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    • Newport Village Green conceptual master plan update 

      Gilboy, Elizabeth Truex; Steika, Kim; Dunne, Peter; McKenna, Katelyn; Paul, Lauren; Poteet, Tish (Virginia Tech. Community Design Assistance Center, 2014-05)
      Newport is a small village in Giles County located “between Gap Mountain, Salt Pond Mountain, and Spruce Run Mountain. It is the center community for Spruce Run, Mountain Lake, Clover Hollow, and Sinking Creek.”* The Village ...
    • North Wilkesboro, N.C: West Park Medical Complex Conceptual Master Plan 

      Gilboy, Elizabeth Truex; Philen, Melissa; Williams, Daphne; Delbridge, Lauren; Jones, Alexander (Virginia Tech. Community Design Assistance Center, 2016-05)
      Established in 1991, The Health Foundation is leading a community-wide, cross-sector initiative helping to ensure that all of the nearly 70,000 Wilkes County residents grow up healthy and active. In 1996, The Health ...
    • Northwest Montgomery Village Center Foundation Community Design Workshop Summary : Exploring the Reuse of Prices Fork Elementary School 

      Gilboy, Elizabeth Truex; Steika, Kim; Clark, Harvey; Heile, Laurel (Virginia Tech. Center for Community Design Assistance, 2010-11)
      The current Prices Fork Elementary School, built in 1952, will soon be closed and replaced with a new school that is being built just a few blocks down the road. Citizens of the communities in Northwest Montgomery County ...
    • Old Riverbed, New Water: Reflections on the Beginning of CAUS 

      Virginia Tech. College of Architecture and Urban Studies (Virginia Tech. College of Archiecture and Urban Studies, 2014-09)
      Film of reflections from 17 speakers on the activities and accomplishments of Virginia Tech's College of Architecture and Urban Studies since its 1964 founding.
    • Paintsville Main Street planting and parking lot design 

      Gilboy, Elizabeth Truex; Browning, Lara; Walker, Harley; Gracey, Sarah (Virginia Tech. Community Design Assistance Center, 2013-10)
      To help with the overall improvements for downtown, the City of Paintsville requested that the Community Design Assistance Center (CDAC) undertake a conceptual re-design for a parking lot along the main entrance into ...
    • Pamplin entryway designs 

      Gilboy, Elizabeth Truex; Marshall, Ashleigh; Steika, Kim; Bakar, Shamshul Abu; Thomas, Jordan; Cox, Stephen; Howell, Anne (Virginia Tech. Community Design Assistance Center, 2012-10)
      Pamplin City is a small community whose downtown is located in Appomattox County just off of US 460, between Appomattox and Farmville. “The town has recently begun a revitalization process, which has included Appomattox ...
    • Partners in Housing: Virginia's Nonprofit Housing Sector 

      Koebel, C. Theodore; Hardin, Brooke, D. (Virginia Center for Housing Research, 1999-08)
      Nonprofit housing organizations primarily exist to address the housing needs of low-income Virginians. This survey, conducted in 1998 through the leadership of VHDA, revealed a nonprofit housing sector that is maturing ...
    • Pellissippi Wetland Park 

      Gilboy, Elizabeth Truex; Steika, Kim; Grossman, Mara; Langston, Daniel; Ramesh, Shalini (Virginia Tech. Community Design Assistance Center, 2010-04)
      The proposed Pellissippi Wetland Park is located in heart of Lebanon, Virginia, county seat for Russell County. The site is immediately adjacent to the Russell County Government Center as well as a proposed farmer's market ...
    • Peri-Urban Development in Sofia and Havana: Prospects and Perils in the New Millennium 

      Hirt, Sonia; Scarpaci, Joseph L. (Association for the Study of the Cuban Economy, 2007)
      This paper compares the patterns of socio-spatial peri-urban change in two post-socialist state capitals: Havana, Cuba (2.1 million) and Sofia, Bulgaria (1.3 million). The comparison between patterns of post-socialist ...
    • Planning during Post-socialism 

      Hirt, Sonia (Elsevier, 2015-05)
      This article analyzes the state of public-sector planning in countries that subscribed to a Marxist, state-socialist ideology during some part of the twentieth century, and especially those countries that comprise the ...
    • Poor Families and Poor Housing: The Search for Decent Housing in Virginia's Private, Unassisted Market 

      Koebel, C. Theodore; Rives, Mary Ellen (Virginia Center for Housing Research, 1993-06)
      This report explores the differences in housing conditions between those U.S. families who receive various forms of public assistance and those who do not. The findings of this report show that low-income Virginians who ...
    • The Post-public City: Experiences from Post-socialist Europe 

      Hirt, Sonia (Association of Collegiate Schools of Architecture, 2014)
      Public space has become an increasingly important focus in the work of architects, urban designers, philosophers, geographers, sociologists and others interested in promoting a more civil and democratic society. This ...
    • A Profile of Virginia's Nonprofit Housing Organization, 1994 

      Unknown author (Virginia Center for Housing Research, 2014-06-09)
      Nonprofit housing organizations (NHOs) have become increasingly important in the delivery of housing and related services to populations ill-served by or left out of the private, for profit housing market. This report ...
    • Public Leadership: Understanding and Responding to the Financial Crisis 

      Leeds, Roger (Center for Public Administration & Policy, School of Public & International Affairs, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, 2008-11-01)
      The purpose of the Virginia Tech Center for Public Administration and Policy (CPAP) Roundtable Series for Leadership and Administration is to bring together the leading scholars, practitioners, students, and others for a ...
    • Radford Comprehensive Plan Updates: Radford Village Center and Foundry Industrial Area Conceptual Master Plans 

      Gilboy, Elizabeth Truex; Browning, Lara; Alsaiari, Hamad; Burg, Gardner; Kim, Kyunghee; Rosenberger, Jack (Virginia Tech. Community Design Assistance Center, 2015-06)
      The City of Radford is in the process of updating their 2009 Comprehensive Plan. As part of this process, several conceptual sketches that convey practical, yet visionary ideas for future development and redevelopment were ...
    • Re: Reflections and explorations : Essays on politics, public policy, and governance 

      Stephenson Jr., Max; Kirakosyan, Lyusyena (Virginia Tech Institute for Policy and Governance, 2015)
      We have organized the essays that follow in this volume into nine themes or broad topical foci based on the subjects our RE: Reflections and Explorations authors selected for their efforts during 2013-2014. A brief overview ...
    • Reception for Collegiate Legacy: Emeritus Faculty Exhibition. Lobby. 

      Capone, T. Truman; Sim, Deborah A; Virginia Tech. College of Architecture and Urban Studies.; Tatum, Steven E
    • Reception for Collegiate Legacy: Emeritus Faculty Exhibition. Lobby. 

      Capone, T. Truman; Sim, Deborah A; Virginia Tech. College of Architecture and Urban Studies.; Tatum, Steven E