Virginia Tech's College of Agriculture and Life Sciences has come a long way since Virginia Tech's modest beginnings when Virginia Agricultural and Mechanical College first opened its doors in 1872.

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  • Food Digest, Winter 2019 

    Unknown author (Virginia Tech. Food Science and Technology, 2019)
    This is the annual newsletter for Virginia Tech's Department of Food Science and Technology.
  • Food Digest, Spring 2020 

    Unknown author (Virginia Tech. Food Science and Technology, 2020)
    This is the annual spring newsletter for Virginia Tech's Department of Food Science and Technology.
  • SPES E-News, May 1, 2020 

    Unknown author (Virginia Tech. School of Plant and Environmental Sciences, 2020-05-01)
    This is the newsletter for the School of Plant and Environmental Sciences.
  • SPES E-News, March 16, 2020 

    Unknown author (Virginia Tech. School of Plant and Environmental Sciences, 2020-03-16)
    This is the newsletter for the School of Plant and Environmental Sciences.
  • SPES E-News, April 16, 2020 

    Unknown author (Virginia Tech. School of Plant and Environmental Sciences, 2020-04-16)
    This is the newsletter for the School of Plant and Environmental Sciences.
  • Multiple elements of soil biodiversity drive ecosystem functions across biomes 

    Delgado-Baquerizo, Manuel; Reich, Peter B.; Trivedi, Chanda; Eldridge, David J.; Abades, Sebastian; Alfaro, Fernando D.; Bastida, Felipe; Berhe, Asmeret A.; Cutler, Nick A.; Gallardo, Antonio; Garcia-Velazquez, Laura; Hart, Stephen C.; Hayes, Patrick E.; He, Ji-Zheng; Hseu, Zeng-Yei; Hu, Hang-Wei; Kirchmair, Martin; Neuhauser, Sigrid; Perez, Cecilia A.; Reed, Sasha C.; Santos, Fernanda; Sullivan, Benjamin W.; Trivedi, Pankaj; Wang, Jun-Tao; Weber-Grullon, Luis; Williams, Mark A.; Singh, Brajesh K. (2020-02)
    The role of soil biodiversity in regulating multiple ecosystem functions is poorly understood, limiting our ability to predict how soil biodiversity loss might affect human wellbeing and ecosystem sustainability. Here, ...
  • Biological watermelon (Citrullus lanatus L.) seed treatments for control of Acidovorax citrulli 

    Klein, Rachel (Virginia Tech, 2020-06-03)
    Acidovorax citrulli is a seedborne pathogen responsible for bacterial fruit blotch (BFB), an economically important disease in melon and watermelon throughout the world. BFB is highly virulent and in affected fields can ...
  • Engel Hall News, Fall 2019 

    Unknown author (Virginia Tech. Biochemistry Department, 2019)
    This newsletter highlights events, new faculty, and student research in the Department of Biochemistry at Virginia Tech.
  • Divergent phenotypic response of rice accessions to transient heat stress during early seed development 

    Paul, Puneet; Dhatt, Balpreet K.; Sandhu, Jaspreet; Hussain, Waseem; Irvin, Larissa; Morota, Gota; Staswick, Paul; Walia, Harkamal (2020-01-12)
    Increasing global surface temperatures is posing a major food security challenge. Part of the solution to address this problem is to improve crop heat resilience, especially during grain development, along with agronomic ...
  • Expression of pathogenicity and virulence related genes in Pseudomonas syringae pv. syringae under copper stress 

    Vasebi, Yalda; Khakvar, Reza; Faghihi, Mohammad Mehdi; Vinatzer, Boris A. (2020-01)
    Stone fruit bacterial canker is one of the most destructive diseases of apricot in Iran. Copper-based compounds are widely used to protect plants against bacterial diseases, but pathogens frequently evolve resistance against ...
  • Effects of Nitrogen Fertilization on Forage Sorghum Nutrient Composition 

    Lawton, Nathaniel, A. (Virginia Tech, 2020-05-03)
    Whole plant nutrient composition was investigated as forage sorghum (Sorghum bicolor (L) Moench) nitrogen (N) fertilization regimes were changed for Virginia production systems. Five N rates were applied to forage sorghum ...
  • Effects of Menu Labeling Policies on Transnational Restaurant Chains to Promote a Healthy Diet: A Scoping Review to Inform Policy and Research 

    Rincón-Gallardo Patiño, Sofía; Zhou, Mi; Da Silva Gomes, Fabio; Lemaire, Robin; Hedrick, Valisa E.; Serrano, Elena; Kraak, Vivica (MDPI, 2020-05-26)
    There is insufficient evidence that restaurant menu labeling policies are cost-effective strategies to reduce obesity and diet-related non-communicable diseases (NCDs). Evidence suggests that menu labeling has a modest ...
  • The Rametrix (TM) PRO Toolbox v1.0 for MATLAB (R) 

    Senger, Ryan S.; Robertson, John L. (2020-01-06)
    Background. Existing tools for chemometric analysis of vibrational spectroscopy data have enabled characterization of materials and biologicals by their broad molecular composition. The Rametrix (TM) LITE Toolbox v1.0 for ...
  • National Working Group on the RE-AIM Planning and Evaluation Framework: Goals, Resources, and Future Directions 

    Harden, Samantha M.; Strayer, Thomas Edward, III; Smith, Matthew Lee; Gaglio, Bridget; Ory, Marcia G.; Rabin, Borsika; Estabrooks, Paul A.; Glasgow, Russell E. (2020-01-10)
    The National Working Group on RE-AIM Planning and Evaluation Framework (herein Workgroup) was established in 2004 to support the application of the framework and advance dissemination and implementation science (D&I). ...
  • COVID-19 & Agricultural Exports under the U.S.-China Trade Deal 

    Grant, Jason; Orden, David; Marchant, Mary (Virginia Tech. Center for Agricultural Trade, 2020-05)
    This report from the Center for Agricultural Trade provides an update on COVID-19 and related impacts on US-China trade.
  • Structure and pigment make the eyed elater's eyespots black 

    Wong, Victoria L.; Marek, Paul E. (2020-01-13)
    Surface structures that trap light leading to near complete structural absorption creates an appearance of "super black.'' Well known in the natural world from bird feathers and butterfly scales, super black has evolved ...
  • A database for global soil health assessment 

    Jian, Jinshi; Du, Xuan; Stewart, Ryan D. (2020-01-13)
    Field studies have been performed for decades to analyze effects of different management practices on agricultural soils and crop yields, but these data have never been combined together in a way that can inform current ...
  • How feasible are global forest restoration commitments? 

    Fagan, Matthew E.; Reid, J. Leighton; Holland, Margaret B.; Drew, Justin G.; Zahawi, Rakan A. (2020-01-16)
    Numerous countries have made voluntary commitments to conduct forest landscape restoration over millions of hectares of degraded land in the coming decade. We consider the relative likelihood these countries will achieve ...
  • Implementation of a multiprofessional, multicomponent delirium management guideline in two intensive care units, and its effect on patient outcomes and nurse workload: a pre-post design retrospective cohort study 

    Schubert, Maria; Bettex, Dominique; Steiger, Peter; Schürch, Roger; Haller, Alois; Bogdanovic, Jasmina; Garcia Nuñez, David; Schwarz, Urs; Siegemund, Martin (2020-01-21)
    AIM OF THE STUDY: Delirium is a frequent intensive care unit (ICU) complication, affecting 26% to 80% of ICU patients, often with serious consequences. This study aimed to evaluate the effectiveness, costs and benefits of ...
  • Body Project Implementation in Virginia Tech Athletics: Effect on Body Image Satisfaction and Thin Idealization 

    Labiaga, Janelle S. C.; Rockwell, Michelle; Zabinsky, Jennie; Frisard, Madilyn (Virginia Tech, 2020-05-21)
    Eating disorders and disordered eating have a prevalence of 6% to 45% in collegiate female athletes (Knapp, Aerni, & Anderson, 2014). Thin idealization and body image dissatisfaction are risk factors for the development ...

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