Virginia Tech's College of Agriculture and Life Sciences has come a long way since Virginia Tech's modest beginnings when Virginia Agricultural and Mechanical College first opened its doors in 1872.

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  • Coordinated Sampling of Microorganisms Over Freshwater and Saltwater Environments Using an Unmanned Surface Vehicle (USV) and a Small Unmanned Aircraft System (sUAS) 

    Powers, Craig W.; Hanlon, Regina; Grothe, Hinrich; Prussin, Aaron J. II; Marr, Linsey C.; Schmale, David G. III (Frontiers, 2018-08-15)
    Biological aerosols (bioaerosols) are ubiquitous in terrestrial and aquatic environments and may influence cloud formation and precipitation processes. Little is known about the aerosolization and transport of bioaerosols ...
  • Contrasting Role of Temperature in Structuring Regional Patterns of Invasive and Native Pestilential Stink Bugs 

    Venugopal, P. Dilip; Dively, Galen P.; Herbert, Ames; Malone, Sean; Whalen, Joanne; Lamp, William O. (PLOS, 2016-02-29)
    Objectives Assessment and identification of spatial structures in the distribution and abundance of invasive species is important for unraveling the underlying ecological processes. The invasive agricultural insect pest ...
  • Evaluation of Consumer Food Safety Behaviors at Home 

    Reynolds, Julia (Virginia Tech, 2018-08-02)
    Foodborne pathogens are a major source of illness in the United States. In 2010, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimated that 1 in 6 Americans are sickened by a foodborne illness each year. While ...
  • DiSC Assessment Impact on Communication and Understanding of Self and Team 

    Christy, Stacey (Virginia Tech, 2018-06)
    In athletics, as in other group activities, teamwork and leadership are highly important concepts. The purpose of this project is to use the DiSC personality assessment to help promote self-reflection and improved teamwork ...
  • AvrRxo1 Is a Bifunctional Type III Secreted Effector and Toxin-Antitoxin System Component with Homologs in Diverse Environmental Contexts 

    Triplett, Lindsay R.; Shidore, Teja; Long, John; Miao, Jiamin; Wu, Shuchi; Han, Qian; Zhou, Changhe; Ishihara, Hiromichi; Li, Jianyong; Zhao, Bingyu; Leach, Jan E. (PLOS, 2016-07-08)
    Toxin-antitoxin (TA) systems are ubiquitous bacterial systems that may function in genome maintenance and metabolic stress management, but are also thought to play a role in virulence by helping pathogens survive stress. ...
  • Mechanism of Rifampicin Inactivation in Nocardia farcinica 

    Abdelwahab, Heba; Del Campo, Julia S. Martin; Dai, Yumin; Adly, Camelia; El-Sohaimy, Sohby; Sobrado, Pablo (PLOS, 2016-10-05)
    A novel mechanism of rifampicin (Rif) resistance has recently been reported in Nocardia farcinica. This new mechanism involves the activity of rifampicin monooxygenase (RifMO), a flavin-dependent monooxygenase that catalyzes ...
  • Multi-Phase US Spread and Habitat Switching of a Post-Columbian Invasive, Sorghum halepense 

    Sezen, U. Uzay; Barney, Jacob N.; Atwater, Daniel Z.; Pederson, Gary A.; Pederson, Jeffrey F.; Chandler, J. Mike; Cox, T. Stan; Cox, Sheila; Dotray, Peter; Kopec, David; Smith, Steven E.; Schroeder, Jill; Wright, Steven D.; Jiao, Yuannian; Kong, Wenqian; Goff, Valorie; Auckland, Susan; Rainville, Lisa K.; Pierce, Gary J.; Lemke, Cornelia; Compton, Rosana; Phillips, Christine; Kerr, Alexandra; Mettler, Matthew; Paterson, Andrew H. (PLOS, 2016-10-18)
    Johnsongrass (Sorghum halepense) is a striking example of a post-Columbian founder event. This natural experiment within ecological time-scales provides a unique opportunity for understanding patterns of continent-wide ...
  • K-shuff: A Novel Algorithm for Characterizing Structural and Compositional Diversity in Gene Libraries 

    Jangid, Kamlesh; Kao, Ming-Hung; Lahamge, Aishwarya; Williams, Mark A.; Rathbun, Stephen L.; Whitman, William B. (PLOS, 2016-12-02)
    K-shuff is a new algorithm for comparing the similarity of gene sequence libraries, providing measures of the structural and compositional diversity as well as the significance of the differences between these measures. ...
  • Unique genetic responses revealed in RNA-seq of the spleen of chickens stimulated with lipopolysaccharide and short-term heat 

    Van Goor, Angelica; Ashwell, Chris M.; Persia, Michael E.; Rothschild, Max F.; Schmidt, Carl J.; Lamont, Susan J. (PLOS, 2017-02-06)
    Climate change and disease have large negative impacts on poultry production, but little is known about the interactions of responses to these stressors in chickens. Fayoumi (heat and disease resistant) and broiler (heat ...
  • Weed Management in 2050: Perspectives on the Future of Weed Science 

    Westwood, James H.; Charudattan, Raghavan; Duke, Stephen O.; Fennimore, Steven A.; Marrone, Pam; Slaughter, David C.; Swanton, Clarence; Zollinger, Richard (Weed Science Society of America, 2018-02-21)
    The discipline of weed science is at a critical juncture. Decades of efficient chemical weed control have led to a rise in the number of herbicide-resistant weed populations, with few new herbicides with unique modes of ...
  • Estradiol signaling mediates gender difference in visceral adiposity via autophagy 

    Tao, Zhipeng; et al (Springer Nature, 2018)
    Excessive adiposity (particularly visceral fat mass) increases the risks of developing metabolic syndrome. Women have lower deposit of visceral fat than men, and this pattern becomes diminished postmenopausally, but the ...
  • FusoPortal: an Interactive Repository of Hybrid MinIONSequenced Fusobacterium Genomes Improves Gene Identification and Characterization 

    Sanders, Blake E.; Umana, Ariana; Lemkul, Justin A.; Slade, Daniel J. (American Society for Microbiology, 2018-07-05)
    Here we present FusoPortal, an interactive repository of Fusobacterium genomes that were sequenced using a hybrid MinION long-read sequencing pipeline, followed by assembly and annotation using a diverse portfolio of ...
  • Production of omega-3 enriched tilapia through the dietary use of algae meal or fish oil: Improved nutrient value of fillet and offal 

    Stoneham, Tyler R.; Kuhn, David D.; Taylor, Daniel P.; Neilson, Andrew P.; Smith, Stephen A.; Gatlin, Delbert M.; Chu, Hyun Sik S.; O’Keefe, Sean F. (PLOS, 2018-04-11)
    The goal of this project was to increase the nutrient value of fillets, by-product muscle, and offal of aquacultured tilapia. A diet that includes seafood with a high omega-3 (n-3) fatty acid content, more specifically ...
  • Delmopinol hydrochloride reduces Salmonella on cantaloupe surfaces 

    Saucedo-Alderete, Raúl O.; Eifert, Joseph D.; Boyer, Renee R.; Williams, Robert C.; Welbaum, Gregory E. (Wiley, 2017-11-15)
    Since the surfaces of cantaloupes are highly rough or irregular, bacteria can easily attach and become difficult to remove. Appropriate postharvest washing and sanitizing procedures can help control Salmonella and other ...
  • Whole genome structural analysis of Caribbean hair sheep reveals quantitative link to West African ancestry 

    Spangler, Gordon L.; Rosen, Benjamin D.; Ilori, Moses Babatunde; Hanotte, Olivier; Kim, Eui-Soo; Sonstegard, Tad S.; Burke, Joan M.; Morgan, James L. M.; Notter, David R.; Van Tassell, Curtis P. (PLOS, 2017-06-29)
    Hair sheep of Caribbean origin have become an important part of the U.S. sheep industry. Their lack of wool eliminates a number of health concerns and drastically reduces the cost of production. More importantly, Caribbean ...
  • From concept to practice to policy: modeling coupled natural and human systems in lake catchments 

    Cobourn, Kelly M.; Carey, Cayelan C.; Boyle, Kevin J.; Duffy, Christopher; Dugan, Hilary A.; Farrell, Kaitlin J.; Fitchett, Leah; Hanson, Paul C.; Hart, Julia A.; Henson, Virginia Reilly; Hetherington, Amy L.; Kemanian, Armen R.; Rudstam, Lars G.; Shu, Lele; Soranno, Patricia A.; Sorice, Michael G.; Stachelek, Joseph; Ward, Nicole K.; Weathers, Kathleen C.; Weng, Weizhe; Zhang, Yu (Ecological Society of America, 2018-05-03)
    Recent debate over the scope of the U.S. Clean Water Act underscores the need to develop a robust body of scientific work that defines the connectivity between freshwater systems and people. Coupled natural and human systems ...
  • A Useful Chart for Teaching the Relation of Soil Reaction to the Availability of Plant Nutrients to Crops 

    Pettinger, N. A. (Virginia Agricultural Experiment Station, 1935-03)
    This publication features a color chart showing nutrient availability at a range of soil pH levels, and includes a table showing suitable pH levels for various crops.
  • A Case Study Investigating Skill Development Through 4-H Livestock Projects 

    Romano, Timothy; Zipper, Carl; Drape, Tiffany A.; Westfall-Rudd, Donna (Virginia Tech, 2018-06-19)
    The purpose of this project is to determine what important skills youth gain from participating in 4-H livestock projects. This goal was important not only to 4-H, but to Cooperative Extension as an organization. The ...
  • Engel Hall News, Spring 2018 

    Unknown author (Virginia Tech, 2018)
    Please join us as we congratulate the Class of 2018 on their graduation and welcome them as alumni of the Virginia Tech Department of Biochemistry. On May 11, 2018, Virginia Tech President Tim Sands and College of Agriculture ...
  • CSES News, April-May-June 2018 

    Unknown author (Virginia Tech, 2018)
    Welcome to the final newsletter from the department of Crop & Soil Environmental Sciences. On July 1, 2018, we will complete our process of merging with the departments of Horticulture and Plant Pathology, Physiology, and ...

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