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    • The 2010 Interim Report of the Long-Baseline Neutrino Experiment Collaboration Physics Working Groups 

      Collaboration, TLBNE; Akiri, T; Allspach, D; Andrews, M; Arisaka, K; Arrieta-Diaz, E; Artuso, M; Bai, X; Balantekin, B; Baller, B; Barletta, W; Barr, G; Bass, M; Beck, A; Becker, B; Bellini, V; Benhar, O; Berger, B; Bergevin, M; Berman, E; Berns, H; Bernstein, A; Beroz, F; Bhatnagar, V; Bhuyan, B; Bionta, R; Bishai, M; Blake, A; Blaufuss, E; Bleakley, B; Blucher, E; Blusk, S; Boehnlein, D; Bolton, T; Brack, J; Bradford, R; Breedon, R; Bromberg, C; Brown, R; Buchanan, N; Camilleri, L; Campbell, M; Carr, R; Carminati, G; Chen, A; Chen, H; Cherdack, D; Chi, C; Childress, S; Choudhary, B; Church, E; Cline, D; Coleman, S; Corey, R; D'Agostino, M; Davies, G; Dazeley, S; Jong, JD; DeMaat, B; Demuth, D; Dighe, A; Djurcic, Z; Dolph, J; Drake, G; Drozhdin, A; Duan, H; Duyang, H; Dye, S; Dykhuis, T; Edmunds, D; Elliott, S; Enomoto, S; Escobar, C; Felde, J; Feyzi, F; Fleming, B; Fowler, J; Fox, W; Friedland, A; Fujikawa, B; Gallagher, H; Garilli, G; Garvey, G; Gehman, V; Geronimo, G; Gill, R; Goodman, M; Goon, J; Gorbunov, D; Gran, R; Guarino, V; Guarnaccia, E; Guenette, R; Gupta, P; Habig, A; Hackenberg, R; Hahn, A; Hahn, R; Haines, T; Hans, S; Harton, J; Hays, S; Hazen, E; He, Q; Heavey, A; Heeger, K; Hellauer, R; Himmel, A; Horton-Smith, G; Howell, J; Huber, P; Hurh, P; Huston, J; Hylen, J; Insler, J; Jaffe, D; James, C; Johnson, C; Johnson, M; Johnson, R; Johnson, W; Johnston, W; Johnstone, J; Jones, B; Jostlein, H; Junk, T; Junnarkar, S; Kadel, R; Kafka, T; Kaminski, D; Karagiorgi, G; Karle, A; Kaspar, J; Katori, T; Kayser, B; Kearns, E; Kettell, S; Khanam, F; Klein, J; Kneller, J; Koizumi, G; Kopp, J; Kopp, S; Kropp, W; Kudryavtsev, V; Kumar, A; Kumar, J; Kutter, T; Lackowski, T; Lande, K; Lane, C; Lang, K; Lanni, F; Lanza, R; Latorre, T; Learned, J; Lee, D; Lee, K; Li, Y; Linden, S; Ling, J; Link, Jonathan Marion; Littenberg, L; Loiacono, L; Liu, T; Losecco, J; Louis, W; Lucas, P; Lunardini, C; Lundberg, B; Lundin, T; Makowiecki, D; Malys, S; Mandal, S; Mann, A; Mann, A; Mantsch, P; Marciano, W; Mariani, C; Maricic, J; Marino, A; Marshak, M; Maruyama, R; Mathews, J; Matsuno, S; Mauger, C; McCluskey, E; McDonald, K; McFarland, K; McKeown, R; McTaggart, R; Mehdiyev, R; Melnitchouk, W; Meng, Y; Mercurio, B; Messier, M; Metcalf, W; Milincic, R; Miller, W; Mills, G; Mishra, S; MoedSher, S; Mohapatra, D; Mokhov, N; Moore, C; Morfin, J; Morse, W; Moss, A; Mufson, S; Musser, J; Naples, D; Napolitano, J; Newcomer, M; Norris, B; Ouedraogo, S; Page, B; Pakvasa, S; Paley, J; Paolone, V; Papadimitriou, V; Parsa, Z; Partyka, K; Pavlovic, Z; Pearson, C; Perasso, S; Petti, R; Plunkett, R; Polly, C; Pordes, S; Potenza, R; Prakash, A; Prokofiev, O; Qian, X; Raaf, J; Radeka, V; Raghavan, R; Rameika, R; Rebel, B; Rescia, S; Reitzner, D; Richardson, M; Riesselman, K; Robinson, M; Rosen, M; Rosenfeld, C; Rucinski, R; Russo, T; Sahijpal, S; Salon, S; Samios, N; Sanchez, M; Schmitt, R; Schmitz, D; Schneps, J; Scholberg, K; Seibert, S; Sergiampietri, F; Shaevitz, M; Shanahan, P; Shaposhnikov, M; Sharma, R; Simos, N; Singh, V; Sinnis, G; Sippach, W; Skwarnicki, T; Smy, M; Sobel, H; Soderberg, M; Sondericker, J; Sondheim, W; Spitz, J; Spooner, N; Stancari, M; Stancu, I; Stewart, J; Stoler, P; Stone, J; Stone, S; Strait, J; Straszheim, T; Striganov, S; Sullivan, G; Svoboda, R; Szczerbinska, B; Szelc, A; Talaga, R; Tanaka, H; Tayloe, R; Taylor, D; Thomas, J; Thompson, L; Thomson, M; Thorn, C; Tian, X; Toki, W; Tolich, N; Tripathi, M; Trovato, M; Tseung, H; Tzanov, M; Urheim, J; Usman, S; Vagins, M; Berg, RV; Water, RVD; Varner, G; Vaziri, K; Velev, G; Viren, B; Wachala, T; Walter, C; Wang, H; Wang, Z; Warner, D; Webber, D; Weber, A; Wendell, R; Wendt, C; Wetstein, M; White, H; White, S; Whitehead, L; Willis, W; Wilson, RJ; Winslow, L; Ye, J; Yeh, M; Yu, B; Zeller, G; Zhang, C; Zimmerman, E; Zwaska, R
      In early 2010, the Long-Baseline Neutrino Experiment (LBNE) science collaboration initiated a study to investigate the physics potential of the experiment with a broad set of different beam, near- and far-detector ...
    • 2015 Virginia OnFarm Soybean Test Plots 

      Balderson, T. Keith; Broaddus, Mike; Clarke, Taylor; Deitch, Ursula; Flanagan, Roy; Hopkins, Steve; Jones, Bruce; Jones, Trent; Lawrence, Watson; Long, Theresa; Moore, David M.; Norton, Nikki; O'Keefe, Christine; Reiter, J. Scott; Romelczyk, Stephanie; Siegle, Laura; Slade, Glenn; Tucker, Lindy; Holshouser, David (2016-01-25)
      These demonstration and research plot results are a collaborative effort of Virginia Cooperative Extension (VCE) Agents and Specialists, area producers, and agribusiness. The purpose of this publication is to provide ...
    • 2016 Southeast Regional Bunch Grape Integrated Management Guide 

      Nita, M.; Burrack, H.; Pfeiffer, D. G.; Mitchem, W.; Lockwood, D.; Bellinger, B. (2016-04-04)
      While not technically a numbered VCE publication, this is produced by a group of extension specialists in the southeastern region. CALS is a member of the Southeastern Small Fruit Consortium, the producer of this guide.
    • 2016 Southeast Regional Caneberry Integrated Management Guide. Southeastern Small Fruit Consortium 

      Brannen, P.; Schnabel, G.; Burrack, H.; Bessin, R.; Pfeiffer, D. G.; Mitchem, W.; Jennings, K.; Lockwood, D.; Fernandez, G.; Sial, A. (2016-04-04)
      While not technically a numbered VCE publication, this is produced by a group of extension specialists in the southeastern region. CALS is a member of the Southeastern Small Fruit Consortium, the producer of this guide
    • 2016 Spray Bulletin for Commercial Tree Fruit Growers 

      Pfeiffer, DG; Bergh, J. Christopher; Frank, DL; Hooks, CRR; Walsh, CS; Yoder, Keith S.; Rahan, M; Kotcon, JB; Derr, JF; Chandran, RS; Weaver, MW; Brown, A; Parkhurst, J (2016-01-01)
    • 2017 Spray Bulletin for Commercial Tree Fruit Growers. Va. Coop. Ext. Serv. Publ. 456-419 

      Pfeiffer, DG; Bergh, J. Christopher; Wilson, JM; Frank, DL; Hooks, CRR; Sherif, S; Walsh, CS; Yoder, Keith S.; Rahman, M; Kotcon, JB; Derr, JF; Chandran, RS; Weaver, Michael John; Brown, A; Parkhurst, J
    • 2018 Ag education Days: The Giving Tree 

      Mungo, Jonette E.; Carpenter, John (2018-08-17)
      The Giving Tree is a 3-dimensional wooden tree that provides information to the public that educates people on the many products that are produced in part or full from trees and the forestry industry.
    • 2018-2019 Virginia 4-H Military Partnership Annual Corporate Report 

      Jones, Louetta (2019-09-30)
      Annual corporate report of the Virginia 4-H Military Partnership Program detailing enrollment statistics and highlighting accomplishments.
    • 2019 - 2020 Shenandoah Valley Buy Fresh Buy Local Guide 

      Bendfeldt, Eric; Price, E.; Marston, C. (Virginia Cooperative Extension, 2019-04)
      Across the great state of Virginia, Buy Fresh Buy Local chapters have been founded to advocate for local food and agriculture stakeholders. e Shenandoah Valley Chapter’s food guide is a collaborative initiative of Virginia ...
    • 2019 Food, Nutrition & Health Participant Form 

      Lichty, Christopher; Reasor, laura L. (2019-01-24)
      2019 Food, Nutrition & Health Participant Form for use with a partnering organization.
    • 2019 Global Agricultural Productivity Report: Productivity Growth for Sustainable Diets and More 

      Steensland, Ann (Virginia Tech College of Agriculture and Life Sciences Global Programs, 2019-10-16)
      The world must sustainably produce food, feed, fiber, and bio-energy for nearly 10 billion people in 2050. Using publicly-available data and peer-reviewed analysis, the 2019 Global Agricultural Productivity Report puts ...
    • 2020 Golden Ticket 4-H Camp Gift Certificate 

      Mungo, Jonette
      This certificate was designed and marketed to families and camp age children in the school system to encourage them to pre-register for summer camp. The goal was to increase excitement and increase camp gifting.
    • 2020 Virginia 4-H Youth in Action Award Gudielines 

      Proudfoot, Chad (2019-11-01)
      Guidelines and criteria for selection for the Virginia 4-H Youth in Action Awards program.
    • 26th Annual Eastern Shore Agricultural Conference & Trade Show 

      Pittman, TM (2016-01-26)
      The most recent addition to the ES Ag Conference is a full color twelve page 8x10 program booklet. This program contains sponsorships, concurrent session agendas, guest speaker biographies, and a full-page map of the ...
    • 2D and 3D Chromosome Painting in Malaria Mosquitoes 

      George, Phillip; Sharma, Atashi; Sharakhov, Igor V. (Journal Of Visualized Experiments, 2014-01-01)
      Fluorescent in situ hybridization (FISH) of whole arm chromosome probes is a robust technique for mapping genomic regions of interest, detecting chromosomal rearrangements, and studying three-dimensional (3D) organization ...
    • (2S,4R)-4-Fluoro-pyrrolidinium-2-carboxyl-ate. 

      Hobart, David B. Jr.; Merola, Joseph S. (International Union of Crystallography, 2012-08-01)
      The crystal structure of the title compound, C(5)H(8)FNO(2), at 100 K, displays inter-molecular N-H⋯O hydrogen bonding between the ammonium and carboxyl-ate groups as a result of its zwitterionic nature in the solid state. ...
    • 3,4-Dihydroxyphenylacetaldehyde synthase and cuticle formation in insects 

      Liao, Chenghong; Liang, Jing; Han, Qian; Li, Jianyong (2018-06-02)
      Cuticle is the most important structure that protects mosquitoes and other insect species from adverse environmental conditions and infections of microorganism. The physiology and biochemistry of insect cuticle formation ...
    • 4-H Aquaponic Demonstration 

      Mungo, Jonette; Mullins, Chris (2019-08-24)
      This exhibit was on display during the week of our Ag Fair.
    • 4-H Clover News March 2016 

      Mungo, Jonette E. (Virginia Cooperative Extension, 2016-03-01)
      This is a newsletter created to inform parents of the activities and lessons students were receiving in school through the in-school enrichment program. It is also to keep parents abreast of upcoming activities with 4-H ...