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    • 10 Things Educators Can Do To Help Undocumented and DACAmented Youth 

      Community College Consortium for Immigrant Education (Community College Consortium for Immigrant Education, 2017-02-16)
      The recently issued Executive Orders pertaining to immigration have significantly impacted many students and scholars at higher education institutions across the country. On community college campuses, students have ...
    • 16 squares : the heart of Blacksburg 

      Steika, Kim; Deshpande, Kartiki Milind; Strumfiled, Jonathan (Virginia Tech. Community Design Assistance Center, 2008-07-01)
      CDAC worked with the 16 Squares Committee of Blacksburg to bring together an overview of historic information to cast a vision for what can be done in both the short and long term to identify, educate, preserve, and develop.
    • The 2001 Virginia Rural Homeless Survey 

      Koebel, C. Theodore; Murphy, Michelle; Brown, Adam (Virginia Center for Housing Research, 2001-09)
      The Virginia Center for Housing Research was commissioned by the Virginia Housing Study Commission, the Virginia Interagency Action Council for the Homeless, and the Virginia Department of Housing and Community Development ...
    • 2006 National Survey of Latinos: The Immigration Debate 

      Suro, Roberto; Escobar, Gabriel (Pew Hispanic Center, 2006-07-13)
      Latinos are feeling more discriminated against, politically energized and unified following the immigration policy debate and the pro-immigration marches that have taken place. According to the 2006 National Survey of ...
    • 2008 Minority Achievement Report: Maryland 

      Maryland Higher Education Commission (Maryland Higher Education Commission, 2008-09-01)
      This report focuses on the progress that the Maryland’s public colleges and universities have made in three areas: 1) strengthening recruitment, 2) strengthening retention and graduation, and 3) improving diversity of ...
    • 2013 Virginia Residential Real Estate Appraiser Remuneration: Survey And Report 

      Sanderford, Andrew R.; Boyle, Kevin J.; McCoy, Andrew P.; Xu, Weibin; Jones, Melissa (Virginia Center for Housing Research, 2014-10-09)
      This report describes the results from a survey of Virginia real estate appraisers. The survey was conducted by the Virginia Center for Housing Research and the Virginia Tech Program in Real Estate in the spring of 2014 ...
    • 2017 New Mexico Higher Education Department 

      New Mexico Higher Education Department (New Mexico Higher Education Department, 2018-02-12)
      This report highlights how the New Mexico Higher Education Department is accomplishing the most sweeping and efficient articulation improvements in the history. The 3 cornerstones of articulation improvement across the New ...
    • 2017 South Carolina Higher Education Statistical Abstract 

      Armour, Mim (South Carolina Commission on Higher Education, 2017)
      This report presents the statistics on enrollment, degrees awarded, faculty, tuition and fees, funding, and other factual data in South Carolina state in the last 10 years.
    • 2017 Study of Gaps in College Access and Success Programming in Montana 

      Kendrick, Terry; Cresswell, Kelly (Reach Higher Montana, 2017)
      As part of its efforts to prepare for the future, Reach Higher Montana embarked to study the current state of college access and success in Montana. The result is this gap analysis report, which highlights areas of progress ...
    • 2017 Your First College Year Survey 

      Couch, Victoria (HERI, 2018-04-01)
      Developed by the Higher Education Research Institute (HERI) and the Policy Center on the First Year of College in 2000, the Your First College Year survey (YFCY) is administered annually through the Cooperative Institutional ...
    • 2018 Higher Education Research Digest 

      American College Testing (American College Testing (ACT), 2018)
      This 2018 higher education report highlights, among other aspects, how much academic preparation is needed for middle-skills jobs?; retention and transfer behavior of first-generation students; how academic readiness and ...
    • 2018 Indicators of Higher Education Equity in the United States: Historical Trend Report 

      Cahalan, Margaret; Perna, Laura W.; Yamashita, Mika; Wright, Jeremy; Santillan, S. (The Pell Institute; (PennAHEAD), 2018)
      This report aims to point out the status of higher education equity in the United States and identify changes over time in measures of equity, identify policies and practices that promote and hinder progress, and illustrate ...
    • The 2018 Status Report on Engineering Education: A Snapshot of Diversity in Degrees Conferred in Engineering 

      Anderson, Eugene. L.; Williams, Krystal; Ponjuan, Luis; Frierson, Henry T. (Association of Public and Land-Grant Universities, 2018)
      This report examines recent trends in engineering degrees awarded at national and institutional levels to determine areas of growth among various groups, changes in racial, ethnic and gender diversity in engineering, and ...
    • 2018 Texas Public Higher Education Almanac 

      Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board (Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board, 2018)
      When the 86th regular session of the Texas legislature adjourns in May 2019, Texas will be nearly one-third of the way toward the conclusion of its 15-year higher education strategic plan, 60x30TX. That means the legislature ...
    • 2018 West Virginia Higher Education Report Card 

      West Virginia Higher Education Policy Commission; West Virginia Community and Technical College System (West Virginia Higher Education Policy Commission; West Virginia Community and Technical College System, 2019-01-01)
      This annual accountability report provides year-end higher education statistics for both of the state’s higher education systems, the West Virginia Higher Education Policy Commission (Commission) and West Virginia Council ...
    • 2018 What Works for Latino Students in Higher Education 

      Santiago, Deborah A. (Excelencia in Education, 2018-10-01)
      Through Examples of Excelencia, the author points out what works to help inform how Latino students are served in higher education and how policy can better impact their success. As programs and practices improve the success ...
    • 2018 Your First College Year Survey 

      Couch, Victoria (HERI, 2019-03-01)
      Developed by the Higher Education Research Institute (HERI) and the Policy Center on the First Year of College in 2000, the Your First College Year survey (YFCY) is administered annually through the Cooperative Institutional ...
    • 2019 College Senior Survey 

      Fregoso, Julio; Lopez, Diana D. (Higher Education Research Institute at UCLA, 2020-02-01)
      The Cooperative Institutional Research Program (CIRP) has administered the College Senior Survey since 1993; this year marked the 27th administration of the survey. This report highlights data from 17,363 seniors graduating ...
    • The 2019 Conference on Health and Active Transportation: Research Needs and Opportunities 

      Berrigan, David; Dannenberg, Andrew L.; Lee, Michelle; Rodgers, Kelly; Wojcik, Janet R.; Wali, Behram; Tribby, Calvin P.; Buehler, Ralph; Sallis, James F.; Roberts, Jennifer D.; Steedly, Ann; Peng, Binbin; Eisenberg, Yochai; Rodriguez, Daniel A. (MDPI, 2021-11-11)
      Active transportation (AT) is widely viewed as an important target for increasing participation in aerobic physical activity and improving health, while simultaneously addressing pollution and climate change through ...