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    • Bioluminescence Tomography - Inner-light, Insight from Infrared 

      Wang, Ge (2008-06-12)
      Bioluminescence tomography (BLT) is a molecular imaging modality, which derives a bioluminescent source distribution inside a small animal from external bioluminescent signals. We published the first paper on BLT in 2004 ...
    • Spiral Cone-beam CT - Successes with Spiral Scans 

      Wang, Ge (2008-06-12)
      X-ray computed tomography (CT) is instrumental in medicine, industry and homeland security, which depicts internal structures of an object from its shadows projected in a fan-beam or cone-beam from an x-ray source along a ...
    • Fluorescence Tomography - Monitor Malignancy in Mice 

      Cui, Zheng; Wang, Ge (2008-06-12)
      Dr. Cui's group at Wake Forest has been investigating a newly discovered innate anticancer immunity in a colony of cancer resistant mice, and already demonstrated that the anticancer activity in the mice stems from the ...
    • Fast CT Reconstruction - Practical Performance via Parallelization 

      Wang, Ge (2008-06-12)
      Parallel computing has been used to solve large-scale problems in many fields. While CT is being developed towards high-resolution, volumetric, dynamic and spectral imaging, datasets become increasingly large, and ...
    • Interior Tomography - Depict with Direct Data 

      Wang, Ge (2008-06-14)
      While the conventional wisdom states that the interior problem - to reconstruct a region of interest (ROI) only from projection data through the ROI - does not have a unique solution, in June 2007 we published the first ...
    • Bolus-chasing CT Angiography - Catch the Contrast via Control 

      Wang, Ge (2008-06-16)
      Intravenous injection of contrast media is required to enhance conspicuity of the vasculature, organs and tumors in CT angiography (CTA) for diagnosis of cardiovascular structures, peripheral vessels and solid organs. The ...
    • X-ray Grating-based Imaging - Waves Work Wonderfully 

      Wang, Ge (2008-06-17)
      Current x-ray imaging is of critical for clinical and pre-clinical applications but it is fundamentally restricted by the attenuation mechanism. X-ray grating-based imaging represents outstanding opportunities and major ...
    • Axiomatic Imaging Theory - Formulate with Fairness & Fun 

      Wang, Ge (2008-06-17)
      There are many imaging systems. Their performance characterization is important for all applications. Various definitions are introduced for quantification of image resolution, which is the ability of an imaging system to ...
    • Phase Approximation Model - Approximation Amazingly Accurate 

      Wang, Ge (2008-06-20)
      The radiative transfer equation (RTE) well describes the photon propagation but its high computational cost is prohibitive for tomographic imaging. The diffusion approximation (DA) to RTE is the most popular but it only ...
    • Image Warping - Unravel Unevenness into Uniformity 

      Wang, Ge (2008-06-21)
      Demonstrations of anatomical systems computationally extracted from spiral CT images and then unraveled onto a plane in vivo to ultimately conceive 3D individualized models.
    • Work at the Present 

      Wang, Ge (2010-02-04)
      Cardiovascular diseases are pervasive at tremendous social and healthcare costs. There are urgent needs for higher fidelity cardiac CT with lower radiation dose. Based on the academic-industrial partnership between Virginia ...
    • Results in the Past 

      Wang, Ge (2010-02-04)
      Past research results include the following: • Modern CT scanners that use spiral-beam scanning and perform >100-million scans annually in the USA • Construction of the only 500nm resolution micro-CT system on the East ...
    • Development and Applications of Interior Tomography - Multi-source Interior Tomography for Ultrafast Performance 

      Wang, Ge; Ritman, Erik; Ye, Yangbo; Katsevich, Alexander; Yu, Hengyong; Cao, Guohua; Zhou, Otto (2010-04-05)
      Conventional tomography allows excellent reconstruction of an object from non-truncated projections. The long-standing interior problem is to reconstruct an interior ROI accurately only from local projection segments. ...
    • SBES Advanced Multi-scale CT Facility at Virginia Tech - From Multi-scale to Multi-energy and Multi-Parameter Imaging Capabilities 

      Wang, Ge; Wyatt, Christopher Lee; Yu, Hengyong; Sharma, Kriti S.; Prater, Mary R.; Xiao, Shuhai; Markert, Chad; Saul, Justin; Fox, Edward A.; Lee, Seung W.; Feser, Michael; Lau, S. H.; Yun, Wenbing; Wang, Steve (2010-04-05)
      While clinical CT scanners are available at our medical school, for preclinical imaging we have a Scanco micro-CT scanner, an Xradia micro-CT scanner and an Xradia nano-CT scanner. With all these scanners, we can cover ...
    • How to Define the Next Generation Cardiac CT Architecture? - a Contemporary Challenge for Interdisciplinary Collaboration 

      Yu, Hengyong; DeMan, Bruno; Carr, Jeff; Frontera, Mark; Zeng, Kai; Bennett, James; Fitzgerald, Paul; Iatrou, Maria; Shen, Haiou; Santago, Peter; Wang, Ge (2010-05-21)
      Cardiovascular diseases are pervasive with high mortality and morbidity at tremendous social and healthcare costs. There are urgent needs for significantly higher fidelity cardiac CT with substantially lower radiation dose, ...
    • Gel'fand-Graev's Reconstruction Formula in the 3D Real Space - a Framework towards a General Interior Tomography Theory 

      Ye, Yangbo; Yu, Hengyong; Wang, Ge (2010-05-31)
      In [1-4], I. M. Gel'fand and M. I. Graev proposed inversion formulas for x-ray transforms in different spaces. In particular, Gel’fand-Graev’s inversion formula [1] is a fundamental relationship linking projection data to ...
    • Spiral CT of the Temporal Bone 

      Wang, Ge; Skinner, Margaret W.; Vannier, Michael W. (2010-11-01)
      Maximum image resolution with commercial spiral CT scanners is inadequate to define clearly the anatomical features and electrode positions within this intricate, 3D space. The objective of this research was to develop ...
    • 12th Annual Graduate Student Research Symposium: School of Biomedical Engineering and Sciences 

      School of Biomedical Engineering and Sciences (Virginia Tech, 2013-05-16)
      The SBES Graduate Student Research Symposium was developed to provide students and faculty the opportunity to interact and exchange research ideas with colleagues and industry personnel. This program book features a schedule ...
    • 2015 Student Symposium: Department of Biomedical Engineering and Mechanics 

      School of Biomedical Engineering and Sciences (Virginia Tech, 2015)
      This program book includes a schedule of events and abstracts from the 14th annual School of Biomedical Engineering & Sciences Graduate Student Research Symposium.
    • TIM-OS: A General Monte Carlo Optical Simulator for Biomedical Optics 

      Shen, Haiou; Wang, Ge (2015-11-15)
      A high-performance public-domain Monte Carlo optical simulator is highly desirable to solve complex heterogeneous optical problems in biomedical engineering. Recently, we developed a Tetrahedron-based Inhomogeneous Monte- ...