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    • The "Out-of-the-Loop" concept in automated driving: proposed definition, measures and implications 

      Merat, Natasha; Seppelt, Bobbie; Louw, Tyron; Engstrom, Johan; Lee, John D.; Johansson, Emma; Green, Charles A.; Katazaki, Satoshi; Monk, Chris; Itoh, Makoto; McGehee, Daniel V.; Sunda, Takashi; Unoura, Kiyozumi; Victor, Trent; Schieben, Anna; Keinath, Andreas (2019-02)
      Despite an abundant use of the term Out of the loop (OOTL) in the context of automated driving and human factors research, there is currently a lack of consensus on its precise definition, how it can be measured, and the ...