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    • Insect Identification Laboratory Annual Report 2022 

      Unknown author (Virginia Tech, 2022)
      This report summarizes the activity of the Insect Identification Laboratory at Virginia Tech for 2022.
    • Virginia Vegetable Specialist Team 

      Reiter, Mark; Kuhar, Thomas P.; Lopez, Lorena; Mullins, Chris; Nartea, Theresa; Rideout, Steve; Singh, Vijay; South, Kaylee; Strawn, Laura; Torres Quezada, Emmanuel; Vallotton, Amber; Githinji, Leonard; Higgins, Doug; Zeng, Yuan; Rashed, Arash; Mersha, Zalalem; Gu, Sanjun (2023-03-15)
      Specialists on the Virginia Vegetable Team are committed to assisting growers, regardless of business size, with obtaining the freshest, highest quality, and most efficiently produced vegetables with the idea of safety and ...
    • Virginia Cooperative Extension Gardener Handbook 

      Unknown author (Virginia Cooperative Extension, 2023-03-13)
      Virginia Cooperative Extension Gardener Handbook is a guide for all gardeners in Virginia. It covers a variety of topics important for beginning and experienced gardeners, including soil health, native plants, and ...
    • Dairy Pipeline, April 2022 

      Swartz, Turner; Petersson-Wolfe, Christina S.; Daubert, Jeremy (Virginia Cooperative Extension, 2022-04-30)
      The April 2022 issue includes the articles "Can mastitis during pregnancy affect the next generation?" by Turner Swartz and Christina Petersson-Wolfe, and "Biosecurity on your dairy farm -- Revisted" by Jeremy Daubert.
    • Dairy Pipeline, October 2022 

      Petersson-Wolfe, Christina S.; Galyon, Hailey (Virginia Tech Dairy Science Extension, 2022-10)
      Articles include "Understanding your milk culture reports" by Christina Petersson-Wolfe and "The influence of climate change-induced nutritional stress on dairy cattle" by Hailey Galyon.
    • Buzz, Body & Bites Newsletter - December 2022 

      Wynn, Crystal (2022-12)
      Healthy eating over the holidays.
    • Buzz, Body and Bites Newsletter - August 2022 

      Hardee, Abraham B. (2022-08)
      This issue of Buzz, Body, & Bites discusses shingles and vaccination for the prevention of the disease.
    • Buzz, Body and Bites Newsletter - October 2022 

      Salazaar, Aisha (2022-10)
      This issue of Buzz, Body, & Bites talks about the importance of dental health to overall health as we age.
    • Buzz, Body and Bites Newsletter - November 2022 

      Mize, Kayleigh (2022-11)
      Learn about the history of the turkey as part of the traditional Thanksgiving meal in this issue of the Buzz, Body, & Bites Newslette. Get a chuckle out of our Thanksgiving jokes and check out the delicious Holiday Root ...
    • A characterization of large-scale swine production and manure generation in Virginia counties and cities located within or outside of the Chesapeake Bay Watershed 

      Estienne, Mark J. (2022)
      Economies of communities in the Chesapeake Bay watershed depend on commercial and recreational fishing, but various pollutants threaten plants and animals native to the region. Agriculture is the largest source of nutrients ...
    • Home Grounds and Animals: 2022 Pest Management Guide 

      Acimov, Srdjan; Askew, Shawn D.; Bergh, J. Christopher; Bush, Elizabeth A.; Day, Eric R.; Del-Pozo, Alejandro; Derr, Jeffery F.; Frank, Daniel; Hansen, Mary Ann; Hong, Chuan X.; McCall, David S.; Miller, Dini M.; Nita, Mizuho; Parkhurst, James A.; Paulson, Sally L.; Pfeiffer, Douglas G.; Rideout, Steven L.; Schultz, Peter B.; Wilson, James M.; Wycoff, Stephanie Blevins (2022-02-11)
    • Field Crops: 2022 Pest Management Guide 

      Besancon, Thierry E.; Cahoon, Charlie; Chandran, Rakesh; Currin, John F.; Day, Eric R.; Flessner, Michael; Frame, William Hunter; Frank, Daniel; Hines, Tommy; Johnson, Quintin; Jordan, David; Koehler, Alyssa; Langston, David; Lingenfelter, Dwight; Reed, T. David; Singh, Vijay; Taylor, Sally V.; VanGessel, Mark; Vollmer, Kurt; Wallace, John M.; Wilson, James M. (2022-02-03)
    • 2022 Spray Bulletin for Commercial Tree Fruit Growers: Virginia, West Virginia, and University of Maryland Extension 

      Pfeiffer, D. G.; Bergh, J. Christopher; Wilson, James M.; Quesada, C.; Hooks, C. R. R.; Sherif, Sherif; Acimovic, S.; Rahman, Mahfuz; Kotcon, J. B.; Derr, J. F.; Chandran, R. S.; Frank, Daniel L.; Parkhurst, J. (Virginia Cooperative Extension, 2022-03-07)
    • Horticultural and Forest Crops: 2022 Pest Management Guide 

      Askew, Shawn D.; Baudoin, Antonius B.; Bergh, J. Christopher; Chamberlin, Lori; Day, Eric R.; Del-Pozo, Alejandro; Derr, Jeffrey F.; Frank, Daniel; Hansen, Mary Ann; Hong, Chuan; Johnson, Charles S.; McCall, David S.; Nita, Mizuho; Parson, Rachel; Peer, Kyle; Pfeiffer, Douglas G.; Richardson, Robert J.; Salom, Scott M.; Wilson, James (Virginia Cooperative Extension, 2022-02-11)
    • 2022-2023 Mid-Atlantic Commercial Vegetable Production Recommendations 

      Reiter, Mark; Samtani, Jayesh; Torres Quezada, Emmanuel; Singh, Vijay; Doughty, H.; Kuhar, Thomas P.; Sutton, Kemper; Wilson, James; Langston, David; Rideout, Steven; Parkhurst, James; Strawn, Laura K. (Virginia Cooperative Extension, 2022-11-30)
      This copy of the 2022/2023 Mid-Atlantic Commercial Vegetable Production Recommendations replaces all previous editions of the Commercial Vegetable Production Recommendations published individually for Delaware, Maryland, ...
    • To Clear or Not To Clear -- That Is the Question 

      Downing, Adam K.; Childs, Corey; Poor, C. A. Shea (2022-03-27)
      This extension publication covers considerations before clearing land, including economic, ecologic, personal, and legal.
    • Options for Clearing Land: Pasture Establishment 

      Poor, C. A. Shea; Childs, Corey; Downing, Adam K. (2022-03-02)
      This extension publication covers methods for clearing land and for establishing pasture.
    • New VCE Onboarding - Professional Development Survey 

      Vines, Karen A.; Johnson, Lonnie; Bishop, Hannah; Paulette, Morgan; Pearson, Jocelyn; Spencer, Janet; Thompson, John (Virginia Cooperative Extension Publications, 2022-11-08)
      This survey was developed in 2021 to provide insight into onboarding and professional development needs for Virginia Cooperative Extension. The survey was used as a census survey across the various roles and program areas ...
    • My Hometown is Cool...and So is Yours! 

      Proudfoot, Chad (2022-03-08)
      Lesson plan for "My Hometown is Cool...and So is Yours!" lesson. Adapted with permission from West Virginia University Extension Service.