Recent Submissions

  • Advancing Diversity at Virginia Tech 2009 

    Creamer, Elizabeth G.; Harrell, Leigh (Virginia Tech, 2009-01-12)
    Presentation Overview

    - Assess change in perceptions of climate between 2005 and 2008 surveys for tenured and tenure-track faculty

    - Identify areas of significant difference between groups (gender, ...
  • Advancing Women at Virginia Tech 2005 

    AdvanceVT (Virginia Tech, 2005-01-10)
    Agenda and itinerary for the Advancing Women at Virginia Tech Workshop, held on January 10, 2005, at the Donaldson Brown Hotel and Conference Center in Blacksburg, VA.
  • Advancing Diversity at Virginia Tech, 2010 

    McNamee, Mark G. (Virginia Tech, 2010-01-12)
    Inclusive Excellence at Virginia Tech

    • Access and Success

    • Diverse student body, employees

    • Campus Climate and Intergroup Relations

    • Inclusive organization

    • ...
  • Dealing With Differences in Workplace Interactions: Advancing Diversity at Virginia Tech – 2010 

    Hogan, Amy M. (Virginia Tech, 2010-01-15)
    Strategies for Navigating Difference:

    • What are you working with in the current situation – what dimensions of difference are involved?

    • What do you need to learn more about to best navigate the ...
  • Faculty Diversity Initiatives at Virginia Tech 2009 

    Layne, Peggy (Virginia Tech, 2009-01-13)
    Taskforce Recommendations

    • Active & Innovative Recruitment
    • Equitable & Effective Advancement Programs
    • Faculty recruitment/retention