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    • Survey of Four META-DATA Candidates 

      Powell, James (Virginia Tech, 1996-04-09)
      You would have a difficult time finding a resource in a digital library without consulting some type of database that contains descriptions of each resource. The information used to describe a book, journal, article or ...
    • Architecture Image Project 

      Powell, James (Virginia Tech, 1996-06-10)
      In the Spring of 1996, a group of Library faculty met with photographic services (the imaging group: Annette Burr, Gail McMillan, Gary Worley) to develop a plan to support the digitization, archiving, identification and ...
    • Online Course Materials: Electronic Reserve 

      Powell, James (Virginia Tech, 1996-09-11)
      Course Materials Online: Connecting the classroom with the library
    • Digital Libraries and Software Agents 

      Powell, James (Virginia Tech, 1997)
      Digital libraries will need digital, or software, agents to perform many important tasks such as communication with the user, acquisition of new information and maintenance of the links to that information (assuming that ...
    • Web Caching 

      Powell, James (Virginia Tech, 1997-05-15)
      Web Caching: Questions and Answers