of this publication is to provide ...
    • 2016 Southeast Regional Bunch Grape Integrated Management Guide 

      Nita, M.; Burrack, H.; Pfeiffer, D. G.; Mitchem, W.; Lockwood, D.; Bellinger, B. (2016-04-04)
      While not technically a numbered VCE publication, this is produced by a group of extension specialists in the southeastern region. CALS is a member of the Southeastern Small Fruit Consortium, the producer of this guide.
    • 2016 Southeast Regional Caneberry Integrated Management Guide. Southeastern Small Fruit Consortium 

      Brannen, P.; Schnabel, G.; Burrack, H.; Bessin, R.; Pfeiffer, D. G.; Mitchem, W.; Jennings, K.; Lockwood, D.; Fernandez, G.; Sial, A. (2016-04-04)
      While not technically a numbered VCE publication, this is produced by a group of extension specialists in the southeastern region. CALS is a member of the Southeastern Small Fruit Consortium, the producer of this guide
    • 2016 Spray Bulletin for Commercial Tree Fruit Growers 

      Pfeiffer, DG; Bergh, JC; Frank, DL; Hooks, CRR; Walsh, CS; Yoder, KS; Rahan, M; Kotcon, JB; Derr, JF; Chandran, RS; Weaver, MW; Brown, A; Parkhurst, J (2016-01-01)
    • 26th Annual Eastern Shore Agricultural Conference & Trade Show 

      Pittman, TM (2016-01-26)
      The most recent addition to the ES Ag Conference is a full color twelve page 8x10 program booklet. This program contains sponsorships, concurrent session agendas, guest speaker biographies, and a full-page map of the ...
    • 2D and 3D Chromosome Painting in Malaria Mosquitoes 

      George, P; Sharma, A; Sharakhov, IV (JOURNAL OF VISUALIZED EXPERIMENTS, 2014-01-01)
    • (2S,4R)-4-Fluoro-pyrrolidinium-2-carboxyl-ate. 

      Hobart, DB; Merola, JS (2012-08-01)
      The crystal structure of the title compound, C(5)H(8)FNO(2), at 100 K, displays inter-molecular N-H⋯O hydrogen bonding between the ammonium and carboxyl-ate groups as a result of its zwitterionic nature in the solid state. ...
    • 4-H Clover News 

      Mungo, JE (2015-11-01)
      This is a newsletter that I create for 4-H participants and the public to keep them informed of 4-H programs and activities.
    • 4-H Clover News March 2016 

      Mungo, JE (2016-03-01)
      This is a newsletter created to inform parents of the activities and lessons students were receiving in school through the in-school enrichment program. It is also to keep parents abreast of upcoming activities with 4-H ...
    • $40,000 Still Available to Publish Your Open Access Article! 

      McMillan, Gail (Virginia Tech Libraries, 2017-03-03)
      NLI Course (March1, 2017) Description If you're writing an article for a scholarly peer-reviewed journal, Virginia Tech Libraries will support the Article Publishing Charge of up to $1500 for an open access journal. ...
    • 7.0-T Magnetic Resonance Imaging Characterization of Acute Blood-Brain-Barrier Disruption Achieved with Intracranial Irreversible Electroporation 

      Garcia, PA; Rossmeisl, JH; Robertson, JL; Olson, JD; Johnson, AJ; Ellis, TL; Davalos, RV (PUBLIC LIBRARY SCIENCE, 2012-11-30)
    • The 750 GeV diphoton excess in unified SU(2)(L) x SU(2)(R) x SU(4) models from noncommutative geometry 

      Aydemir, U; Minic, D; Sun, C; Takeuchi, T (WORLD SCIENTIFIC PUBL CO PTE LTD, 2016-06-14)
    • ABC's of Feeding Preschoolers 

      Hertzler, Ann A. (Virginia Cooperative Extension, Virginia Tech and Virginia State University, 1995)
    • Abdominal ultrasonographic findings at diagnosis of osteosarcoma in dogs and association with treatment outcome 

      Sacornrattana, O; Dervisis, NG; McNiel, EA (WILEY-BLACKWELL, 2013-09-01)
    • About the Virginia Tech April 16, 2007, Condolence Archives of the University Libraries (2007-2011) 

      McMillan, Gail; Kennelly, Tamara (2012-04-17)
      This document describes the history of the April 16, 2007, Condolence Archives collection, including the efforts by staff and volunteers to archive the tens of thousands of items donated to the university in response to ...
    • AC 2011-851: Impact of an NSF ADVANCE Institutional Transformation Grant at a STEM-Dominant University 

      Hall, MR; Layne, M (American Society for Engineering Education, 2011)