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    • Vaccination on the Internet: A Qualitative Analysis of Website Discourses 

      Cashion, Maggie; Lucchesi, Nick; Patel, Kelsey; Roberts, Jonathan (Virginia Tech, 2014)
      US parents searching the Internet to inform themselves about childhood vaccination commonly encounter conflicting information. Typically, government agencies and medical organizations sponsor websites promoting vacccination, ...
    • Vaccination Persuasion Online: A Qualitative Study of two Provaccine and two Vaccine Skeptical Websites 

      Grant, Lenny; Hausman, Bernice L.; Cashion, Margaret; Lucchesi, Nicholas; Patel, Kelsey; Roberts, Jonathan (Journal of Medical Internet Research, 2015)
      Current concerns about vaccination resistance often cite the Internet as a source of vaccine controversy. Most academic studies of vaccine resistance online use quantitative methods to describe misinformation on vaccine-skeptical ...