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    • Estrogen receptor α drives pro-resilient transcription in mouse models of depression 

      Lorsch, Zachary S.; Loh, Yong-Hwee Eddie; Purushothaman, Immanuel; Walker, Deena M.; Parise, Eric M.; Salery, Marine; Cahill, Michael E.; Hodes, Georgia E.; Pfau, Madeline L.; Kronman, Hope; Hamilton, Peter J.; Issler, Orna; Labonte, Benoit; Symonds, Ann E.; Zucker, Matthew; Zhang, Tie Yuan; Meaney, Michael J.; Russo, Scott J.; Shen, Li; Bagot, Rosemary C.; Nestler, Eric J. (Nature Publishing Group, 2018-03-16)
      Most people exposed to stress do not develop depression. Animal models have shown that stress resilience is an active state that requires broad transcriptional adaptations, but how this homeostatic process is regulated ...