Similar to Destination Areas in structure, Strategic Growth Areas are smaller and aim for regional or national leadership. Strategic Growth Areas represent additional areas of strength, identified by a faculty survey conducted in January 2016. SGAs may mature into Destination Areas.

Collections in this community

  • SGA: Creativity and Innovation (C&I) [77]

    The C&I SGA is focused on empowering partners and stakeholders to collaborate on creativity, innovation, and entrepreneurship.
  • SGA: Economical and Sustainable Materials (ESM) [67]

    The Economical and Sustainable Materials Strategic Growth Area (Materials SGA) is committed to the development of cross-disciplinary teams that will tackle critical scientific materials challenges related to our pillars ...
  • SGA: Equity and Social Disparity in the Human Condition (ESDHC) [88]

    Scholarship about social disparities and difference in the human condition build on VT strengths in the areas of Health and the Environment, Identities and Culture, and Institutions, Organizations, and Policy.
  • SGA: Policy [35]

    The Policy SGA integrates research and learning across multiple disciplines and levels of information to analyze and inform the complex decision-making for designing and implementing policy to anticipate, respond to, and ...

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