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    • IAWA Symposium 2019 Program 

      IAWA (Virginia Tech, 2019-03-21)
      The program for the 2019 Symposium of the International Archive of Women in Architecture (IAWA).
    • IAWA Symposium 2019 Keynote: The Practical Nature of Utopian Visions 

      Chestnutt, Rebecca E. (Virginia Tech. University Libraries, 2019-03-20)
      Considering that architecture and the urban fabric are the built expression of a society, they reflect its character and structure. When a utopian vision is formulated it is in search of a “better place”. Literally: no-where? ...
    • IAWA Symposium 2019: Session 1 

      Frey, Katia; Perotti, Eliana; Sokolina, Anna P.; Hunting, Mary Anne; Murphy, Kevin D. (Virginia Tech. University Libraries, 2019-03-21)
      Session 1 of the 2019 IAWA Symposium includes the following presentations: The Architect Flora Ruchat-Roncati, First Female Professor at ETH Zurich. Breaking New Ground in Practice and Teaching (Katia Frey and Eliana ...
    • IAWA Symposium 2019: Session 2 

      Winn, Samantha R.; Willkens, Danielle S.; Doyle, Shelby (Virginia Tech. University Libraries, 2019-03-21)
      Session 2 of the 2019 IAWA Symposium includes the following presentations: Archivists at work: Archival labor in the IAWA (Samantha Winn) Maria Hadfield Cosway’s Transatlantic Design Network, 1768-1838: Jefferson, ...
    • Global Change Lecture Series: How Culture Shapes the Climate Change Debate 

      Hoffman, Andrew (Virginia Tech. University Libraries, 2019-03-22)
      Andrew Hoffman, the Holcim Professor of Sustainable Enterprise for University of Michigan and author, visited Virginia Tech on Friday, March 22, as part of The Global Change Center at Virginia Tech’s Distinguished Lecture ...
    • Collaborative efforts to forecast seasonal influenza in the United States, 2015–2016 

      McGowan, C.J.; Biggerstaff, M.; Johansson, M.; Apfeldorf, K.M.; Ben-Nun, M.; Brooks, L.; Convertino, M.; Erraguntla, M.; Farrow, D.C.; Freeze, J.; Ghosh, S.; Hyun, S.; Kandula, S.; Lega, J.; Liu, Y.; Michaud, N.; Morita, H.; Niemi, J.; Ramakrishnan, N.; Ray, E.L.; Reich, N.G.; Riley, P.; Shaman, J.; Tibshirani, R.; Vespignani, A.; Zhang, Q.; Reed, C.; Rosenfeld, R.; Ulloa, N.; Will, K.; Turtle, J.; Bacon, D.; Riley, S.; Yang, W.; The Influenza Forecasting Working Group (Nature Publishing Group, 2019-01-24)
      Since 2013, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has hosted an annual influenza season forecasting challenge. The 2015–2016 challenge consisted of weekly probabilistic forecasts of multiple targets, including ...
    • Double helical conformation and extreme rigidity in a rodlike polyelectrolyte 

      Wang, Y.; He, Y.; Yu, Z.; Gao, J.; ten, Brinck S.; Slebodnick, C.; Fahs, G.B.; Zanelotti, C.J.; Hegde, M.; Moore, R.B.; Ensing, B.; Dingemans, T.J.; Qiao, R.; Madsen, L.A. (Nature Publishing Group, 2019-02-18)
      The ubiquitous biomacromolecule DNA has an axial rigidity persistence length of ~50 nm, driven by its elegant double helical structure. While double and multiple helix structures appear widely in nature, only rarely are ...
    • Proceedings: 11th Annual Conference on Higher Education Pedagogy/Symposium on Teaching Large Classes 

      Unknown author (Virginia Tech, 2019)
      Combined proceedings from the 11th annual Conference on Higher Education Pedagogy, held on January 30-February 1, 2019; and the Symposium on Teaching Large Classes, held on February 2, 2019.
    • Giant piezoelectric voltage coefficient in grain-oriented modified PbTiO3 material 

      Yan, Yongke; Zhou, Jie E.; Maurya, Deepam; Wang, Yu U.; Priya, Shashank (Springer Nature, 2016-10-11)
      A rapid surge in the research on piezoelectric sensors is occurring with the arrival of the Internet of Things. Single-phase oxide piezoelectric materials with giant piezoelectric voltage coefficient (g, induced voltage ...
    • Colossal tunability in high frequency magnetoelectric voltage tunable inductors 

      Yan, Yongke; Geng, Liwei D.; Tan, Yaohua; Ma, Jianhua; Zhang, Lujie; Sanghadasa, Mohan; Ngo, Khai; Ghosh, Avik W.; Wang, Yu U.; Priya, Shashank (2018-11-27)
      The electrical modulation of magnetization through the magnetoelectric effect provides a great opportunity for developing a new generation of tunable electrical components. Magnetoelectric voltage tunable inductors (VTIs) ...
    • Giant strain with ultra-low hysteresis and high temperature stability in grain oriented lead-free K0.5Bi0.5TiO3-BaTiO3-Na0.5Bi0.5TiO3 piezoelectric materials 

      Maurya, Deepam; Zhou, Yuan; Wang, Yaojin; Yan, Yongke; Li, Jiefang; Viehland, Dwight D.; Priya, Shashank (Springer Nature, 2015-02-26)
      We synthesized grain-oriented lead-free piezoelectric materials in (K0.5Bi0.5TiO3-BaTiO3-xNa(0.5)Bi(0.5)TiO(3) (KBT-BT-NBT) system with high degree of texturing along the [001]c (c-cubic) crystallographic orientation. We ...
    • Lead-free epitaxial ferroelectric material integration on semiconducting (100) Nb-doped SrTiO3 for low-power non-volatile memory and efficient ultraviolet ray detection 

      Kundu, Souvik; Clavel, Michael; Biswas, Pranab; Chen, Bo; Song, Hyun-Cheol; Kumar, Prashant; Halder, Nripendra N.; Hudait, Mantu K.; Banerji, Pallab; Sanghadasa, Mohan; Priya, Shashank (Springer Nature, 2015-07-23)
      We report lead-free ferroelectric based resistive switching non-volatile memory (NVM) devices with epitaxial (1-x)BaTiO3-xBiFeO(3) (x = 0.725) (BT-BFO) film integrated on semiconducting (100) Nb (0.7%) doped SrTiO3 (Nb: ...
    • A new method for achieving enhanced dielectric response over a wide temperature range 

      Maurya, Deepam; Sun, Fu-Chang; Alpay, S. Pamir; Priya, Shashank (Springer Nature, 2015-10-19)
      We report a novel approach for achieving high dielectric response over a wide temperature range. In this approach, multilayer ceramic heterostructures with constituent compositions having strategically tuned Curie points ...
    • Remote Actuation of Magnetic Nanoparticles For Cancer Cell Selective Treatment Through Cytoskeletal Disruption 

      Master, Alyssa M.; Williams, Philise N.; Pothayee, Nikorn; Pothayee, Nipon; Zhang, Rui; Vishwasrao, Hemant M.; Golovin, Yuri I.; Riffle, Judy S.; Sokolsky, Marina; Kabanov, Alexander V. (Springer Nature, 2016-09-20)
      Motion of micron and sub-micron size magnetic particles in alternating magnetic fields can activate mechanosensitive cellular functions or physically destruct cancer cells. However, such effects are usually observed with ...
    • Room temperature ferromagnetic resonance in hetero-epitaxial BTO-BFO/LSMO magnetoelectric composite 

      Madon, Benjamin; Kang, Han Byul; Kang, Min Gyu; Maurya, Deepam; Magill, Brenden A.; Alves, Marcos J.P.; Wegrowe, Jean-Eric; Drouhin, Henri-Jean; Priya, Shashank; Khodaparast, Giti A. (American Institute of Physics, 2018-10-30)
      We synthesized epitaxial BTO-BFO heterostructure with decreased leakage and simultaneously improved the multiferroic properties. This study provides new direction for ferromagnetic resonance studies, in high quality BTO-BFO ...
    • Thermo-Magneto-Electric Generator Arrays for Active Heat Recovery System 

      Chun, Jinsung; Song, Hyun-Cheol; Kang, Min-Gyu; Kang, Han Byul; Kishore, Ravi Anant; Priya, Shashank (Springer Nature, 2017-02-01)
      Continued emphasis on development of thermal cooling systems is being placed that can cycle low grade heat. Examples include solar powered unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) and data storage servers. The power efficiency of ...
    • GSA Tomorrow: An Open Challenge to Promote the Future of Geoscience 

      Dorfler, Kristin M.; Friedrich, Anke M. (Geological Society of America, 2018-11-20)
      The future of geoscience rests on your shoulders. Geologists are passionate about their science and discuss their interests with vigor, firmly understanding why geoscience is as important to society as physiology, agriculture, ...
    • Compositionally Graded Multilayer Ceramic Capacitors 

      Song, Hyun-Cheol; Zhou, Jie E.; Maurya, Deepam; Yan, Yongke; Wang, Yu U.; Priya, Shashank (Springer Nature, 2017-09-27)
      Multilayer ceramic capacitors (MLCC) are widely used in consumer electronics. Here, we provide a transformative method for achieving high dielectric response and tunability over a wide temperature range through design of ...
    • Correlation between tunability and anisotropy in magnetoelectric voltage tunable inductor (VTI) 

      Yan, Yongke; Geng, Liwei D.; Zhang, Lujie; Gao, Xiangyu; Gollapudi, Sreenivasulu; Song, Hyun-Cheol; Dong, Shuxiang; Sanghadasa, Mohan; Khai Ngo; Wang, Yu U.; Priya, Shashank (Springer Nature, 2017-11-22)
      Electric field modulation of magnetic properties via magnetoelectric coupling in composite materials is of fundamental and technological importance for realizing tunable energy efficient electronics. Here we provide ...
    • Optimization of segmented thermoelectric generator using Taguchi and ANOVA techniques 

      Kishore, Ravi Anant; Sanghadasa, Mohan; Priya, Shashank (Springer Nature, 2017-12-01)
      Recent studies have demonstrated that segmented thermoelectric generators (TEGs) can operate over large thermal gradient and thus provide better performance (reported efficiency up to 11%) as compared to traditional TEGs, ...