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    • Influence of nucleobase stoichiometry on the self-assembly of ABC triblock copolymers 

      Zhang, Keren; Talley, Samantha J.; Yu, Ya Peng; Moore, Robert B.; Murayama, Mitsuhiro; Long, Timothy E. (Royal Society of Chemistry, 2016-05-11)
      ABC triblock copolymers bearing adenine- and thymine-functionalized external blocks self-assembled into long-range, ordered lamellar microphase-separated morphologies on non-patterned substrates. Intermolecular hydrogen ...
    • Non-isocyanate poly(amide-hydroxyurethane)s from sustainable resources 

      Zhang, Keren; Nelson, Ashley M.; Talley, Samantha J.; Chen, Mingtao; Margaretta, Evan; Hudson, Amanda G.; Moore, Robert B.; Long, Timothy E. (Royal Society of Chemistry, 2016-05-19)
      A two-step synthesis of epoxidation and carbonation afforded a hetero-functional AB monomer with cyclic carbonate and methyl ester (CC-ME) using plant oil-based methyl 9-decenoate and CO2. A unprecedented one-pot synthetic ...
    • Nucleobase-Functionalized ABC Triblock Copolymers: Self-assembly of Supramolecular Architectures 

      Zhang, Keren; Fahs, Gregory B.; Aiba, Motohiro; Moore, Robert B.; Long, Timothy E. (The Royal Society of Chemistry, 2014-06-24)
      RAFT polymerization afforded acrylic ABC triblock copolymers with self-complementary nucleobase-functionalized external blocks and a low-Tg soft central block. ABC triblock copolymers self-assembled into well-defined ...