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    • W.I.A., Washington International Airport: a new concept in airport design 

      Krasuk, Javier (Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, 1992)
      In the past two decades the increase in passengers and frequency of flights has caused commercial air transportation to suffer. The system in current use was designed to satisfy different needs than the contemporary ones. ...
    • Wading in the Water: A White Educator and African American Girls develop Critical Literacy 

      Dellinger, K. LaNette (Virginia Tech, 1998-05-07)
      This qualitative study focused the experiences of a white educator who spent twelve months working with a group of 8-12 African American adolescent girls at a community center in an urban community. Data collection methods ...
    • Wage Growth and Worker Observability 

      Hallmann, Paul Christopher C. (Virginia Tech, 2013-02-28)
      When hiring new entrants into the labor market, firms make their decisions based on limited
      information about worker ability. An estimation of ability must be gleaned from observable factors such as a worker\'s education ...
    • The waitress-diner relationship: an examination of subordinate influence 

      Butler, Suellen Ruth (Virginia Tech, 1974-05-05)
      Although many interactional situations are manifestly of a super-subordinate variety; upon closer examination there would appear to be certain mechanisms operating which enable the subordinate to exert influence over the ...
    • Wake Filling Techniques for Reducing Rotor-Stator Interaction Noise 

      Minton, Christopher Mills (Virginia Tech, 2005-04-28)
      Several flow control schemes were designed and tested to determine the most suitable method for reducing the momentum deficit in a rotor wake and thus attenuate rotor-stator interaction noise. A secondary concern of the ...
    • Wake Forest: Voices that Tell of a Faith Community 

      Cain Grim, Morgan (2014-11-04)
      A senior thesis project on the faith history of Wake Forest, an African American community in Montgomery County, Virginia. Includes transcribed oral histories, photos of churches and congregations, and previously collected ...
    • Wal Mart: New stratedy in urban scale for American downtowns 

      Lee, Jong Bum (Virginia Tech, 2007-04-30)
      Wal Mart, which contains nationâ s largest private employers (1.2 million workers), sellers of retail goods($280 billion), and owner of corporate real estate(911 million square feet), is now locally and globally getting ...
    • "A Walk Through the Jungle at Twilight": How Parents Experience a Transition to Adolescence 

      Spring, Elizabeth L. (Virginia Tech, 1998-11-10)
      This study examined how parents experienced their first child's transition to adolescence. A multiple-case qualitative research design was chosen to examine parents' experiences. Family systems theory and family stress ...
    • "A walk through the woods" 

      Harper, Scott Henry (Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, 1983)
      A wooded 7.8 acre parcel located in Northern Virginia near the Potomac River is bordered by a National Wildlife Refuge and provides a setting for ''A Walk through the Woods", a place for a single family to live. As one ...
    • Walk-Centric User Interfaces for Mixed Reality 

      Santos Lages, Wallace (Virginia Tech, 2018-07-31)
      Walking is a natural part of our lives and is also becoming increasingly common in mixed reality. Wireless headsets and improved tracking systems allow us to easily navigate real and virtual environments by walking. In ...
    • Walk-in single session therapy: a study of client satisfaction 

      Miller, John K. (Virginia Tech, 1996)
    • Walkability through Challenging terrain: Connectivity between Frederick Douglass National Historic Site and Anacostia Community Museum 

      Gelman, Daria Lvovna (Virginia Tech, 2018-08-17)
      This thesis is an investigation of how to achieve walkability over steep urban topography greater than Americans with Disabilities Act accessible 8.33% standard. I studied how landscape architects and architects have ...
    • Walking in Late Capitalism - Dialectic of Aestheticization and Commodification 

      Halg Bieri, Anja Kerstin (Virginia Tech, 2015-11-24)
      Walking has become a trend in the USA. In recent years, the desire to walk has brought forth specific urban design for walkable places as well as art forms that focus on walking. Whence this trend? This dissertation studies ...
    • Walking Nietzsche's tightrope: a thesis for no one 

      Dotson, Paul Robert (Virginia Tech, 1992-05-05)
      see document
    • Walking Speed, Gait Asymmetry, and Motor Variability 

      Hughes-Oliver, Cherice (Virginia Tech, 2018)
      Study design is among the most fundamental factors influencing collection and interpretation of data. The purpose of this study is to understand the effect of design choices by evaluating gait mechanics in healthy control ...
    • Walking the Tightrope: Selfhood and Speculative Fiction in Janelle Monáe’s The ArchAndroid 

      Bates, Jessica Rachel (Virginia Tech, 2012-05-23)
      Janelle Monáe’s multi-part, multi-media work Metropolis can be read as a speculative fiction text. In my work, I examine the ways in which Monáe uses the structure of her second album The ArchAndroid and the music, lyrics, ...
    • Wall / Frame 

      Hummel, Patrick B. (Virginia Tech, 2008-04-28)
      Resolving the conditions presented by rammed earth walls and a timber frame coexisting in a residence.
    • A Wall a Bench a Tree 

      Johnson, Bryan Wacey (Virginia Tech, 2020-04-02)
      A quest for agelessness in what we make seems to hold great allure. The spotless, the seamless, the immaterial, the idealized all labor in an attempt to escape the collection of dust and to transcend time, evincing neither ...
    • A wall and a city 

      Dunn, Cary Franklin (Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, 1983)
      To consider a wall as a city element, a city addition, a wall proportioned to the scale of a city where the wall ls proposed not as a building, but rather as a community of buildings whose presence demands that their ...
    • The Wall as protagonist - Devices of an architectural narrative 

      Jalal, Tooba (Virginia Tech, 2019-09-13)
      Narratives are there in everyone's lives. They are made up of stories that interest us, stories that we want to share with others. However, narrative is not only limited to the written or spoken word. It is made up of a ...